Wednesday is supposed to be one of my two active recovery days, the other, being Sunday. But Roxy doesn’t get days off. Roxy’s body loves days off, but Roxy’s mind can’t tolerate it. That’s why Roxy watches so much anime – because it’s the only way she can get her body to lay down and stay still to recover.

I keep scheduling stuff…now, Wednesday is super busy! I love super busy! It’s the only way I know how to live my life. When I’m feeling great, it’s great. 🙂

But I’m tired. And frustrated. And cranky. 🙁 Today, despite taking half a caffeine pill, my brain was processing stuff like a 1998 computer running the Internet on a dial-up modem. Very frustrating. And the usual aches and pains….. which I’m doing my best to ignore.

I was really grumpy despite an awesome mitt session. I went out with Serena this afternoon, and she bought me lunch at this place called ‘Rice Trax.’ I really enjoyed it! 😀 grilled BEEF and shrimp on white steamed rice. SO DAMN GOOD!!!!!! Thank you, my friend! We bought her some knee pads so she can knee me in the face train more safely. ;D

This happened yesterday, so I made a MEME today.
bruise on serena and roxy2

I think it’s pretty funny. If it’s not funny, then it’s unpleasant, so I’d much rather decide that it’s funny. Right?

Notice our sponsorship shirts: Herbal Papaya and Mei-Li Fighting 😀 😀 😀

Yoga was……haha. So Yoga reminds me of my sessions with Jake Steckel. Can be tortuous and I wanna tap out like ten times, but I feel so great afterwards.

My body hates me. I can’t imagine why, considering I abuse it constantly only do martial arts and get punched and kicked and joints tweeked and smothered and neck cranked and fallen on and slammed to the ground and struggling to lift heavy objects, and getting my ligaments stretched and work out. Do you work out, bro?

So, seeing that my body hates me for some unfathomable reason, it likes to ignore my suggestions. Like, “Jab faster.” My arm is like like, “No, I think I’ll aim myself five inches below John’s focus mitt.” Or my legs, “please step here.” they’re like, “No, biotch, I’ll just trip and make you fall, neener neener neener. Haha now coach thinks you don’t know how to step. HAHAHA.”

It thinks it’s SOOOO funny, don’t you, body? Yeah, I know, this is your revenge time. Or like sparring, when my arm is like, “I’m tired. I think I’ll just stop functioning now.” and I get hit in the face? So funny, I could cry.

And then….there is yoga.
teacher: and everyone sit down into chair!
*class squats down and holds it*
Roxy’s legs: Okay you can stand up now.
Roxy: no way, shut up.
legs: but…owww burning…
Roxy: that’s RIGHT! How do you like that, huh?
legs: pleeeeease ….straighten up.
Roxy: Feel the pain, you @#*#$#!! 😀 😀 😀
legs: 🙁


teacher: lower! Lower!
legs: not lower! not lower!
legs: I hate you!!!!

*a few flows later*

teacher: Now grab your toes with you toes with your peace fingers and pull!
Roxy’s legs & back: aaaaah!
Roxy: hahaha ! :F Take that.

I come out of yoga feeling very disheveled and hated by myself. It is a huge mental battle and screaming fight every step. But like my stiffness, pain, etc from MMA is halved. I hate love Yoga.


I really don’t want to do ANYTHING for the rest of the day. But I have other stuff scheduled. It’s a challenge.

Body: Just give me ice cream and we’ll call it even.
Roxy: no, shut up.

I’m mean, aren’t I?

I watched Star Trek with Mom today. 🙂 yeah