working on my day off

Today was my day off, but I worked all afternoon into the evening.  I had so much trouble resisting eating. >_< It sucked so much…   I tried to focus on work.  Bonus lessons, woooo!

Well, I started “Towers of Midnight” by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson.  Of course, it’s freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!  It’s a huge hard-cover, though…really a drag to lug around.

I can’t believe I’m going to LONDON in less than a week! Omg I’m so nervous. @_@

Towers of Midnight

My shorts I wore to fight Marloes Coenen in Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers are up for auction on my facebook page wall.  People got to $125, which I am really happy about, and then stopped.  I’m closing bidding on Saturday morning Japan time, i.e. Friday evening USA time.  The sale will help sponsor me and support training costs.

I’m almost maxed out for friends, but if you message me, I’ll accept the bid.



A bigger piece of the pie

Hmm I haven’t eaten pie in a while.    Actually, today I had my first piece of dessert in an entire month- a single banana-flavored macaron. 🙂  It’s Valentine’s Day!   I’ve lost a lot of weight….I’m right on target for my fight.  Now I’m going to maintain.

Saturday and Sunday were really busy.  On Sunday, I did a lot of stuff related to mentoring.  I really enjoy it, and I hope I’m being helpful in the development of my fellow teachers.

After work on Sunday, I discussed important issues with fellow company employees.   I may have just landed myself an extra website project. u_u  No one else wanted to do it.  I wonder if I have the ability to do it…

Then I went to the gym after to lift and do some cardio.    This morning I trained with Sean Few and had a very good session.  I need to buy some more Gluttamine.  It might have been my imagination, but maybe I recovered faster with it?   I just finished writing an interview.

I had chicken, veggies, and rice for lunch, and sashimi for dinner.  That didn’t fill me up, though, so I had kamaboko (fish sausage).  They have sakura ones!!! 😀

I’m watching The Social Network!  I like it so far.

After training with Sean, I met my friend Kozo and we studied English together.  We met on this online social networking site  (laugh) two years ago and became really good friends.  (Yes, friends!)  He is an excellent cook and owns a wonderful Japanese restaurant.  Too bad it takes twenty minutes to walk there from the station. ~_~;;  I wanted to go there with Mana Friday, actually, but it was snowing and I was afraid I’d get sick.  I’ll have to have a victory party there. ^^

I finished Clan of the Cave Bears

Despite several scenes, I really really REALLY enjoyed it.  I’m glad I chose now instead of when I was younger to read it, though.  The whole thing was just…. the book was like nothing I’ve ever read before!  Some of the ideas, concepts, were amazing, and the descriptions of nature were so detailed, so incredible, so beautiful.

I loved it.  And there is more to the series?  Yay!  I just don’t have them yet.

I was reading the climax while riding the train to the dojo.  I actually stood on the freezing train platform of Omori for like 15 minutes finishing it.

So people are telling me that the movie sucked and I should stay away from it.  Why?…

rested on the National Holiday, and Mana

It was a holiday today!  In 660 BC – Traditional date for the foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu.  So “National Foundation Day.”

I woke up at 4:45, as always.  -_-;;  I was sooo sore from yesterday’s double training that I could barely sit up.

Today I rested !!! in my apartment all morning.   It was great.  I watched Naruto, took a nap, etc.  The only problem was that I get hungry and can’t stop eating.  I ate sooo many vegetables trying to eat low-calorie food.  I finished off one whole package of renkon @_@ (crunchy lotus root) and konyaku and carrots, and then beef and a whole head of lettuce and kamaboko… I bet that if you add all the calories together, I should have just eaten a rice ball and be done with it. –;  Anyway, kind of bummed because my friend cancelled plans with me on the account of not feeling well.  I could have taught bonus lessons.  Oh well, the friend is more important.

Then I taught one bonus lesson in the afternoon and then went to meet Mana in the evening.  My friend from my junior year abroad in college! 😀 She lives in Omori, which is ironic since my gym is in Omori.   Mana lives in a share-house.  It reminded me of a college dorm hall!  Everyone has their own tiny private rooms, but share the dining room, kitchen, living room and bathrooms.  I could never ever live there.  I went through that, done that,  now am enjoying my quiet privacy.

We made and ate nabe, a kind of soup.  Only veggies and fish and Tonyu goma soup broth.  I am sooo full.

Mana and nabe

Mana and nabe

I think today is the last day where it’s ‘okay’ to eat a little extra.  I was so excited about getting close to my weight, but from now on, I have to make sure I’m strict.  Wow, it’s almost two weeks before my fight!  SO excited!…