Christmas trip and Sorel’s boxing fight

I left Vegas Dec 24th in the morning and arrived in Boston that evening. My dad and Marion picked me up and brought me to their house. Then Q arrived and we hung out when Dad and Marion went to a Christmas party. Q brought me broccoli and tuna! I loved spending time with her! We played Cribbage, which is super hard, and Hanabi, which is hard because it’s a memory game, and I couldn’t remember the clues she told me. Lol

On Christmas, we woke up, I ate a broccoli-tuna wrap. And Marion’s pumpkin pie, which is the best in the world. She’s an amazing cook. I got to chat with my dad a lot!

My step siblings Chris and Steffi came and we opened presents. I received very nice presents and enjoyed watching everybody open theirs. Thank you!

I decided from day one that I didn’t care about sticking to my diet and didn’t even try to exercise. I don’t have a fight for a while – plenty of time to work it off. I was trying togive my body a break since a few things are hurting a lot, so I tried doing absolutely NOTHING.

Saturday was a day with no plans. We went to the Paperstore to look for Christmas cards and wrapping paper. Then lunch at Chili’s. Before that, we picked up my car. I thought I might miss the closing, but I actually had to wait on a long line. In the evening, we ate shrimp and lasagna for dinner and just chilled, watching hockey.

Sunday I woke up, had breakfast, chatted with family, then drove to Aunt Connie’s. Took me longer than I thought, but I reached there around 6 PM! Ate a fish dinner and spend some time with her.
Monday we chatted in the morning and then Aunt Connie’s harp tuner lady came, and I went out for lunch with my cousin Alison and her baby girl Pia Rose, who I met for the first time!
roxy and alison and pia
Cutie!! We went to Café Angelique! Then met Aunt Connie for tea at Starbucks.
roxy and pia rose

Then we went to Alison’s husband’s Francisco’s Kenpo Karate kids event award ceremony.
He asked me to give a speech on the fly!
roxy kenpo speach
(click to enlarge)
And Joolz stopped by to visit and gave me a Christmas present! Thank you!!
Got home a little late at 9 PM but that’s okay.
If you are interested in American Kenpo karate for you or your kids, Vigoroux Kenpo Karate studio is the best! He’s an 8th degree black belt. 197 Boulevard
Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Found out my flight got delayed from Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening! Bah!

Woke up Tuesday, went to the gym with cousin Adele.
adele and roxy

You can really see the family resemblance here because we have the same shaped jaw and chin. XD The Modafferi chin. The bloodline is strong…in addition to physical attributes, Modafferi’s tend to be strong-willed. 😀 I love my family so much.

I babysat Pia and Tino with Alison and Francisco while Adele was at the violin concert with Aunt Connie and Joey. Man, kids are so much work! I respect my parents so much the more time I spend with babies. Pia was constantly happy. I held her while Alison cooked. I helped Francisco build his facebook page a little better.

I woke up Wednesday and felt horrible. Threw up. Diarrhea. For hours. Took Imodium and managed to drive to JFK and return my car no problem. Got the chills later in the day. Flight got delayed from 5 PM to 7:30 PM. At least we took off! I got home at 10:30 PM which was like 1:30 AM on the East Coast. So miserable because my body was so stuff from sitting still and I had the chills.

But at least I got home!!

Woke up Thursday feeling a little better. Did BJJ technique with Enzo. Tried to hit the bag but felt crappy. Then this massage lady worked on me a bit and I feel a little better!

I came home and watched the fight that that I missed on Periscope. Sorel Mizzi and Rast, two famous poker players who decided to box each other after two months of training and give the ticket sales money to charity! I watched Sorel train with John almost every day before my lesson. He worked hard! Good job!! And HE WON! 😀 😀 😀 Just proves that John Wood is the best coach everrrrrrr. haha the camera guy was standing right in Sorel’s corner, so we could hear everything John was saying in the corner. “If you drop your hands one more f*cking time I’m gonna get in there and punch you myself.” XD haha love it

sorel vs rast 1

sorel vs rast 2

I didn’t go out for New Years….…