I’m fighting Sijara Eubanks in Madison Square Garden! updates

It has been announced for a few weeks, but I got a short-notice fight to fight Sarj on the UFC 230 card in New York!! I’m so excited! A, I’m fighting soon. B, it’s a rematch against someone I lost to before. C, I’m fighting in New York, which is in a five-hour driving distance of all of both sides of my family, who are scattered around New England. D, it’s Madison Square Garden, a super famous and large arena!

I didn’t think I’d get a rematch quite so soon. Great! I actually feel kind of sorry for her because she was supposed to fight for the title at one point, and then it got switcheroonied and she got stuck with me. *shrug* I plan to put on a great performance and then call for a title shot again. Maybe after the fight I should take off my shirt and say ‘My boobs was hot’ like Derrick Lewis. LOL

After my last BJJ competition and a very busy August, I focused back in on physical training for fights, and started dieting. Well, I always try and stay within five pounds of my water-cut weight for a fight anyway, just in case.

Then I was fortunate to be selected to be Sijara’s opponent on Nov 3rd! Thank you, powers that be in the UFC!

I can’t wait to show how much I’ve grown in the year and a half since we fought. I leveled up to the next level!

Lorenzo is such a great trainer. He knows me so well. I’m so fortunate to have him.

Coach John is preparing me very well for Sijara. This past week, I had amazing breakthroughs and leveled up! Mike Pyle has added a lot to my game, too, just in the past few weeks. Man, I’m so happy. I cried on Thursday because I had such a great performance in practice and didn’t get tired.

I brought out Amanda “The Ladykiller” Bell to help me train! I believe I have what I NEED here at Syndicate, but it’s nice to have extra partners. JoJo is great! Jessy is strong and skilled. However, Serena can’t go hard because of an injury, Chelsea just fought so I wasn’t sure how hard she’d be able to go afterwards, a few other regulars who are smaller guys have been coming on and off lately, so yeah. Dude, she quit her job early to be here for me ASAP! <3 I love having Amanda here.

I feel soooo great! 😀

I finished My Hero Academia season 3 the other day! I can’t wait for season 4! Man, that anime is so inspiring.
I have so many quotes from there in my quote book. “If you feel yourself hitting up against your limit, remember for what cause you clench your fists. Remember why you started down this path, and let that memory carry you beyond your limit.” All Might
My fav character is Midoriya, but I love All might. I’m trying to pose with the thumbs up like him! ” In this world, those who smile are the strongest.” Nana Shimura “I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me.” ~All Might

I was hoping someone would take a picture of this moment so I could make this comparison!!! YAY

btw Chelsea fought and didn’t get the decision, but she fought so well and accomplished a long-time goal of hers.

I’m so proud of her! She’s one of my favorite wrestling buddies and always trains with me in private lessons every Wednesday.

I’m thrilled she got to fight at all, since she was booked like three times previously to fight but they all fell through. Serena and I drove to San Pedro California to watch.

I would love it if you all could follow Chelsea Rae and Amanda Bell! They’re fun fighters and great people!
twitter and instagram: @chelsearaemma @TheLadykiller00

Stay tuned for my fight on Nov 3rd! I think I’m on Fox Sports 1.

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