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My Christmas vacation trip

Posted in family and holidays on December 28th, 2016 by roxyfighter

I had a nice Christmas vacation.

I went to Boston from Friday to Tuesday morning. I trained not a bit other than taking two walks, jumping jacks, squats, and push ups. I ate A LOT. And it was great.

Throughout the year, I don’t talk to my dad as much as my mom because he’s so busy at work, so it was great to get to spend time with him. However, the first day I was there, he gave me the anticipated speech about how he wants me to stop fighting and consider another line of work. However, this time, it was way more forceful and kind of bummed me out for most of my trip. I’m prepared for my parents’ disapproval…. what parent REALLY wants their kid to fight for a living? But kids also desire their parents approval in general, and it sucks I can’t get mine.

Hey, if I were flat broke and I came to him, “Dad, can I borrow five thousand dollars to hold me over to my next fight?” then that is a different story. If I were him, I’d tell me, “No, dear, you need to take responsibility by making do with a more well-paying part-time job, or get a full-time job and train at night.” But I’m NOT doing that.

Of course I want a family and kids SOME DAY, and more money . I don’t date because a boyfriend is distracting, and I only meet people at my gym, and I don’t wanna date anyone from my gym. My step-brother just got engaged. My two cousins are married with kids. If I have a kid, I wanna be able to quit my job for a few years to take care of the infant and have a husband who has a job in which we can make do. I will not fight. I will not be one of those parents to brings their babies to the gym to cry while everybody else is trying to train. It’s not a priority right now in my life.

whoaaaaaaa I went off on a rant there. I’m sure my dad is glad I haven’t settled down with a fighterguy.
I’m actually not allowed to write anything on social media while I’m visiting because Dad demands privacy. I got in big trouble for posting a picture of pizza on instragram…. One of my step-siblings ratted me out by accident…. thanks. It’s just pizza….

I’ll probably get in trouble for this blog…unless I block all my step family on Facebook. πŸ˜€


Anyway, ate good food, got scolded for not knowing current events (excuse me for not spending my precious time and energy on things that don’t effect my life and I won’t care about in another few months), ate the best Mexican enchiladas on the planet, watched lots of football, and got included in a card game with my step-cousins.

I got lovely presents and I am very grateful for them.γ€€γ€€However, all I really cared about was the time spent with Dad. “All I want for Christmas is you!” is totally true. Just buy me a plane ticket and call it my present.

AND THIS probably topped my Christmas gift experienced and it was a gift from like 20 years ago. XD
I found it when I was looking through some of my boxes that I left in the basement. I can’t wait to find out if it still works.

I missed my mom and my extended family, but you know, I accepted the fighter life-style, which means missing family for the holidays. I hope I’ll get to fight in March. That’ll make 6 months since my last fight…

I’m going to do a jiujitsu tournament in California at the end of January. The one in Cerritos college is 4-5 hours away but looking online, nobody’s signed up for my weight division yet. The one in San Jose is supposed to be bigger but it’s like 8 hours away. πŸ™ I don’t really wanna do that but I really wanna compete…. I physically can’t sit that long. My neck, shoulders, back, and knees start hurting. It’s a problem.

This entry comes across as a little negative, doesn’t it. Well, life isn’t perfect but I’m glad to be back to Vegas and a place where people accept and admire me, and where I have self-worth….

I went to Captain’s evening jiujitsu class because I had missed morning training. I seriously felt like a zombie because I had woken up at 2 AM Boston time (11 PM Vegas Time) to travel 30 mins to the airport to catch my 6 Am flight. I was so tired but enjoyed class. I got to roll with Captain a lot.
That was fun. I love training with him.
I can’t submit him even with a choke fully sunk or armbar fully sunk…He said one of my chokes was close. Close is as good as I’m gonna get. haha

new women’s weight divisions in the UFC

Posted in every day, family and holidays, fight, friends on December 14th, 2016 by roxyfighter

Dana White had said there would never be women in the Octagon. Then enter Ronda Rousey. Then the 115 lb division happened. Now he and other men in charge are saying a 125 lb division would deplete 135 and 115. (meaning they are admitting half of those people in those divisions really belong in 125 . yep! But guys, changing weight divisions isn’t like buying a donut or not. It’s years of putting on or losing muscle, having such low body fats our periods stop or our kidneys and livers panic….) Then Mr. White said that the 125 lb div would probably be next. Then they go ahead and make the 145 lb division for Cyborg. What?

Hey, I get it. It’s a business. I’m a HUGE Dana White fan. I don’t believe “he lies,” as someone people are saying. I think plans just change. He’s a great businessman.

However, the excuse about depletion is….well, not true, I think.

If Dana White or Sean Shelby read this, no offense, I love you, you’re my heroes. πŸ™‚ I do get it. I know it’s only a matter of time!

They found Alexandra Albu who was 5-0 in Poland. She’s hot as hell….I found out about her cuz the guys on the Underground Forum wouldn’t stop posting booty pics of her.

Looking at the UFC website now for lists of female fighters…..

