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November 30th is an important anniversary for me.

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November 30th is an important anniversary for me. It’s the day my dream a decade in the making came to fruition. It’s the day I fought in the UFC.

When I debuted as a professional fighter in Japan in 2003, women didn’t fight in the UFC. Or Strikeforce. Or any major organization. Smack GirlvsShinohara Hikaru 11.2004
(2003, debut fight in “Smack Girl,” won by arm bar R1 3 mins)

“I want to fight in the UFC some day, I want to be the first,” I thought. Ten years later, I was there.

I worked hard and sacrificed a lot for that. After eight years of living and working in my beloved second home of Japan, I got on the Ultimate Fighter season 18.

Then, after that experience, I decided to painfully give up that life and move to Las Vegas, to Syndicate MMA Gym, on the CHANCE the UFC might offer me a fight on the finale. forrest griffin and everyone
top image facebook
They could have said no. But a month out, they made me the offer. And I fought.
raquel vs roxy msn fox1
I truly with I had come to Syndicate years ago. I had improved so much but not enough to beat Raquel Pennington, so she got kept and I got cut.

Then I signed with Invicta, trained for another year, got better and won my next fight against Tara.
dave mandel kick sherdog
33roxy hugging john invicta2
But that day I fought in the UFC will be forever burned into my memory. Burt Watson running up and down the halls screaming, “We’re rolling!!” making me even MORE nervous. Coach John telling me positive things. When my music started, I got chills.
ufc walk out

I started walking out and people started cheering.
ufc walk out 2
People hung off the bleachers, waving at me, smiling. (I still had my glasses on at that point so I could see. I didn’t want to miss that!) I thought, “WOW, I’m fighting in the UFC!” and then “They’re really screaming FOR ME? for me?!” I almost couldn’t believe it.
ufc walk out 3
And then, almost as memorable as my entrance, was my exit. I had lost by decision. I was upset. Trying not to cry. Trying to smile, because I was supposed to. I am the Happy Warrior and it’s my job to smile.

I was leaving, and the people around me STILL cheered. They still screamed “Roxy!” and showed me love. They cheered almost just as loudly as when I entered. You guys supported me even when I lost. My coach and team, too.

I’ll never forget that. Any of that. November 30th, 2013.

Star Wars geek stuff, pre-fight training, Invicta opponent change

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I had a pretty hard week of fight prep last week. Stressful.

Some people say that since I’ve been fighting for so long, it should be easier. No! It’s because I’ve had so many experiences that it’s hard. “Oh this bad thing happened once in the fight, so what if it happens again?” I’ve been around to know the significance if I win or lose. That sort of thing. But yesterday was kind of the cincher for me. I did my stairs, MMA class, I did my padwork with cardio/fight stuff mixed in with my coach and I felt really good. He told me I’m ready, and I think I’m ready, too. I know it in my bones. I know it, that I just needed to have one super good day to confirm things and relieve any doubt to make myself feel confident. I am ready for this fight, and with that feeling comes a mounting excitement.

My opponent, Vanessa Porto, was changed due to visa problems. Really? :{ Oh well, I guess. Andrea Lee took the fight, and I’m grateful and happy. I made this lovely video of appreciation.

She’s a kickboxer/boxer with a good ground game, from what I’ve heard.

PERFECT FOR ME to execute my secret ninja techniques! 😀 😀 Maybe she thinks I want to go to the ground? Maybe I …..DON’T! Maybe I ….DO! I didn’t go to the ground once in my last fight at all! You don’t know! bahaha!
laughing anime gif

So I wrote on a Facebook group page that I was looking forward to fighting Andrea, and like 14 people liked the comment. Then Andrea commented that she won’t trash talk and she was excited, and like 16 people liked it. Then I asked why her nickname was KGB and she never replied.

awwww but I wanna know! 🙁 I googled it but couldn’t find an answer. I guess some people don’t like to talk to their opponents before fights? Even if she would have been like “YOU’LL FIND OUT! HAHAHAHA” that would have been pretty funny, don’t you think? 🙁

Last Friday’s class was productive. I did MMA and then practiced my Jedi Force Push techniques.
rudy force push
Thanks for working with me, Rudy.

So I intend to pose as a Jedi again this time (I might bring my DBZ gi for photo shot) so I wanted to look up different stances with the lightsaber. So in my time between training, I got the newest Star Wars and rewatched them and took screen caps so I can study. I kid you not.
00jedi stance 2

00jedi stance 3

00jedi stance

That lead me to youtube where I watched this whole explanation on Lightsaber colors. Lightsaber colors originally indicated a Jedi’s role in the Order. For example, Jedi Consulars, who focused on non-violence, carried green lightsabers to symbolize peace. Jedi Guardians, on the other hand, carried blue lightsabers as a symbol of uniformity and solidarity and tend to have a higher talent in fighting. The green users tend to have a stronger ability in the Force.

THEN I found out that there’s actually a computer animated Star Wars series?? So I’m gonna start watching that after I finish rewatching the Hunger games 2.

Yesterday was…..
emotional rollecoaster

After training with Coach John from 2:15-3:15ish, I went to my prefight eye exam all the way in Northern Las Vegas. I was super late. 🙁 They dilated my eyes and I waited forevverrrrr so I had to cancel my private lesson appointment. Sorry, Valerie! ;_; And I got caught in rush hour traffic. But the doc was very nice and took care of me. And I got all my paperwork done, yay!

