my last days in the US, pics, I’m back!

On Tuesday, New Years day, I pretty much enjoyed hanging out with my aunt and uncle. First, they sang and played church mass (they’re pro singers and musicians) so I went to Luis’s Karate Doko (TCK) in NY. That was fun! I would have liked to try it out, but I was still injured, so I just watched. Very interesting to see different styles. They do point fighting, so their style of attacks kind of reflected that.

They had a kick-butt wall painting of Goku doing the kamehameha. *__*
(click to enlarge) luis at gojo

Then after lunch, I went shopping with my cousin Adele! It was such a simple thing, but so nice. Of course, I never get to do these things with her.

I saw this pic, and I dunno…it makes me a little sad. :/
hello kitty gun

flavors of yoghurt
Look at all these flavors of yoghurt in the supermarket! That’s INSANE!! When I left, there were like 5 fruits and that’s it! All of a sudden, there’s chocolate (Which isn’t too bad!) and I also had Boston Creme Pie?!?!?! WTH!?!? Fantastic! That’s it, I’m moving back to the States!! (just kidding)

I saw this in Macy’s on the back of a stroller, and it made me laugh. Hahaha Well, it’s obvious, but sometimes people do the stupidly obvious! So gotta have it!
back of stroller

Well, I left the US first thing on Wednesday (thanks for driving me, Adele) and arrived back in Japan on Thursday night. I have HORRIBLE horrible jet-lag. I woke up at 2 AM and was falling asleep suddenly on my feet all day!! I went to the hospital on Friday morning and the doctor said my neck has improved and I could practice lightly, as long as it doesn’t hurt. Then he said he doesn’t know what’s wrong with my knee…so now I’m worried he knows enough about my neck. -_-;

I worked all day on Saturday, and it was rough because of jet-lag. Never underestimate the power of
“the lag.” x__x;; Just wanted to dieeeeeeeeeeeeee all dayyyyy.

I went to training last night! And did kickboxing. x_x I had forgotten how much I dislike kickboxing with no grappling mixed in. *sigh* I get so embarrassed when I ask questions and then suddenly remember that he’d explained it to me in the past, or I can’t do a simple movement. I was very disappointed in my performance, and at the end, I started feeling dizzy and like disoriented. I was yawning and almost fell asleep doing a drill, so I had to stop. And my back was KILLING me. But super awesome dojo-team mate Taneichi-san is an osteopathic therapist, like Mihara-san, and fixed it! Like, fixed. Like, pain is gone. He’s magic.;_; <3333333 Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu Thanks to BJ-san for the support, and ordering me home to rest. He made me feel like NOT a weakling, during the time I felt really down on myself. 🙂 …