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How I manage myself (I’m probably hard to live with )

Posted in amusing, friends on June 29th, 2014 by roxyfighter

I’ve been host to Brittany for a week, and it’s making me notice all of my habits and restrictions. I hope I’ve been a good host. lol I realized just how many things I have, so I figured I’d list them just for the heck of it. Living with my mom works because she and I are on the same time schedule. She goes to bed at 9 PM even!

-I wake up between 4:30 and 5:30 every day. Naturally. I can’t sleep in if I wanted to. :[
-I’m starving so I have to eat immediately. I can’t wait. If I’m traveling and supposed to eat with other people later in the morning, I have to have a ‘morning snack’ or I’ll feel like death waiting until like 7.
-I have to have a huge breakfast with all major food groups, or I get hungry a few hours later and feel hungry on and off for the rest of the day. My normal.breakfast consists of three courses:
1) yoghurt mixed with cereal. (sometimes oatmeal or bread with peanut butter in place of cereal) 2) two scrambled eggs with vegetables cut up, and nuts for fat
3) a huge salad with broccoli, asparagus, iceberg lettuce, carrots, and radishes. But I can’t have TOO much or I’ll get a stomachache when I put lunch in my stomach.

-If I eat or have anything with calories that will stimulate my digestive system to move before 10:30AM, I get gas and indigestion for the rest of the day. Except at 10:30 or after, I can have a banana and pre-work out drinks.

-I’m still high strung after practice for an hour.
-I have to have vegetables with fiber for lunch, and meat. I almost always eat chicken.
-If I have too many carbs for lunch, I will get sleepy an hour later.
-I hate sitting down after eating because I feel the food sit in my stomach, so I like taking walks after eating.
-I hate eating at home, because I can’t stop eating. Even if I’m full, I binge on whatever carbs are in the house, so I always bring my lunch to the gym so I can eat before I go home. Even on weekends, I try and plan so I’m out of the house around lunch time, even if I pack something. OR I plan it so that I eat and then go out immediately, so I don’t keep eating.
-I must have protein and vegetables around 3 PM, or I’m exhausted and feel like a zombie.

-I like to have dinner by 6 or I’m exhausted and like a zombie.
-If I have sugar or a big meal after 8, I have a hard time falling asleep because I feel energized.
-My brain and body start shutting down after 9:30 PM, especially if I’ve trained that day because I’m sooo tired from training. I’ve been known to randomly fall asleep in places like cars if I’m being driven, trains, MMA events, people’s houses if I’m invited over to watch the UFC, watching anime or movies on my computer everywhere. If I lay down on my sofa to watch TV, it is guaranteed I will fall asleep. (We call it “Roxalepcy”)
roxy sleeping at johns
(at John’s house to watch UFC, Jan 2014)

I’m SOOOO tired from training! Give me a break! LOL

-I can’t stop eating carbs, so I can’t have boxes of snacks or tubs of ice cream in the house, or I’ll eat the whole thing.
-I get a stomach ache and/ or diarrhea or digestive distress from: cabbage, beans, raw broccoli, chocolate, fish oil (I can only tolerate two bits of raw salmon), vegetable oil, garlic, raw onions, anything fried like french fries or chips

Brittany wanted to go to In-N-Out and I knew I couldn’t stomach the food, so I brought tuna and tofu and veggies. lol
in n out food
-I plan my day the day before, so I know what meat to thaw out, what chores I can hit on the way to and from the gym. What can I say? I’m good at maximizing my time, since I had to work and train full time for 8 years. Before that it was college, studying and training.

so yeah….

awesome time with Brittany pt 1

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Monday, I had mitts with John, in which I worked LOTS of feints. 😀 11:30 MMA class was great. Lots of technique. I forget what we did now. lol Take-downs? Then live drilling mostly with Serena. After that, I ran to get Brittany at the airport, and kind of kept her waiting an hour. ^^;; gomen gomen!

So Brittany is one of my best friends from when I lived in Japan! We trained at the same dojo and became besties! 😀 😀 😀 I missed her sooo much after I moved back to the US. She’s here visiting for a week.

We went shopping for cell phones at Walmart. I had no idea one could buy a cheap smart phone with no contract at Walmart?!?

buri walmart

It is ridiculously awesome to see her again! I missed her sooo much ;__; I kept glomping her.

We then went to get food at El Pollo Loco, brought home, then went back to the gym where she helped me teach kids. 😀 We not only did little kids for Alberto, but also big kids with Rick Davis. We learned a triangle escape and way to take the back from guard. 😀

bri vinny rick roxy2
Vinny photobombed us. XD

I took her to my favorite frozen yogurt place that won’t sponsor me but I go anyway, Tops and Bottoms! lol

buri tops and bottoms

okay I gotta say that my teeth look white thanks to Adam Persky, the FIGHT DENTIST!
We chatted and then went to bed at 10.

