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Japan trip part 2: Tues. & Wed. Fight week

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Tuesday the 16th…. I can’t remember exactly what I did. I think I did a lot of sitting around, not being sure what I was supposed to be doing. And then suddenly being called to translate something, so I hopped up and busted butt to that location. A few fighters had mishaps with interview times, so I helped communicate with the Japanese cornermen and UFC staff. πŸ™‚ I was useful.

Then, Shu took me out for dinner at his friend’s restaurant.
shu ikura restuarant

shu restaurant3

shu rstaurant fish
I think that was Tuesday…. oh well. I ate SUCH high quality delicious Japanese food, that I just can’t get in the States! I had been craving it for so long! Thanks, Shu. πŸ˜€ <3 Brittany stayed in the same hotel room with me because she had media work to do. So all week long, it was like a big girlie sleep over! .....which involved us both collapsing into bed exhausted at like 10 or 11 PM. So it wasn't really like a sleep over at all.... it was like an grown-up sleep over with two hard-working fighters. LOL Plus I was super jet-lagged so I was dying to eat breakfast at 6:30 when it opened, so she made herself get up so we could eat together. <3 Then Julianna came and we met Miesha at once point! πŸ˜€ breakfast with miesha bri juli

Wednesday… what did we do?
Random things. I think I did a lot of waiting around to see what was needed. I rolled towels. Oh yeah! There was media day from 1-2PM and I translated for Roy Nelson, and Gomi! That was exciting. And I was so nervous. I mean, I’ve been watching The Fireball Kid fight since when I debuted! He was nice and encouraged me to translate, though, when I showed lack of confidence in myself. That was nice. I hope he doesn’t hate me now because the staff kept having me call his hotel room to remind him of stuff, even though he wasn’t late or anything. πŸ™ I felt bad for bothering him. I want to let him know that it wasn’t my idea to be constantly calling his hotel room. *facepalm* But it was part of my job.
line up of fighters

Brittany was at the press conference, and it was cool to see my former teammates there. πŸ™‚ Kanehara-san and Noripi! And Mizugaki san played the UFC video game (using himself) against Uriah Faber (using himself) haha it was funny.

Japan trip pt 1: Sunday and Monday UFC Fightweek

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My trip to Japan was absolutely amazing. I cried when Tokyo came into sight, feeling so blessed to be in my situation, having won my fight safely, having the UFC pay for my planet ticket and hotel, doing my dream job of using Japanese on the job. Seriously? Two of my LIFE GOALS have come true with the UFC. πŸ™‚ (doing translation work professionally and fighting in the UFC)

A car picked me up at the airport on Saturday September 13th and I got in around 6 PM. I had kurianmochi ice cream from the Family mart LOL and then used the fitness center for a bit, and then couldn’t hold it back anymore. Went to bed at 8:30 PM. Naturally I woke up at midnight, like, “YEAH! ready to go!” lol So I had some food from the convini (take no ko onigiri, peach bulgaria yogurt and salad bag lol) and walked to Shinjuku station. For me, it was morning but it was still Saturday night for everybody else. I went to the Don Quixote superstore and enjoyed browsing around. I just used the internet for the rest of the night after I got back. Couldn’t WAIT for the breakfast buffet at 6:30.

The UFC didn’t need me on Sunday so I called one of my best friends in Japan, American Brittany Decker, to hang out. We did everything.
roxy and brittany shinjuku
Walked around Shinjuku, shopped for a Fireball Music cd I wanted, ate weird Mexican Pizza at the Wired cafe, ate ice cream. πŸ˜€ Ate Okinawan food at Yanbaru. It was great.

Japan is intoxicating and tempting. Foreigners come over, expecting to have a year’s experience and then go home, but fall in love with it and then never want to leave. I get it! I realized my teaching career wasn’t going anywhere, but I was happy, so I didn’t want to leave. So we had a UFC meeting about car schedules, hotel rooms, fighter pickups…stuff not really related to me. I kept falling asleep and the Singaporean guy Ed had to keep nudging me. I have so much more respect for Burt and the way he organizes things.

