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because I’m a teacher

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Only one thing has to change for us to know happiness in our lives: where we focus our attention. ♥ Greg Anderson

I read this quote and I like it.

Today, an adorable 10 year old who I had assessed a few weeks ago, cried in my co-worker’s class.  He did all the right things, though, like changing the activity or playing something or coloring.  Finally, when the Japanese counselors talked to her, they found out that before she’d come, she had a fight with her mom, and was also depressed that she couldn’t write English as well as her other classmate. (But it was only their 3rd class!)

;_;  Poor girl!  I imagine myself having a teacher twice my age and height talking Swahili at me…

She was sitting in there after class, alone, waiting for her mother. Her head was down on the desk.

I had finished my last lesson and was walking out the door.


Done with work.  Clock stopped.  Byebye workplace….

…..  🙁  I can’t walk out the door with her like that!!!

So I talked to the staff and asked her to ask the girl if she wanted to play a card game, “go fish.” The counselor said that it wasn’t necessary- the mother would be there soon.  It’s not really ‘fair’ to ask us to work when we aren’t getting paid.

But….she was sad!

Hmmm….. “Well, could you ask her anyway?”
Counselor: “Are you sure?”
Me: “Yes.”

She wanted to!   😀  So I went in and we played for about ten minutes. She smiled.  She giggled.  She has such a precious smile. When I asked her if she wanted to shuffle, she kind of jumped in her chair and held out her hands for the cards.


Then the mother came, bowed, apologized, and thanked me spending my free time.


“Free time?” I gave a smiling child back to her mother. It was the only way to spend my free time. Because I’m a teacher.  I’m not free at all. lol

I worked my @$$ off in college to study Japanese and get some high-paying translation job.  But in the end, I know I chose the right profession.


(but I still want more money, lol)

Okinawa Omiyage

Posted in every day, fight, friends, training on May 29th, 2011 by roxyfighter

My friend Kozo, who I teach English to, went to Okinawa and brought me back some gifts!

I’m really touched! 😀 Cookies (Which aren’t in the picture because I ate them) XD Black sugar pretzels (Okinawa is famous for sugar…I still have the box). A glass necklace (Okinawa is famous for glass art), and two sugar candy shisa dogs (also famous). And this gel candle in the shape of a heart with a kitty and a shell that says “I love you” in it! 😀

I love you? ^^; ookay. I won’t read anything into that…. lol We’re good friends, and girls usually like ‘hearts’ right? 😛 Except I am not a romantic… but <3 I like hearts, sure! 😛 Anyway, I took my Zen Pill (sleeping meds) last night, but in an attempt to NOT be out of commission the next day, I cut the tip off, reducing the strength by maaaybe 1/5th? I woke up at 4. 🙁 Come to think of it, I went to bed at ten, so that means I slept 6 hours. I feel really refreshed! So oh well? 🙂 I was gonna train with Kunioku-san today, but I pulled a thigh muscle on Thursday, pushed it to the extreme on Saturday, was limping and tripping all day Sunday, so I cancelled. 🙁 I can walk at least today, so it should be fine in a few more days. I had an event today in Tokyo I was going to, but it got cancelled cuz of the 'tyhoon.' Let's see, what else...AH! I talked to my Mom for an hour and 15 minutes this morning! It was so nice! And I used my new Chat Client for a while, and 8 people came and we had a good time. 😀 Oh, Dream was last night. Let's read sherdog....Osawa-san won in Dream...oh wait, he beat Otsuka but lost to Imanari, the leg-lock specialist. arg. Well, he gets to fight again for 3rd place. Tokoro won (I'm a fan), Aoki won. Oh Darren got injured? I hadn't known...Hansen and Caol Uno won! Yay pretty good! and last but not least, I sent in a book proposal to this publishing company that is open to unsolicited manuscripts and has published a martial arts book, so it looked promising! A few years ago I had sent out like 20 book proposals, and only for 4 replies (all negative) but this one looks better, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....I actually have a finished book. A friend is helping me edit, but it's basically finished.... Today I have no choice but to relax. 😀 Yay. I'm on Episode 30 of Shaman King, and almost done Davy Jone's locker. I had success at work yesterday! 😀 Wow I feel good today! 😀 Rested! I lemanted waking up at 4, but I feel so refreshed! Well I am just sitting around. lol Let's take a walk. er, limp to the grocery store.

I will do it, no excuses, try harder

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Saturday was Saturday. Wake up at 3:30, go to work at 7:30 AM, work until 5:30 PM, go to training. Work was busy but I had two training methods to finish off my day, which are less stressful than lessons, so that was nice.

I went to Zest Fight Club and sparred with Hattori-san, Kojima-san (who was training already after his fight) and this other dude who didn’t wanna hit me at first, but then got used to it and we had fun. Then I did the striking part, we did MMA, and then I collapsed!

I’m taking training really really seriously these days. Of course, I’m serious about training, but … something is different now.



I might have a fight, but until it’s announced, nothing is set in stone, so don’t even ask me about it.

This morning, since I woke up at @#$*#$ 3:40 AM again, I tried out a new chat room my webmaster wetdryvac found for me. I have to approve chatters before they can comment, and it says there’s a 25 person limit? But I’m not sure how that works? I can do polls. XD It was good to chat with people again! I think only five people came in. But SUPER COOL PEOPLE came! 😀

So I’ll try and do it again soon.

I'm focused on my goals

Trained Celine yesterday, Toys

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Thursday, yesterday, I woke up early, at 4 AM….as usual. ;o; I hadn’t taken any medicine.

