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busy Sunday

Posted in training, work on January 30th, 2011 by roxyfighter

Worked from morning until mid-afternoon.

Ana and I and pens

My new friend and mentoree Ana likes crazy pens, too! 😀  She was playing battleship on the iphone with my other co-worker Jack before lessons.  It was funny.

After work, I lifted weights at Gold’s Gym, and then had dinner with a former student-turned friend.  I haven’t been to Tofuro in ages, and haven’t eaten Nabe (hot pot stew) in ages either, so it was nice!  I should have skipped dinner since I drank protein after lifting,  but it was only fish and salad, and I always avoid fish oil.  I hear it’s good for you.  I got my nutrients last night. 🙂

Today I train with Kunioku-san.  I want to see the new Gantz movie after that!  I’m trying hard to save money, since my training expenses have gone up this month and from now on, but I wanna see Gantz.  I hope I’m not too tired, and that I don’t fall asleep.

Saturday: work, care, Clan of the Cave Bears

Posted in every day, training, work on January 29th, 2011 by roxyfighter

I’m always super busy, but this week I feel like I’ve been pretty mentally busy, too.

Yesterday I had two breaks scheduled into my day, but somehow I was wiped out at work.

I still went to the gym, but after warm ups….. @_@;; I couldn’t concentrate and I felt the onsets of a cold.

I got Megumi (Fuji) to work some technique with me that I’ve been wanting to practice (other than the ninja one).  Then she gave me a back/shoulder massage while people were still trickling in, warming up.  I told her she could stop after a minute because I didn’t want to bother her, but she said, “No, I’ll do it longer.”

Thanks to her, I was able to just close my eyes, relax, and let someone take care of me.  That’s really an underappreciated, childlike feeling, that we don’t get to feel so much anymore when we become adults. Having someone want to take care of you without you having to pay them money for a massage or training or whatever service.   I could stop thinking about work or the fact that I have to lose like 7 pounds and I already feel so thin, the fact that I’m catching a cold…whatever.  It was all gone, and after Megumi finished, I felt better, and then went to sit in the Gold’s Gym hot tub.

I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 3:30, went back to sleep until 4:45.  Now I’m eating breakfast.

I’ve really been enjoying reading the book “Clan of the Cave Bears” on the train, on the commute to work and the gym.  I started it because I remember my best friend Kathleen from middle school loved it, but someone had told me it had sexual violence in it.  That bothers me a lot.  A lot a lot. I stopped reading Melanie Rawn for that reason.   I always avoided The Clan, but I’ve always been interested in reading the book, so what the hell. If it bothers me too much, I’ll chuck the book.  But I heard that some kids had to read it for school, so…

The Clan of the Cave Bear

tiring day

Posted in training, work on January 28th, 2011 by roxyfighter

I woke up and thought, “I’m not so exhausted, I’ll go to the gym!” but I shouldn’t have.

I ate a big breakfast and felt I needed to work it off.  Arg weight cut.  I ended up dragging myself to the gym, focusing on my lower body and pecs and abs for like 35ish minutes, and then came home.  Probably had too many calories for lunch, but whatever.  It was fish.  Met a friend and we practiced English before me going to work.

My kids class frustrated me because one kid ALWAYS forgets something, but it’s always different, so I can never prepare for it.  Today he forgot his activity book, AND colored pencils.  He or his parents? –;; And as I rushed out of the room to make a photo copy, the machine wouldn’t work, leaving the kids unattended, etc etc and the mothers were in the lobby whispering, “Is class over already?”

I stayed late after work to help my mentoree.  She’s lucky I like her so much, heehee.  Tomorrow should be pretty busy.

I hope Flo shows up to the dojo afterwards to help me drill again.  I hope I can spar early so I can go home and sleep.  I wanted to drop today in my classes….

Just for the hell of it,  here’s a pic that I drew when I was like….I dunno.  Five?  I was a kid once…

[edit] Wait, that looks WAY too much like a Super-saiyan …..

[edit2] It IS a super saiyan! LOL I remember now where this pic came from.  I was drawing with my little kids and they drew their parents, and I drew Vegeta powering up.  LOL omg

drawing from childhood

super secret ninja technique

Posted in amusing, training on January 27th, 2011 by roxyfighter

In the morning, I trained at the AACC.  It was great!  Only five people, but we did a lot of sparring, and Abe-san taught is this GREAT technique that I recognized as having done to me before, but I could never do back.  I’m very excited about it.

When we were sparring striking, I kept slipping on the mat.  I dunno, my foot was smooth and the mat was smooth, and I couldn’t cut angles or do anything.  I got so frustrated!!  At one point I screamed, “AAARRRG!!!!”

So after sparring, Abe-san came up to me and said, very seriously, “Roxanne, you know, physical training is important, but the mental aspect is important as well.  One must be mentally cool….” and he kind of lectured me.  LOL It was kind of hilarious, kind of embarassing.  ^^;;;  I do tend to get upset if I get frustrated that I can’t do something…but I was slipping! LOL

So I showerd and lay down on the sofa in the locker room…and fell dead asleep. O_O;; Woke up super groggy.  Staggered around, drank veggie juice, felt better, and taught Megumi Fuji English. 😀    She encouraged me to break my diet and have pizza, wth.

In the evening, I enjoyed working on the same technique as the afternoon, and got it down better.  I feel like my throat is getting scratchy.  I’m afraid I’ll catch a cold, so I went home before I was really ready. 🙁  But my body is tired, so I’m glad I did that.

I also got friend/exchange student from Europe David to help me demonstrate my super secret ninja technique!

Roxy\’s secret ninja technique

Workin’ for a livin’!

Posted in amusing, work on January 26th, 2011 by roxyfighter

Yesterday was a great day!  I started later than usual:  10 AM instead of 8:30, so I showed up at 8 and prepared for my day.

I spent a lot of time with my new co-worker Ana, and didn’t have time to obsess about food! 😀  We chatted, checked out the city sports gym together, and then spent hours preparing for her lessons.  It’s all good.  I had my kids group and she sat in and watched.  It went super well.  Haha they love imitating my funny voices, and if I listen to myself, I probably sound like a retard, but exaggerating my speech has really gotten their pronunciation to improve.

The lesson was about ‘wishing’ and ‘what do you want?’  I said, “I want video games!  And I want MONEY!”  The kids were like, “Huh? What’s ‘money?'”  I held up my fingers in the Japanese hand symbol that means money (thank goodness things like that exist) and they were like, “Oh.  MONEYYYYYY” and were screaming “I want money!” for the rest of the lesson.

It was totally hilarious.  Then T-kun made a corny joke, and me and Ana laughed so hard. XD  “Bara wa bara bara ni naru!”  I LOVE IT!  I think the kids were laughing at US because it was so stupid to laugh at it. (The rose [bara] falls apart [bara bara ni naru])

So anyway, I saw this funny sign on the train.

omg beer

oh by the way, when we went to the sports gym, one guy who was working there came up to me and said, “Roxanne Modafferi?  Can I shake your hand?  I’ve seen you in a magazine and stuff!”  COOL, a fan!!!