Tuesday morning we went to the gym and I taught her different stuff that I’ve learned at my time at Syndicate.
buri at syndicate with roxy

Then the 11:30 MMA /kickboxing sparring class stared, and I switched from teacher mode to kill mode.

We then did technique, and John had us practice the one-two-hook, inside low kick, and then one-two middle kick. Brittany and I worked together and sparred a bit, and then Serena and I proceeded to beat the living sh@#$* out of each other until class ended. lol

group pic with buri

We went out to lunch together at El Pollo Loco!
brittany serena roxy el pollo loco

Brittany and I rode the El Loco roller coaster at the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus, visited the Mirage and got thwarted in seeing Tigers, walked around the strip, and found ourselves at a most excellent restaurant called…Gilly’s? Right next to Treasure Island. omg so good! I had pulled pork. I try not to go out to many restaurants unless they’re cheap, so this was a nice treat. 😀
brittany taking pic of food

Buri-chan is doing Japanese style photography- always taking a pic of food before eating. haha I do the same thing at times! tee hee

I’m so sore. I put too much water in my darn ice bath yesterday so it diluted the ice and it wasn’t cold enough. -_- oh well! Today is a light day! >D

convo between fighter friends on Line text msg

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screen shots of the Line ap texting convo Serena and I had the other morning before sparring.

serena convo 1

serena convo 2

serena convo 3

serena convo 4

Hellsing Ultimate anime, World Series of Fighting

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On Thursday, I had an excellent sparring session, and worked through my pulled muscle. Pretty happy. Friday, it was killing me, so I did jiu-jitsu technique only, and then went to World Series of Fighting Weigh-ins to support my Japanese friends. My teammates Adam and AJ were fighting, too!

That took all afternoon, and I made it home in time to chill out and watch a marathon of Hellsing Ultimate.

hellsing manga image
That’s my new anime obsession, since I finished the Arrancar Saga of Bleach at 309. *_* Hellsing Ultimate is the OVA of the original 25 ep Hellsing series that I watched as a high school student in 2001. It seems darker. Alcuard, the anti-hero, seems more evil, and Anderson and everyone just seems more insane in general.

crazy anderson
I think if I had just started watching it for the first time, I wouldn’t be able to stomach the blood and guts, but I already like the series. I kind of look away if someone is getting sliced up. Which is all the time. x_x But it’s slowly getting to my subconscious. That’s what happened when I watched Attack on Titan. By the 20th episode, I was ready for the series to be over, but dying to know what happened, so I deprioritized all of my chores and marathon-ed the episodes. I seriously felt down and depressed for those last two days, though. -_-;;

Anyway, I’m on my 5th ep of Ultimate, and there are nine 45- minute episodes. I can do it!! 😀

And her boobs are too big. *sigh* oh fan service. -_-;;
I mean, look, she can’t even hold a gun properly in front of her without ‘the girls’ getting in the way!! 😀


so on Saturday, I trained pretty hard and then went to World Series of Fighting.

There’s the story of the sponsorship tickets. Emi Fujino got a last minute sponsorship, but the banner was already made, so the sponsor dropped off stickers at the hotel bell desk to stick on her banner. They were accepted at 10:30AM, tagged, and put on a shelf in the back. I arrived at 4 and tried to pick them up, but the bellhop couldn’t find them.

Um, what?

After 10 minutes of searching with me helping, he said the only thing I could do was file a security report and check cameras over the period of time to see if they fell off. I went to do that, but the security person sent me back to the bell desk. Dude, the fight was in like TWO HOURS! There’s no way! It was like 4:45 now. So I was listening to the security officer arguing with the bellhop (who was trying so hard to help) and my eyes fell on a trash can.

“Of course, someone probably just threw them away,” I thought, and started fishing through the trash. I pulled out food adds and magazines and coffee filters and icky stuff and THERE THEY WERE. I FOUND THEM. IN THE TRASH. Those were worth money, man! GO ME!!! XD

I bet they had fallen off the shelf (since they were paper) and someone thought “oh, paper trash” and tossed them. (but…there were…belldesk tickets…on them….)
emi fujino after fight group2
Emi Fujino fought a hard fight, but Jessica came out on top. Congratulations to both warriors.
AJ won by head kick, and Adam lost by knee. :/ Adam is such a beast, though. Power, speed, agility, skill. If he’s like Goku, then the other guy must be like Freeza.

