the one, the never fading

Yesterday felt like it zipped by. I had morning lessons and evening lessons. I didn’t go to the gym.
I’m worried about fighting stuff and training. and stuff.
…. x_X; Let’s leave it at that…

I was playing Words With Friends with my mentor Perry. Look what he just played!

WHO DOES THAT? THREE words in the middle like that? Amazing. I have no chance. ZERO. He’s so cool XO Just…seemingly no matter what possible letters he has, he always finds a way to make a word work.

That’s how it should be in real life.

Last night, I found out that a teenage customer who I did a demo lesson for the other day signed up with a competitor. An INFERIOR competitor. I KNOW he would have learned more with us. I usually don’t worry, but it’s eating at me. Maybe I could have done a better demo lesson. Maybe I should have done a different topic. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the CD, although we didn’t spend a lot of time on it. I was following the assessment manual. My lessons/demos I make up tend to be better than the manual’s suggestions, if I do say so myself… I find my mind chewing over the problem.

See, the mind is interesting…it works things out subconciously, even when you’re not actively thinking about something. That’s why sometimes it’s best not to just make immediate decisions. Things might come to you when you least expect them.


I really love this song. The music video is a little spooky- not what I would have envisioned for this song, but please watch it. It’s Nightwish, a Norweigan gothic rock band. Amaranth is a flower, and it comes from a Greek word that means “unwilting” or ever-lasting.