leaving today on a jet plane….

Yesterday morning I worked out lightly in the morning…I’m kind of nervous about my weight because I’m a little over, so I was reving up my metabolism, but then had no energy during the day so I ate…anyway. 🙁 I went to work and my kids classes were stressful. The lesson plan wasn’t so good for my rebels. The game I made up worked pretty well, except they just aren’t at the expected level, but I don’t get to choose the lesson content. I can only adjust how I teach it.

In my second class of older kids, one student about 13 yrs old was belligerent and kept stealing other’s writing utensils, drawing on the table and other’s stuff, tipping back in the chair, chatting to everyone and doing the opposite of what I said. I think it’s safe to say that my kids like me…. See, I try to Rule By Love, not by fear. Students do what I say because they like me. Why couldn’t she see that the WHOLE CLASS was giving this her disapproving looks for pissing me off? It doesn’t make sense…you’re the class clown in order to GET approval from your classmates, right? One girl was even encouraging me to just ignore her and play the CD. ^^;; But I couldn’t because she was vandalizing the desk and might crack her skull open if she fell backwards… I want her to relax, and let the English flow, baby!! Come on!

I’m listening to James Morrison’s “Under the Influence.” I like this song! So I’m listening to his other songs, but they’re mostly mushy love songs. Bleh. @_@ Speaking of love songs, I ran into this guy from another gym I met a few times randomly in town, and he was like “Oh Roxanne! 😀 Do you remember me? *chat chat* By the way, let’s exchange emails!” So we did…but the last thing I need in my life is a boyfriend. I can barely take care of my own needs…..He seems like a really nice guy….I should avoid him! 😀

So after work I went back to the gym and worked out really lightly, but I hadn’t had dinner except a fish sausage and veggie juice, so I had no energy or desire to do anything. @_@ My weight seems stuck between 127 and 130. Everyone says, “Oh no problem Roxanne, you’ll lose it easy!” Well it’s NOT EASY. –; Stop saying it’s easy, grar. Rosi posted a picture of chocolate cake on my facebook wall. Hah thanks!

Now I’m packing.

A fan from my chatroom who has become my friend sent me vitamins and supplements!! THANK YOU, Tony!! You are outstanding! <3 <3 <3 [caption id="attachment_181" align="alignnone" width="384" caption="Supplements from Tony"][/caption]

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED. It’s really hitting me! I’m going to London! I’ve ALWAYS always wanted to go! Unfortunately I won’t have TOO Much time to sight see, and I’ll have no energy from cutting weight, but I’m going! 😀 I always tell people that if I could visit anywhere, it’d be London! I gotta focus on the fight. lol Rosi’s going to be a tough fight! I can’t wait.…