Sunday, I was SO tired. More than usual. I went to the sports gym and did the elliptical machine, trying to get my heart rate up. Then I was going to go to Yoga. I decided to skip Yoga and just go home. I took a nap. Then watched Hellsing. Then took another nap and dreamed of vampires. lol Then woke up, rolled over, and took a THIRD NAP. Which is unheard of, since I only nap when I’m sick. And I mean, like fall into REM sleep, not just nod off (which I do all the time, aka Roxalepcy)

I took two SOCK OFF supplements and don’t feel too bad this morning. 🙂 I’m gonna train and then Buri-chan IS COMING! Brittany, one of my my best friends from Japan!!!! 😀 YAY SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

growth, sacrifice, Japanese nakama

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This week, I pulled a muscle, so I’ve been trying to take it easy. Monday I just did mitts with coach John, and taught kids – two classes- to cover for a fellow instructor. Tuesday, I did Vinny’s jiu-jitsu class and enjoyed learning lovely knee bars. 😀 I also met my nakama – “teammate” and student from Groundslam Gym in Japan, Rikiya! 😀
roxy rikiya el pollo loco

He enjoyed training, I think. I really REALLY enjoyed talking to him again, because he’s a great guy, of course, AND I got to speak Japanese. I love speaking Japanese so much….

We went to El Pollo Loco afterwards. 😀

Kickboxing sparring ended badly for me, but I kind of grew from it.
In the afternoon, I covered another kids class.

Today, Wednesday, I did mitts early with John and practice stuff that I’m simply bursting to do in sparring tomorrow. te ka gen nashi

I wanted to do BJJ technique but didn’t have time. Vinny was on my case a bit…DAMNIT I WANT to do BJJ SO BADLY. But I really have to prioritize MMA training. ;_; Well today was a different story. I rushed to be an interpreter for Emi Fujino and cornerpeople (Mei Yamaguchi and Taiyo Nakahara). Fujino-san was my old nakama from when I lived in Japan, and trained at Keishukai! Click here to read my article I wrote on her for
Man, I feel so bad for them. They were SO jetlagged, but we had to drag them all over, showing them this and that room, and then to do one last medical exam.
emi fujino mei taiyo2

That took longer that I thought, and I had to miss teaching my kids class. :/ oh well!

Then, I did Yoga and the room was a freaking OVEN. We went to the MARS room, which is the super hot room. Everyone around me was moaning and groaning, and I finished my entire water bottle, which I usually don’t. Then I jumped in the pool at my apartment complex and swam some laps.

Back when I was in the yoga room, we were doing our last series of stretches, and the yoga instructor said something about how we should let go of our day, let go of our stresses, enjoy our lives, etc etc some spiritual thing. I thought of how nostalgic I felt with Rikiya, Fujino-san and my Japanese nakama. How come they ALL came within the span of a few days?

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with a powerful sense of sadness and loss.
(Brittany took this last year on the day I moved)
I try not to talk about it much, but there’s not a DAY, not a SINGLE DAY that goes by where I don’t miss Japan. I don’t regret leaving – I’m working towards a goal. I made a choice and it was a good choice. But damnit, I came back to American to FIGHT and where is my fight? No, no, don’t think like that. I came back to TRAIN, not to FIGHT. And train I am. I adore training here. I adore the city of Las Vegas, I adore my coaches, I adore my gym, I adore the people, I adore living with my mom again…… I look into the eyes of the children I teach and see purity and light.
rhyanna and roxy squaring off

but to walk the streets of Japan again. To visit izakaya restaurants with my training partners after training…. I miss Tsuru-chan, one of my best friends, who I haven’t been able to talk to ONCE since I moved!! We only text.
To chat in Japanese to people, to feel the energy of life flowing out of human beings, crowded together in a train, or in downtown Tokyo.
To make a difference in the lives of businessmen and their families who are moving overseas and need English to survive, or kids who just want to play, using English….

to shake hands with my friends because hugs are too much contact, too American. (laugh)
kaori sugawara and g san

To visit the shrines and see people pray for blessings for their babies, their school exams, their jobs, their fights.
roxy and megumi at asakusa smaller

The loyalty and caring of the Japanese people.

If I moved back there, I don’t think I could live there. But I want to go. I need to go.

It hurts so much. Half of my heart still lives there. I feel a hole in my chest where it used to be. I only notice it when I’m alone, though. When I’m at Syndicate, I’m filled up again. I just look up at the signs and think what I sacrificed. I have a job to do, and I swear silently again and again to Japan, to my spirit that still lives and waits for me in Japan, that I’ll gaman, bear it, and do my job, so I can go back and visit again soon.

kakugo – determination.

I adore this version of this song soooo much, because it’s sung on 25 languages, and I really feel the humanity – all around the world, we all love, we all suffer, we all rejoice. We are all people. It’s beautiful. And languages are beautiful.