highlights of my 2013

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I started teaching Wednesday morning classes at Groundslam a lot, since the owner, Katsumura-san had gotten busier and busier.
1.10.13 morning class

Hung out with Miesha and Bryan in Tokyo with Brittany.
bryan miesha roxyburi inokisakaba
(At Inoki Sakaba in Shinjuku)

I started Neo Judo, taught by Omigawa-san.
neo judo group 2

I got an ‘outstanding’ score on my Teacher’s Performance Evaluation at work, which is the highest and most difficult to attain.

Went to The Ultimate Fighter Tryouts.
steve and roxy posing
Steve and I trained for it together.
warm up gif at tuf tryouts

Got accepted to the Ultimate Fighter. I fought and won, for the first time in two and a half years, breaking my losing streak.
roxy winning small pic
I participated in the show.
flaming marshmallow2

Decided to move back to the US. Quit my job that I loved a lot.
shinyuri friends1
i love my co-workers2

Tried to say goodbye to everyone I’ve ever made friends with in Japan over the span of 8 years.

berlitz dandein3
G3 choking Roxyzushi beach group pic

There are too many pictures to post of the people I love and left behind in Japan.

Moved to Las Vegas.
roxy bought lots of stuff

Joined Syndicate MMA.
team syndicate

Met my new hero, coach John Wood, my new best friend Heather Jo Clark, and the best chiropractor ever, Jake Steckel.
top image facebook

Mom moved in with me.

Made more friends.
roxy bootsy at el pollo loco

Realized my striking has improved.

Fought in the UFC! The Ultimate Fighter finale!
roxy and raquel fighting1

roxy elbow raquel

roxy vs raquel punch

Published a book!
book cover title
link to purchase book

It’s been a pretty amazing year. Physically and mentally painful, wondrous, adventurous, scary, joyful! So much has happened. And 2014 will be awesome, too. I wish, first and foremost, for the health of my family. A few family members are sick. My cousin is going to have a baby. My personal goals are to fight in the UFC again, to win my next fight, and to publish another book, and to get stronger!…