I feel like I’ve come home. I feel like I could never left. I feel AT home. It was so good to be back. I enjoy all the things I enjoyed before, like crazy food combinations, people’s clothing, items in Don Quixote. “Ah, Japan!” I find myself saying again and again.

On Monday I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 1:30. Better…. lol Tuesday it was 10:00 and woke up at 3. So Monday I ate, worked out on the elliptical and lifted weights. Man, Esther Lin made a fantastic behind the scenes video of me! it showed my skills and also John lifting me up and I screamed “syndicate!”

Anyway, Monday’s work was amazing. At first, I helped one of the guys put the scale together. I also helped some of the guys do inventory on the gloves, and it was a so fun and awesome! I tried on size XXXXL gloves! For bigfoot?!

big foot glove
Then I and to pick out the gloves for our particular event.
gloves pile
I took a few of them to Otoya.
otoya with guys
So there were counter seats…two open, some lady, and one open next to her. My colleague said, “If that lady just moves over, we can all sit down. We have a tight schedule.” I looked at the spot and gestured to it to the Ootoya staff man. He said, “Sorry, a customer is there already” and walked away. My colleague said, “He’s not going to ask her to move?” and I said, “Nope. It’s Japanese style.”

but I’m not Japanese and I was in the mood to break their dumb rules. So when he walked away, I went over to her with my hands clasped and said, “Sumimasen, onegai ga arun desu keno, sanninn de suwaritai…” (excuse me, I have a request…the three of us would like to sit down…)ONLY and she just nodded and moved over. YAY. so easy, so simple. The staff shot me an “omfg” look but it was well-contained.

After lunch, we hurried back and it was my job to take them all to Don Quixote to get like 300 bottles of water, a few hundred hand towels, pregnancy tests, printer ink (toner), latex gloves, and stuff. lol
画像 002

We CLEANED them out of water. XD I told the lady I wanted 300 small bottles, and she thought I meant 300 milliliters. We cleared that up and I had the skinny staff man go downstairs with a cart and bring up five cases of water. Then we asked him to bring up another brand. We ended up getting all our water there. lol and we cleaned out the shelves, too! We bought ALL the white hand towels they had, pregnancy tests, and for the gloves, it was funny. I asked for “latex” but they didn’t understand. I was saying like, “gloves that doctors use.” She looked at me blankly and I was like “you know, to clean the blood!” or something. LOL The lady had to call like two people and finally lead me past the gardening section. um no…. but then there they were, high above! One box was open and we felt it and they weren’t stretchy enough. The staff lady was NOT happy about that being open. We wanted to open a ‘gomu’ style of gloves, but she wouldn’t, even though the box wasn’t sealed. So the supervisor came over and we convinced him to. VERY reluctantly.

I touched the corner but Ed just ripped one out! The manager freaked out and was like “OH NO NO NO NO NO TOUCH!” Ed was like “Don’t worry! we’ll buy it!” and put it on. The manager and lady freaked out! “NO TOUCH! MUST NOT!” struggling in English. lol poor staff. I felt bad for them. And grumbling under their breath. Stupid foreigners. I was apologizing in Japanese but secretly laughing my butt off.

We tried to go to the first Don Quixote to get more towels but they didn’t have it, so we headed back.

I got relieved of my duties, and I went to Tofuro with Brittany. I kind of wanted to train, but prioritized her.

Unfortunately for me, she wanted to find a coin laundry and we hiked really far and ended up not finding it. My injured right foot and left knee were totally killing me. πŸ™ I regretted that so much and was cranky and exhausted. Actually a nice lady riding by on a bicycle showed us a different once! How nice of her. Bri got to watch her clothes. :/ It turns out for the best, because we ended up going there two more times! πŸ™‚ We tried to do some resume stuff before crashing at 10 PM.

