Thanksgiving 2018 – I made it!!

Thanksgiving 2018

I departed on a night flight Wednesday night and arrived in Newark Thursday morning at 7 AM. First stop, my paternal family! I rented a car and drove to Aunt C’s church, where I watched her conduct a bell choir, and I listened to mass. Shortly after it started Cousin A, who had snuck in behind me, waved me over. I sat with her and her family. My other Cousin A and family showed up near the end. It was so nice! I ran over and hugged Aunt C.

Afterwards, we were going to go to a cafe but it was packed, so we all went back to my aunt’s and ate brunch together.

It was so wonderful! My trip was already worth it.
“I made it!”
Alison made me try on her clothes and gave me a few to take home. 😀

Then….our plans had a wrench thrown in them when one of my family members started feeling ill and we had to take her to the hospital.

Time really is so precious. I’m thankful for every moment I have with everyone in my life, and every breath I breath. I’m so glad I chose to visit for Thanksgiving.

I spent Friday morning with Cousin A, and then left to drive to see my Aunt M and Uncle S. on my maternal side of the family! We spent a very nice day – lunch at Cracker barrel, shopping, chatting, dinner at a Chinese buffet, and I showed them my fight later on.

Saturday morning I woke up early and drove to my mom’s! We went shopping, did chores, and visited my Uncle F.
“I made it!” I enjoyed chatting with him and watching stuff he showed me on his iPhone youtube. 🙂

On the way home, Mom took me to some Christmas lights!

Sunday, Mom made me her pancakes- MOST DELICIOUS IN THE WORLD! we talked, gave each other massages, and went grocery shopping, etc. I was going to leave her house around 1:30 to catch my 5 PM flight out of Albany, but got an email saying my connecting flight to Chicago was canceled!!! so I decided to go early to figure out another flight. I couldn’t get anything else leaving that day, so they rebooked me for 7 AM the next morning, and I had to get a hotel room, which they WOULDN’T COMP! The lady on the phone said that all the discount rooms were booked up. How is that my problem?!? grrr Positive side: at least I got a room and didn’t have to sleep at the airport like people in Chicago.

Apparently a random guest heard me arguing with the staff, and paid in cash for me!! ;_; wow how sweet!!

When I got to the hotel, I tried to call on the phone and get a different connecting city. They told me nothing was available so I was forced to take Chicago at 7 AM. I had a feeling they’d cancel it again. I worked out in the fitness room for an hour and went to the Olive Garden! I’ve always wanted to go because my dad never allowed us to go, saying it wasn’t “Real Italian food.” I wasn’t impressed with my chicken parmigiana, but the staff was nice. Then I watched Doctor Who, then went to bed.

Monday morning I woke up and went to the airport at 4 AM, trying to get another flight. No options. Actually I think Southwest said they could send me through Florida for $1,000 but I declined. Dang it. I didn’t want to go to Chicago and get stranded THERE. Anyway, I checked in, waited until 7, boarded the flight, and then the captain told us THEY CLOSED CHICAGO O’HARE for 6-8 hours, so…….we were all screwed today. Too bad. Bye bye!

We de-boarded the plane and I RAN back outside to the Southwest lady and she said that Florida option was no longer available. Then I looked at my notes that I had (wisely) started to take while going from airline to airline which said “AA- Philly 6 PM” Huh? I have only a very faint memory of that conversation.

THIS IS WHY I WRITE STUFF DOWN. -_- Why couldn’t I have inherited my dad’s memory instead of my mom’s? lol Anyway, I went BACK to American Airline and she said that she HAD a 1 PM flight from Albany to Philly, and then I’d arrive in Vegas at 9 PM. SWEET. I mean, not sweet that I had to miss all day of training and my kid’s class, for which we are terribly understaffed for kids teacher’s right now, but at least I could get home! Why wasn’t that option available before….? I think she must have had a cancellation. Sweet? Confusing but whatever.

So that’s what I did. I feel so stiff and fat from sitting around eating all day. But I’m freaking home and looking forward to dieting.

The trip was worth it. I made it. I saw all my family except my dad. What I was most thankful in the year 2018 was this Thanksgiving trip, where I made it home to see my beloved family.

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