Ericka Almeida I’ve never heard of but she’s 7-2 out of Brazil and seems like a bad-ass.
Izabela Badurek I’ve never heard of. 5-3 after her loss to Badurek.
Anna Elmose is someone I have no idea who she is. Looking at her record, she’s 3-2 which means she was signed at 3-0. She lost to Amanda Bobby Cooper, and before that, to Germaine de Randamine…hang on a second, Germaine fights at 135. So she went down two weight divisions. wtf?

So the point is, there are women people haven’t even heard of, plus more well known fighters that you probably could name off the top of your head. How can the excuse still be used that “there are not enough fighters in XYZ division?”

I’ve been fighting for 13 years. People like to ask me in interviews if I want to fight for the UFC. Guys, I’m signed to Invicta. When you are at your company’s press conference, you don’t say to the board of directors, ‘Yeah I’d rather be at the company next door, but thanks for the paycheck!’
Of COURSE I want to see the 125lb division come into existence in the UFC.

Sometimes people ask me how I feel about Valerie Letourneau being in the UFC despite me having beaten her in the Ultimate Fighter season 18. I say, good for her. I got to have the public exposure and experience on the show that she didn’t have, so I’m glad she can also have a good career. I did win, though….

It’s too bad a lot of her publicity nowadays is the fact she almost died TWICE to make 115. Good for MMA that that stuff is being brought to light, bad for her. Dude, I met her at a Tuff-N-Uff amateur show in Vegas and we talked. She said that she would refuse to fight at 115 again and wait until they made 125 lbs before she fought. I was kind of excited to hear that. Someone was taking a stand, I thought!!

Then I heard the announcement her fight was set (that she just did) at 115 and I thought, “welp, have fun with that, girl….” And then she missed weight. She doesn’t have Cyborg or Ronda star-power in order to influence the UFC bosses to create a division just for her.

I know decisions are made around money. It’s a business. We are athletes but that is secondary. We have to fit into their schemes and plans. I’m not the one looking at the ratings, the profits, the expenditures. I don’t know all the contract details. Neither do guys, right? So I have my opinions, you have your opinions, but we don’t have all the information.

I’ve got people on my Facebook saying very STRONGLY “Oh obviously there aren’t enough women at 125 so 145 is obviously the best choice.” I wanna be like “Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions EVEN IF THEY ARE WRONG.” I can only name under ten 145 lb fighters off the top of my head, but tons more 125-ers.

I am a little disappointed about the creation of 145 lb division before 125, but I know it’s all a matter of time. I’m sure there is a financial backing for that decision. And hey, I’m not a huge, scary, Brazilian woman who’s one-of-a-kind in the world who has decimated most of her opponents in under a round, so I can’t demand a division be made just for me, right? Nor am I a hot babe like Gina Carano who only has to smile or wink and 1,000 men make gifs of said action. lol

Life isn’t fair and MMA life is a little less fair than normal life.

I totally get it.

I just want to fight. It sucks we fighters can’t control when we fight. We literally have to beg promoters and match makers to put us on the card. But as I said, life isn’t fair.

So, as for me, my Christmas plans are messed up now, but I’m trying to be optimistic about the holidays and about next year. My mom is a fan of the phrase “It was meant to be” or “Everything always works out.” I hate those phrases. They are very passive. I hate being passive in life. I believe in taking action to make things happen. As long as you don’t DIE, you continue with your life and do the best you can and try and find positive things, so therefore “everything works out” means that “other stuff happens that might also be good.”

I’m going to Boston to visit my dad. I’ll miss seeing the rest of the family, but wait, I gotta focus on the positive. My dad. I hardly get to see him throughout the year. I guess that’s it….

I haven’t lifted weights since I pulled my bicep muscle and shoulder, but I’ve still been driving myself through double-duty classes of gi jiujitsu and MMA. It’s better now but climbing ropes still gives me bicep cramps and I am bummed out because I wanted to work hard at that because Captain said so. ~_~; I’m improving my striking with every private lesson John gives me, and learning stuff in jiujitsu every day. I’m aiming for a jiujitsu tournament early next year. I’m really enjoying doing so much jiujitsu since it’s my favorite part of martial arts.

I am keeping my weight down and my cardio up because I still don’t know when I’m fighting.

I had sushi with Jamie yesterday. It was a nice celebration for her UFC win, and nice to chat and catch up! Thanks, Jamie.

Serena is gone for three weeks visiting her family. I miss her. :< [edit] I just realized I ended this entry on a negative note. That is unacceptable for The Happy Warrior. Let's see...I have a private lesson of striking with John, then a massage with Teri, who is magical, and the my kids classes! aaaah my kids!! im-so-excited

It’ll be a good day.

my students won at the tourney!! Jamie won UFC, Herbal Papaya’s Blood Formula

Posted in every day, fight, friends, fun, training on December 4th, 2016 by roxyfighter

I went from seriously bummed out at not competing at the jiujitsu tournament to crying tears of pride and joy when my two students, Jason and Jose, took first place in their very first Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition!!!!
From day one, they’ve always worked so hard. They listen to my instructions, tried the techniques, aggressively rolled with the other kids (sometimes a little too hard haha), and even took private lessons with me once a week or so. They come almost every day. As a result, they have advanced really fast.
Recently, I finally felt comfortable that they had a good technique base, and felt confident they would go out there and fight well, so we signed them up for the BJJ Tour competition.