These pics are from the next day when we were in better moods. LOL
brittany and roxy laundry 2

roxy brittany laundry 1

my awesome Saturday, UFC 178 and “Life.”

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Yesterday was great! I trained at Syndicate for the first time in three weeks. I’ve come home! grappled a lot, then some striking before I hurt my damn eye. It’ll heal in a few days, but it puts the breaks on my training. πŸ™ Sparred with the new female member of our gym, Kalecia! I like her!

new girl kalecia

A reporter from Japan who writes for “Fight and Life” and mmaplanet did a feature on me, and also interviewed John. That was so cool. I’m so excited to be featured in Fight and Life! Literally all of my Japanese MMA-related friends and teammates read it. πŸ˜€ He’s gonna send me one.

I dropped off the reporter, went to the medical clinic to get drops for my eye. πŸ™ It hurtssss.

I then went to the UFC with my coach John, which was super fun. πŸ˜€ Then Julianna sat down on one side of us, and my bestie Heather on the other side! πŸ˜€
roxy and heather at ufc
<3 <3 <3 Such sappy best friend loviness. haha I'm so excited she is on TUF 20. Catch The Ultimate Fighter season 20 on Wednesdays on Fox sports 1. john and roxy and healther at ufc
Surrounded by my favorite people! πŸ˜€

roxy and john at ufc
Catch him on the popular reality show Couple’s Therapy Wednesday nights at 8 PM PT on VH1….. πŸ™‚

What a great night of fights! It was my first time watching Mcgregor, and the Yoel Romero vs Tim Kennedy fight? But I wanted to cry when my former training partner Mizugaki got destroyed by Cruz. ;_;

After the fights, we ate burritos and went to this club “Life” in the new SLS Hotel and casino. It was my first time. I usually get narcoleptic after 10 PM, but since I arrived back in the US yesterday, I was still on Tokyo Time. Which was 2 PM. lol Totally out of my element, but it was cool since my team was there. But I ended up talking shouting to a few people I didn’t know. I couldn’t hear anybody! πŸ™ And the strobe was hurting my eye, so I left after a little bit. But the atmosphere was cool! I liked the beat of the music. The lights were so cool, and random ladies were dressed in costumes swinging overhead! It was so surreal.

I’m so happy and lucky to have an interesting, exciting life. I certainly work hard for it. lol So I’m just enjoying it to it’s fullest, realizing that things only happen once and don’t last. However, no matter what happens in the future, I’ll always have these moments, these memories to treasure forever.

Working for the UFC: behind the scenes

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When I first met Burt Watson, I was getting set to fight in the UFC TUF Finale. He was all in my face, checking my weight three days in a row before actual weigh ins, telling me not to take pain killers or supplements, making me wear a padded sports bra, and then screaming “We’re rolling!!!!!!!!!!” at the top of his lungs walking me out. It stressed me out so bad.

I was a little apprehensive finding out I had to work with him this trip as a translator, but as I met him in different circumstances then before, I found out that Burt is actually a GENIUS MASTERMIND. Oh my goodness! I think no one in the entire world can do a better job than he. He is so amazing. I basically became his apprentice, which is such a huge honor, and came to appreciate his extreme attention to detail to stuff I never knew was an ISSUE because he clipped it in the bud before a problem developed. This has come from over 25 years of doing this job. I dunno what the UFC would do without him.
画像 004
Amber, me, Yoko Takahashi, Donna, and Burt.

For example, everything was set up in the Hilton Tokyo hotel. We had a conference room as an office, and there were workout rooms on either side of us. He set up tables with water and towls against the walls that we shared. He said he put the tables there because if fighters want to work wall-techniques, they pick up mats and lean them against the walls. If the wall is shared by the office, the staff will be hearing *Thud! Thud! BAM!* all day long. But the table forces the fighters to lean the mats aginst a different wall.

I was like, wow. Good thinking.

