busy Sunday

Worked from morning until mid-afternoon.

Ana and I and pens

My new friend and mentoree Ana likes crazy pens, too! 😀  She was playing battleship on the iphone with my other co-worker Jack before lessons.  It was funny.

After work, I lifted weights at Gold’s Gym, and then had dinner with a former student-turned friend.  I haven’t been to Tofuro in ages, and haven’t eaten Nabe (hot pot stew) in ages either, so it was nice!  I should have skipped dinner since I drank protein after lifting,  but it was only fish and salad, and I always avoid fish oil.  I hear it’s good for you.  I got my nutrients last night. 🙂

Today I train with Kunioku-san.  I want to see the new Gantz movie after that!  I’m trying hard to save money, since my training expenses have gone up this month and from now on, but I wanna see Gantz.  I hope I’m not too tired, and that I don’t fall asleep.…