Eventful month! Condo, Halloween, training, etc

I’ve had a very eventful month!! My dad recently has been telling me, “Go buy a property. Also, go meet a man so you won’t be lonely in your old age.” Alright FINE! I’ll try, Dad. -_-;

Geez, easier said than done, right? Not really. Dad is right more often than not. My father taught me how to break big problems down into steps so they aren’t overwhelming. I didn’t really want to search for a new place, and I haven’t dated in literally ten years. So one day when I was sitting home feeling injured, I summoned up my courage, made a Bumble account, and contacted a realtor.

I kept repeating to myself, “I’m a Modafferi. We get stuff done.”

I’m not really sure where I’ll be living in the next five years…well, next ten. Five will probably be Vegas. I really love Vegas and want to stay here, but who knows? When I mentioned this to Lorenzo, my trainer and life mentor, he recommended his friend to me who is a realtor. I kind of hesitantly began searching for condos. I really like where I’m living! I drove by this apartment complex every day for seven years, wanting to live here, and finally I made enough money I could get a little place by myself! But it’s little. Very little. My bedroom is starting to embarrass me because it looks like 1) a college dorm room 2) my room in Japan where plastic containers are stacked to the ceiling because I have no storage space otherwise.

So I started warming up to the idea of moving after all into a two bedroom place. I saw a few places and thank goodness I have the realtor because I didn’t really know the clues and key points. Mike Di Sabatino, the realtor who’s helping me, said things like, “Oh this place is old and not a great layout.” “These floors squeak and will have to be replaced. That’ll cost XXX thousands of dollars.” “This is on the main street and will be noisy.” “You can get way more space for this price somewhere else.” Thanks for looking out for me!

So two weeks ago I wanted to see this room near where I USED to live, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to move BACK, slightly farther away from Syndicate. It’s still within 10 minutes of the gym, though. Mike said, “This place is still occupied but this newly renovated place just went on the market. Let’s check it out.” We did and I liked it. He loved it. He said it was the best option we’ve come across for me so far. I feel like for such a major decision I wanted to see more options and think about it more, but apparently other people had viewed it after me and he encouraged me to put an offer on it if I liked it. So I asked Lorenzo to view it with me. Lorenzo gave it the thumbs up. (THANK YOU SO MUCH). So I did, and the owners accepted it the next day! Holy crap! In two days I just bought a condo! Aaaah!

So then Dad got on the phone for hours and educated me on how things work with loans, interest rates, fixed mortgages, fees, points, accrual, property tax, etc. Wow, I’m so fortunate to have a smart father who can teach me stuff like this. I frigg’n wrote it all down and then was able to have intelligent conversations with the loan officer and realtor. Yaay. So I’m moving in Dec 14th?! Holy moly. I cannot wait to get: a full sized bed, wooden bureaus for my clothes, a filing cabinet, a second sofa, an area rug, curtains, new blanket, etc. 😀


Training has been going really well. I had like six injuries bugging me before but they are now down to one! YAY! Guns has been giving me leg lock lessons and I’ve been hitting them in the gym. Lorenzo has reworked my physical training and my body is adapting well. We’re gonna start turning it up during December because I’m fighting at the end of January!

I like what I’ve been doing with Coach John in our private lessons lately. He’s correcting little points of my balance and posture, and now I feel faster, more balanced, and I can use my reach better. Actually Jawknee and AJ were the first ones to make me notice certain things about distance management, so now the stuff John’s saying is making a lot of sense and I’m picking it up quickly. Very exciting.

Did I talk about Halloween? I did not! It was amazing. I dressed like Naruto and had the Syndicate girls over to carve pumpkins.

Stuff I’ve been watching: How To Train Your Dragons: Race to the Edge! It’s a six-season American animated series which I adore, and I finally finished it last week. I’ll miss it! The characters are so unique and hilarious. I used to watch it to relax before sleeping. Now, I think the new Transformers series will take it’s place as my pre-bed show.

Aggretsuko: a Japanese anime about a red panda office worker lady who sings death metal when she gets angry. Haha

Also watching Into the Badlands season 2, Lost in Space season 2, and just started the Mandalorian season 2.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I spent time with loved ones and friends. My life is an adventure. 🙂

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