I trained early in the morning.

Then I went to a meeting in Tokyo and it turned out very well. Very very very well. >:D

After that, I met Joe Lauzon, Chris and friends who had gone to Akihabara as I suggested. I’m glad you guys liked it! It was about 3:30, and they said they’d meet me in front of the SEGA arcade…only there were THREE SEGA arcades. lol Thank goodness Chris’ iphone worked.

I took them to Asakusa – a favorite place for tourists to visit. We ran into Ben Henderson and Tracy Lee and a few others. XD It was fun…kind of cold. Finally, they wanted MEAT so I googled Gyukaku and took them to Yakiniku! The chicken took FOREVER to grill. ^^;; The service was REALLY bad. I think they were understaffed that night, and never came when we called, so I had to get out of my seat and get the server like 6 or 7 times. ^_^;; All in all, I think they enjoyed it. 😀 I did! Thanks for all the advice. And it was so cool hanging around other Americans again, not to mention from the same area! (Massachusetts). We know the same people back home, speak the same lingo, etc etc. It was so fun.

My weight is OKAY I think. Time to start cutting salt and pounding down water.