Remove it Restoration, Death Star Planetarium, CombatSports Law, Kamehameha

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I am very fortunate to have two new sponsors for my Invicta 10 fight!

One is Remove it Restoration. They specialize in removing graffiti and fixing scratched and graffiti-ed glass! How cool is that? If you’re in California or Arizona and need some graffiti or glass repairs, you better call my sponsor. lol

Check out their website.
No time/ lazy? okay here’s a screencap. 😀 <3 remove it restoration

So I got a cool gift in the mail from my friend Patrick. A Star Wars Death Star planetarium! You can put the night sky cap on and it projects star points, or take it off and it shows the Star Wars galaxy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure when I could enjoy it. If I turn the lights off to watch anime, I’ll fall asleep in NO TIME. and when I lay down to sleep, I’m asleep in literally under 5 minutes. So I left it on last night and gazed at it before I slept….and when I woke up, the battery had run out lol. It was cool while it lasted! I’ll change it. Thank you, Patrick! 😀
death star planetarium

Another new sponsor I’m so excited and blessed to have is Combat Sports Law ( run by Mr. Erik Magraken, a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia. Combat Sports Law is directed at everyone involved in the combat sports industry including promoters, combatants, managers, regulators, athletic commissions and lawmakers. The site has hundreds of free articles providing useful information discussing legal topics effecting those in the industry.
Mr. Magraken has provided and continues to provide services consulting with all of the above (ie promoters, combatants, managers etc) regarding combat sports regulatory matters.

So take a look at the website! Busy/lazy? Screencap:
combat sports law
But if my sponsors see their page hits go up, they’ll know sponsoring me is working, so click the link? 🙂 The articles are pretty interesting.

(CLICK to enlarge)
syndicate class by mike
(Monday’s class taught by UFC Fighter Mike Pyle. Mike, walking like a boss, guiding us through drills and technique and sparring)

Training for my Invicta 10 fight Dec 5th has been going well. I had been feeling down last week, but I had awesome practices yesterday and today. I knew that’s all I needed to get my confidence up. I feel great. John is helping me prepare me well. Like I told the interviewers today, good guidance is golden.
roxy stephanie kalecia
A fightergirl Stephanie visited us at Syndicate! I had a great time sparring her and Kalecia today.

Casey and a partner came and shot an interview and pictures this morning.

Thanks, Kalecia for coming in early to help be my partner to film. And John used his valuable time to come in early for me, too. 🙂 You are the best, coach!

They got this awesome one of my blasting coach John Wood away with the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z! Or if you like Street Fighter and would like to believe it’s the Hadoken (which it’s not), be my guest. lol I was a Mortal Kombat girl.
Here is Goku.
kamehameha goku2

Here we are:
roxy and john kamehameha(click to enlarge)

and here is a fan’s photoshop edit!!
roxy actually shooting kamehameha
(click to enlarge)

Invicta 9 & 10, Herbal Papaya, at Las Vegas Fight Shop

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I keep posting on Facebook and Twitter but forget to blog!

I want to shout-out to my sponsor Herbal Papaya for always sending me delicious, healthy products. I’m definitely a user. 😛 Here’s what I have now, and the Papaya juice is on it’s way. yaaaay!
herbal papaya pic

Papaya leaf is good for the immune system and red blood cell count. I take something of theirs literally every day. I love a spoonful of the extract in my tea or just to satisfy a sweet tooth.
Check out some of their products if you’re curious! :}

Last weekend was fun. Great training on Saturday morning/afternoon, and then in the evening….omg it took me a good five minutes and stalking my friends’ Facebook pages to remember what I did Saturday night. >_< My memoryyyyy....I went over Heather's and watched Invicta! And my training partner Jamie Moyle rocked the world (and her opponent) with her awesome kick-ass fight! like this! jamie kneeing jenny in invicta

My other training partner Liz McCarthy lost a bad split decision. >_< I thought she should have won. blah. I knew at least one person out of every match-up on the card. I'm a little disappointed in the main event. If Barb thought Hashi didn't have anything for her (as she said in her pre-fight interview), then why did she hold her against the cage the whole time? But hey, I'm not in that situation, I'm not in either of their shoes, so I'm not going to judge. I hate judging fights. Sometimes there IS no why. Stuff happens, people have health and strategy stuff viewers don't know about. Both are super talented, and every fight shouldn't be a slug-fest, right? I for one was kind of tired of bloodbaths. :/ a lot of the fights were really bloody.... My fight for Invicta 10 was announced! Vs Vanessa Porto! I'm so excited. This will be a rematch. I beat her once in 2008, but she has since improved and had challenged Honchak for the belt (and lost, but still). So it'll be a totally different fight. I'm already in good shape. Just gotta increase my cardio a bit and gameplan and I'm good to go. Sunday I did stairs and weights and yoga, then went shopping with my student Valerie at the Las Vegas Fight shop! roxy in las vegas fight shop
(No, I did not buy the mammoth glove lol)
and then relaxed and watched Lost for the rest of the evening. I just finished the first season! Onto the second! I love it!

Yesterday was Monday…I love Mondays! Two other fightergirls came to practice! 😀 It was awesome!
syndicate ladies jordan kalecia

Oh yeah, there’s a Meet and Greet at Greens for Fightblok and Proteins this Wednesday (tomorrow), on Eastern and 215 in Vegas. Some by and say hi! I’ll be there between 1 and 3.