reminiscing about last year….


I got out these flannel-lined sports pants that are warm, and it reminded me of the March 11th Tohoku Earthquake. That’s because they were one of the two pants I packed when I ran away to Nagoya with Daniel. :/

I’m watching Christmas movies and enjoying the music. One thing I love the most about Christmas is the month I get to listen to the music! And watch the movies! 😀

But I remember last year, how I made the hard decision to sacrifice my time that I always always always spend with my family, to fight in the largest MMA show in Japan. Only a fight would make me sacrifice that time. I planned to return for New Years.
I was so excited.

And I got so sick I couldn’t fight…. and Kunioku was there, trying to encourage me to do it. And all my friends were there. I remember being in the bathroom for hours, and not being able to sleep since I was shivering so bad with chills. I remember laying in the freezing cold hospital with an IV in my arm the morning of my fight. I remember the doctor telling me, “They want you to fight!” And then my chills stopped, like 30 minutes before I was up. I was like, “….sh*t my chills stopped, but I can barely hit the mitts….” but when I walked out into the ring, I’m sure to the viewers nothing looked wrong. At least if I puked, it would have been obvious I was sick. 🙁

Kunioku actually took a picture of me back then….he knows I always take a lot of pictures, but I could have done without this one.

The worst time in my entire life. What would have happened if I had tried to fight?

What would have happened if I’d gone home that Christmas?

I was talking with Rosi on Skype this morning. She gave me lots of advice about weight control and other stuff. Thanks. After our conversation, I was reflecting. I felt stronger back then, like when I fought Jennifer Howe. I know I’ve improved skill wise, though. Why am I on a four-fight losing streak?

The standards are rising.
“There are kids coming up who’ve only known MMA!” Rosi said.
Damn! But as she said, we still have fights left in us. I’m 29, I’m not sure how old she is. A few years older, maybe. But I don’t remember 5 years ago weight-cutting being such an issue.

Anyway. I stayed home from the AACC because I’m at the end of a cold. I probably could have gone, but ….. I didn’t. What’s the point? 🙁 *sigh* I got a lot of chores done. And I had a good weight-lifting day.

My throat was scratchy this morning, but I’m wondering if it was because the air is so dry? I lifted weights, though. I wish I could train tomorrow, but I work. I wish I could train more. :/ I ate so much junk food today…it was bad. But delicious. XD Tomorrow, I’ll be good.

Celine is here for Jewels and I’ll probably see her later this week. Another friend from out of town is here, so we’ll hang out, too. I have to prep for the kids Christmas lessons, and my boss hasn’t given me time to do that yet.
This Saturday is Jewels. To be completely honest, I don’t really want to go watch. I want to fight…it makes me depressed to watch, but I have to support my training partners….

It should be a busy week. And then NEXT WEEK I SEE MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still obsessively playing “Holidaytown.” I’m up tp 88 elves and I’m totally running out of names. I’m using names of students, friends, etc etc….lol