Sunday’s work was easier than Saturday.
After that, I met Brittany at Shakey’s where we enjoyed yummy pizza and a small ice cream sundae. Brittany got a great expression on my face…LOL and teased me, that it’s not big enough for me! (it wasn’t! haha) She photoshopped it.

That was nice.
Shopped for boots for my Tohoku volunteer trip.
Hah I was trying on shoes….then I looked up and saw Brittany holding up her camera phone and I thought, “omg WHAT POSE?!?!” *POSE* *click*

Brittany said, “Nice pose, Daniel-san!”


I just rock like that, I guess. XD

Today (Monday) I did the morning pro sparring class, and trained only with Brittany and Celine!

I adore this picture.
Thanks for the great training!

Steve took like 5 pictures unanounced, hahaha I look so weird in this one. Let’s post it!

I still have yet to spar some of the guys in this picture. *laugh* Brittany and I took off afterwards and had our pre-planned Japanese lessons. She’s doing well!

I am SO sore. I trained really hard today.