Life, my birthday, new house, new computer game

Holy moly, I can’t believe my last blog was in May! I just don’t set aside time to write anymore, despite loving it. Actually, I’ve had this grammar class that I’ve been stressing about for the past several months. If I’m not working, cleaning, teaching jiujitsu, or hanging out with Chris, I’m trying to figure out interesting activities for this class. The book is so dry and boring! 🙁 I don’t even think I’m doing as good a job as possible.

Haha every time I write a sentence here, I consider which tense and grammatical structure I’m using. “Gosh, I just used present perfect, that’s always a challenge to teach.” @_@ Did you know that a phrase set off by commas to add more information is called an “appositive?” I learned that recently. For example: Our grammar book, which is a little dry, is called “Grammar and Beyond 4.” “Which is a little dry” is the appositive.

You guys don’t care, I’m sure.

Anyway, life is good. Except for whatever the heck is biting my ankles at night. That is SO not cool, as the hip kids say.

Chris and I bought a house! It was quite the feat to find one we liked for the price we wanted in a good area!

The market is really awful… the interest rate was between 7.1% and 7.5%. I managed to negotiate it down to 7.1. And now we’re finding all sorts of issues that would have been impossible to find previously. For example, he pulled off an electrical outlet cover and found live wires just poking out. Then, I noticed a screw poking up out of the front yard, and upon digging, we found some wires, bolts, and some concrete slab that we still can’t identify. Our internet won’t work. Etc. But oh well. I guess that’s part of being a home owner? :/

I’m looking at it as one huge life adventure I get to have with my husband! Otherwise, life would be boring!

I love my English teaching job! I love teaching pre-teens and teens at Tribe! That’s my favorite age group. I stopped teaching the younger class due to time conflicts. I was sad for a few weeks, but then I reminded myself that teens are my favorite, and I still get to teach them. I had a record number in my new class last night: 12! How cool! This is like a step-up for my personal goals.

Photos of preparing for our wedding are popping up in my Timehop. I can’t believe we’re approaching our 1-year anniversary.

I turned 41 years old! I went bowling and invited some friends! I enjoyed seeing some former Syndicate training partners, and Charlie has been my friend for years. I told my mom who I was inviting. She said, “Oh! All couples!” I laughed as I realized that when we first met, we were all single.

It sucks that I can’t train jiujitsu as much as I want. However, I realized that from the very beginning that my periods as a fighter would be a special one where I would train the most I’ve ever trained in my life. Nowadays, I get to be free on Fri, Sat, and Sun.

I’m grateful Hannah is my Friday leg-lock buddy!

My outfit is Xmartial.

I beat Skyrim! Rather, the main storyline. It was amazingly fun! Hilariously, I almost quit five or more times, but kept going because I enjoyed playing with Chris guiding me. Now he’s gotten me to start Baulder’s Gate 3. I’ve almost quit three times. lol I made a druid who I named Orchid.

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