Ate breakfast, did internet stuff, almost fell asleep again, ate more, went to the morning AACC class, and trained the whole time with my good friend Celine Haga from Norway! She’s here with Joachim Hansen’s team for his fight in Dream on May 29th. I can’t go because I have to work and I wouldn’t make it. Why does it have to start at 4 PM? ^^; If it were 5, I would make it….

Anyway, we did a lot of MMA sparring, which is exatly what I need. She’s so strong! Such good technique! The perfect sparring partner for me.

I discovered what some of my weaknesses are. I’m so glad I found them. Now I can go about defeating them.

After the morning class, I just did stuff around my apartment, and also watched most of Toy Story 3. I heard it was sad, so stopped before the last 20 minutes cuz I didn’t wanna go to training all sad. I’m gonna watch it shortly.

I then went back to AACC evening training and sparred a lot MORE with Celine. You really helped me, girl. Thank you!

Thanks, Tony, for helping me test out my new chat room. I was planning on using it this morning, but I don’t really feel like chatting. I’m stressed out about a bunch of things. I don’t really feel like doing anything today. Last night, I took half of what I call the ‘zen pill’ which is sleeping medicine I took that made me feel SUPER calm and ‘zen’ when I woke up the next day. (That was Monday-Tuesday. I hadn’t taken it since) It was scary, though, cuz I was ‘too’ zen, so last night I only took half and it didn’t really work. I still woke up at 4 this morning, and lazed around until 5:30ish. :/ I’m worried it’ll show up in a urine test, so I probably shouldn’t take it anymore. waaaaaa but I want to sleep….

I have to resist eating a lot today. That’ll be my challenge for the day.

While watching Toy Story 3 yesterday afternoon, I thought about how I used to have SOOO many toys. SO many Barbies, My Little Ponys and Sea Horses, Polly Pockets, Link’n logs, dinosours, stuffed animals, Yumm Yumms, Popples, Care Bears, sea animal stuffed animals, board games…just ridiculous. Well, I was an only child, and hyper active, so my parents bought be a ton of toys to keep me occupied. It worked. I played with everything.

So who (yes ‘who’) did I take to college? One of my stuffed dogs. I have a trio: Two stuffed dogs and my stuffed panda. They were always my favorites. I’ve had the shaggy dog since I was 10? Got him for Christmas. The beagle was the first thing I bought with my own allowance money when I was…11? In the Halmark store in PA. And I got the panda Paula from my cousin Regina, I think.

Somehow Paula always ended up in my closet, even though they were my ‘trio.’ Just that she was round and if I dropped her, and she rolled away out of reach if I were sitting down. LOL

Who do I have now in Japan? All three. So when I was watching Toy Story, I rememebered Paula sitting in my suitcase in my closet, so I got her out. I shouldn’t have left her in there for so long. I always feel bad that she’s lonely. She’s DEFINATELY staying out now.

Why isn’t my mom coming on Skype? >_< We haven't talked all week. I read this yesterday. To quote Beast Wars, 'Now that's just prime!' -_-;;

[note: gosh, my spelling sucks so bad. I edited this like 4 times]

“Sweep the leg, Roxy?”

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I wrote about this on my Facebook a bit.

It started with ZST, where I saw a fighter start limping. The ref even stopped the fight and had the doctor check him out. They decided to continue, but the opponent was limping heavily. I don’t know if the injury happened before or during the fight.

The opponent kept targeting the bad leg, until the guy just fell down in pain, and the opponent won.

His career advances, he gets paid, he wins. That’s how it works. Right? Well… this is a sport. A combat sport. Are we sportsmen, or warriors, or what? Is there honor involved, or SHOULD there be honor involved? Who decides if that’s honorable or not? They hugged. Is respectful enough?

I will say here that I’m not a fan of a certain fighter who breaks people’s limbs. True, if the attackee didn’t tap fast enough….it’s hard to be a judge, though! I personally believe that I should be able to win by MAKING the person give up without injury. But I don’t hold other people to my beliefs. I’m always saying it – everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

I asked people on Twitter and Facebook, and 90% of the people said, “Go for the leg.” (actually, everyone said “Sweep the Leg.” HolyKarate Kid reference, I got it already, guys! LOL Love you, though!)

I have been in one situation, though, where my opponent wasn’t tapping. It was my rematch with Jennifer Howe in the IFC. ( I screen capped the video on youtube to post here. )This was what was going through my mind:
I got it! I got the omo-plata! But she’s not tapping.

I got it but she’s not tapping. wtf. WHY IS SHE NOT TAPPING….I don’t wanna break her arm…

please tap god please tap I don’t wanna break her arm….ref, she’s not tapping, shouldn’t you stop the fight now? let’s do a combo-omo-plata wrist lock…Why isn’t she tapping…okay, here I go slowly…give her time to tap…let’s put all my weight on her…omfg she’s not tapping……go slow…slow…you’re gonna make me crank it? okay fine……please tap I don’t want to hurt you..

*ding ding* I can’t believe it…is she okay? *look* How could she not tap?

Yes, I pushed as hard as I could.
But she had the chance to tap.
(She actually told me later that I didn’t have it perfectly sunk…)

As I wrote on my Facebook, I was thinking about what I would do if I were that guy in ZST. I’ve decided. I would take advantage of the fact that she couldn’t move well on the leg, but I wouldn’t aim to consciously incur injury. I just want to be clear that I wouldn’t be trying any less hard to win. Nor would I avoid the injured area to ‘go easy.’ No, Mr. Kreese, I won’t sweep the leg. I guess I’m not Cobra Kai material. 🙂 Maybe it’s because I feel I can control grappling more than a fast strike. hmmm

This is an interesting topic, though! Please comment and spread this around!