On Friday, I had lunch with my good friend Bootsy! 😀
roxy bootsy orleans

I’ve been wanting to go to The Orleans Casino French Market Buffet since I first saw it a year ago. It was great!
roxy  meat buffet
(shoutout: sponsor Fightchix fleece)
Then we took a walk and I made him go to the gift shop, which I’ve also always wanted to go into. And I played. 😀 I was really hyper from having eaten too much. Even more than usual. I don’t need drugs. I’m naturally high. XD

And then….GIRL MAGNET. Those little animals with the big eyes? I’m sure extensive market research and psychological evaluations were done to determine that huge sparkly eyes induce feelings of “OMG CUTE! MUST..GO…PICK UP!” reaction from females, because I made a bee-line as soon as I spotted them.
female magnet
roxy shark
LOOK, it’s a CAMO shark! 😀 I love sharks! They are one of my three most favorite animals ever! Rarrrr! So strong and vicious and relentless and ancient… why camo? XD

oooh, a cowboy hat?!
roxy pink cowgirl hat
Look, this crocodile looks totally stoned! XD Stoner croc!! LMAO
crocodile stoned
My second favorite animal!
look, they are friends! Two of my fav animals of all time! (third is hamster, but they can’t be friends like these two can, you know?)
animals together

You can tell that Bootsy is NOT impressed with stoner croc.
bootsy is not impressed


So after those shenanigans, I picked up Kristin (a star of popular youtube series “Women’s MMA Roundup” and “Team Kristin”) and we drove to the Palms Casino to see the UFC TUF 20 finale. We made it just in time to see Angela Hill fight Emily Kagan.

All the fights were really good! We got good seats, thanks UFC! I got to sit next to Bryan Caraway on my left, and Uriah Hall was in front of me. XD #fangirl

My bestie Heather Clark did amazing in her fight!
heather entering

Bec Rawlings was super tough, but Heather got the decision! I’m so happy I was crying. She had cornered me for my TUF 18 finale, UFC debut, and she had told me, “Roxy, one day this is going to be me.” There hadn’t even been 115 lb females in the UFC, but shortly thereafter, they announced it. 😀 She had been there for my dream come true, and I was so honored and thrilled to be there for hers. 🙂 Yay!
(click to enlarge)
heather and roxy ufc nov 30
heather and roxy after heather's fight2
oops I got caught on camera. 🙂 Hugging her after her fight! 😀 omgggg I was beside myself the entire time. XD

roxy and heather after her fight

fuck yeah gif

Finally, I made a bunch of cameos on this TUF Finale travel blog, done by Kristin and Veronica, of wmmaroundup.