Christmas/New Years part4: with my cousins!

I helped my aunt set up everything, and we chatted about everything. She showed me her new harp.
Then guests started coming! Dad’s best friends, my uncle’s side of the family, my first cousins! 😀 So happy! We enjoyed the meal very much, and opened gifts and everything. It was crazy fun.
cousins in front of tree

On Sunday morning, I enjoyed a leisurely morning with my aunt. (I’d gone for a walk around the neighborhood, and then did the end of the “Insanity” work out routine with my cousin. I wanna do more! My knee hurts more now, though. ~_~ I was hoping the knee would be better by now. My neck is so much better, though… Anyway, then I went to 12 o’clock mass with my aunt, and we heard my uncle play the organ and sing. I got to sing Christmas carols! So happy! I hadn’t sung any all year!

Feasted on left-overs, and then met my cousins and husband/fiancé and went bowling in down town New York City!
bowling ally group1

I suck royally! Lol I got the lowest score ever because I forgot how to bowl straight. Hah Oh well!
roxy bowling1
We then ate at a nice little diner. I was so jetlagged, I was falling asleep in front of everyone. I’m sorry guys… it was really embarrassing.

Also, Sunday was Dedelis’ funeral, but I didn’t go…. I have no car, it’s far, and my flight leaves from Newark and the weather was iffy. :/ My mom said it was okay. Well, I made sure I visited him last year before he passed on. I’m just glad he’s at peace now. He deserves the rest, after his long, hard, life.

Monday, I hung out with my aunt and uncle most of the day. My uncle taught me how to play the cajon (did I spell that right? A box instrument) Both my aunt and uncle are professional musicians, so they have beautifully trained singing voices. In their music room, they have a piano, an organ, a guitar, a cajon, a harp, and I dunno what else. I went shopping with my cousin Adele, and then had a nice dinner at my aunt’s. we played cards and fought the WHOLE time about the rules. hahahah XD
cards at new years 2 My family members were like screaming at each other one second, and then laughing the next. ^_^;;;

Danced the Gangnam style to Psy, then watched the ball drop and made a lot of noise! So much fun!!…