Also with dressing room choices. There were a certain number of rooms, different sizes. Some had bathrooms, some didn’t. The Japanese fighters managed by the same manager were all together. We had to make sure the girls had easy access to a lady:s bathroom, and we had to make sure opponents weren’t going through each other’s rooms to get to the bathroom. Burt’s system for figuring all that out was MASTERFUL. I can’t even describe it well. We walked through taking notes, and then looking at the fight card.

I had no idea so much thought went into that. I’m thinking back and realizing that in my Invicta fight, I was together with Tamada and Megumi, and we were both managed by Shu, plus we were all former training partners, so I felt comfortable. I’m sure that’s not a coincidence. And I was with Stephanie Eggink, and her corner was Shayna Baszler, and we’re good friends. Was that a cooincidence, too?

Burt is so amazing. It was truly an honor to work with him and the team. I loved the guys. I wasn’t just his pesonal translator, but I was adopted into the Asian Fighter Relations Team.

I arrived on Sunday but my job started Monday. Our first task, me and five or six others, was to find 300 white towels, three boxes of latex gloves, and 300 or more small bottles of water. Um…okay. So we rented a van and drove to the Don Quixote superstore where I got to talk to the staff in Japanese and aquire the stuff. It was so funny seeing the look on the short skinny staff guy’s face when I told him to go into his storage room and bring up every single box of water bottles from EVER BRAND that they had. Hahahaha!
画像 002

It wasn’t enough so we emptied the shelves, too! We completely wiped them out of water!! We could only find 35 towels, so we ended up buying some online.
画像 001
I helped organize gloves, and put wrist bands on people and watch Burt size people for gloves, etc.

Some of the bad parts were that I had to follow up on fighters when I didn’t really want to. For example, if a fighter was late to some scheduled thing, I had to call their room and politely ask them to get their butts down here. I frequently had to go to their personal cell phone or manager because nobody answered the room phone. A few times, there was plenty of time left before the schedule thing ended, but our team wanted them done with early, so we could do a lot of other tasks. As a fighter, I didn’t want to bother them, but I was ordred to, so I had to call them and beg them to come early.

Another time I had to ask a fighter to take a pee drug test, but they had just lost and were crying. I didn’t want to bother them, but my bosses were like, “No, you have to go ask the person NOW.” I got snapped at by the fighter’s camp. OF COURSE. If I was upset after having JUST lost in the UFC, I would be like, go screw yourself, too! -.-

I got to be one of the people that stood behind the scenes and weighins and when their name was called, I said, Okay go out there! One of my teammates was teaching me about what to do on fight day. My teammates were so nice and patient!! <3 If I was assigned to a room, I'd have to make sure everyone had enough water and towels and ice, and nobody was eating in the lockerroom. He was telling me about how to walk someone to the cage, but I was thinking, "There's no way in hell I'm walking anyone to the cage! I don't know where to go! when I fight, I always follow someone. I'm not ready to be 'that guy.'" lol I didnt have to, though. I got to be there to support my former teammates and that was super cool. (Michinori Tanaka and Masanori Kanehara) Kanehara-san won! Poor Noripi lost a tough match but I think he got performance bonus? 画像 006

All in all, I learned SO much about how the UFC works. The Fighter Relations team had to be the sticky glue that holds other departments together (media, production, etc) but also lubricant that lets the gears turn smoothly and gets fighters to where they need to be. There’s SO many details and SO much stuff to manage.

Tara and my fight pictures are so funny

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We always seem to be caught in the funniest, weirdest poses.

Let me illustrate.

MFC 2006
Hair Whip Attack and cross block!

Moosin 2010
“The Snuggle of Doom”

Moosin 2010 “Time out! I have to go pee!”

Moosin 2010 “Not a step closer!”

Invicta 2014
“Boob Punch 1”
33roxy and tara invicta 4
(I think she just lowered her arm after I punched)

Invicta 2014

tara smashing roxy
um yeah you caption this one