It’s just my luck that they had the two going at the same time on mats on the opposite ends of the gym, but out of their 4, I only missed like 30 seconds of one of Jose’s. Thanks to Serena for being there with me and helping coach him. I almost said corner him. haha
Look, Jason looks so small and so cute and SO VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They both used the Osoto-gari throws I taught them BEAUTIFULLY. SO beautiful. Eeee! And they went for good positions like side control, trying to pass the guard and half guard. Then when they got mount, they focused on holding it for 3 seconds like I taught them to get the points, and then went for stuff.

Jose went for the arm-bar and got it in his second match. Jason went for a choke and I’m surprised the girl didn’t tap because Jason is a little powerful tank and can squeeze enough to actually make me tap (if I didn’t pull his arms away). They have a good sense of movement. Like when Jason got mount on one of his opponents and she rolled over, he didn’t let his leg get caught and get rolled, too, he kind of hovered and stayed on top as she rolled. I think we practiced that only once or twice, but many of my other students still make mistakes with that. So when she was on her stomach, he went for the Rear Naked Choke.

When she rolled back to her back, he …..I forget…I think he tried pushing his arm into the neck, which I told him not to do because it’s not effective lol, I told him to go for the armbar. But he eventually won on points.

When Jose submitted his opponent, I burst into tears.
I was so proud of him I couldn’t hold in my joy. I blubbered all over their mother and father, hahahaha. We drill that move so much, which is why he got good at it. We also drill chokes. I love chokes so I want all my kids to get good at chokes. I told the kids that, instead of surprise-attacking my neck whenever I bend over (which is annoying and dangerous), I promised that I will ALWAYS let them choke me whenever they want as long as they ask permission first. So every day I hear tons of, “Excuse me, teacher, can I choke you? :D” It’s hilarious. And I don’t mind being choked. Too much…I mean, I’m happy they are happy. Choking is great because it’s a way to make your opponent give up without injuring them by accident, like arm-barring too hard. It’s the gentle way! πŸ˜€ Woot woot! Wait does that sound weird? Am weird? No, don’t answer that….

I went from being an assistant teacher to taking over being the main little kids instructor at Syndicate about a year ago. These kids are my first ones who I taught from day one who I took to a tournament. The only time I’ve ever felt more happy was when won my own fights. I’ll never forget this day for the rest of my life! I hope I have many more! I hope WE have many more. πŸ™‚ Martial Arts can play a huge role in someone’s life.

So yeah, I’m so glad I didn’t compete that day because I was so anxious for my students and doing a good job of pretending not to be in front of their parents. πŸ˜€
The Reen and the family

My friends and sponsors Eric and Beth from Remove it Restoration came to compete in the tournament, too, and Eric won his division! Congrats! It was so great to see you and watch YOU compete for a change!!
You know you wanna c l i c k y ^^^^^. Repairs glass etching and graffiti among other things in the California area….

Also, my teammates Jamie Moyle and Natan Levy won their fights! Jamie had her UFC debut! I’m so proud of her. It was a tough, bloody fight, but she was a warrior and dominated for the decision win. When she picked up Kailin and slammed her, I was like, “HAH! She did that to me during our last sparring session and Tom said, ‘Nice Judo fall, Roxy.”
She had me pressed into the cage and I was thinking, “okay I’m going to practice my wall escape now HOLY SH*T I AM IN THE AIR NOW Weeeeeeeeeee *BOOM*”

Good job, my friend.

Speaking of BLOOD, I got my latest Herbal Papaya products in! No, Herbal Papaya Blood capsules don’t have real blood, but they have a blend of herbs that are good for the blood. Check this out: they help maintain healthy blood platelet count and function, help clean the blood stream, and aid in regulating cell function, and strengthen the walls of veins and arteries.

I cannot pronounce all these:
Proprietary blend of Papaya Leaf Extract 10:1, Wildcrafted Red Clover Blossoms, Chaparral Leaf, Licorice root, Poke root, Oregon Grape Root, Stillingia Root, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Sarsaparilla Root, Prickly Ash Bark, Organic
Buckthorn bark, Burdock root, Peach Leaf.


I personally do not have a platelet problem but I know some people do. I’ve read Herbal Papaya reviews of people who attest to it working, so cool. Healthy blood is a good thing, right?

Plus they’re my sponsor and I wouldn’t want to be sponsored by something that doesn’t work. πŸ™‚ Healthy things made good Christmas /holiday gifts….just saying.

Okay that’s all for now. I’m excited for next week of training! I’m always excited for training except for last week when I was experiencing seriously ice cream and nacho withdrawl, but we took care of that, didn’t we?

And I’m gonna boast to EVERYONE about how awesome my kid students are!! multiple times. Hey did I mention they’re awesome?