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Today’s practice was great, other than the fact our fearless leader coach John Wood was sick. :/ I love Mike Pyle’s classes too, though. btw congrats to Mike for getting promoted to a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu today! Long overdue! Just because he does more no-gi. But the man is a ninja and often takes time to give me coaching on the side, or roll with me even though I couldn’t possible challenge him.

I have a bad memory, but he and John are good at repeating themselves just enough and explaining how things work and why. It burns itself into my memory. Most of the time.
Congrats, Mike!
Roxy and mike pyle after training
(click to enlarge)

I worked with Christine before class on grappling stuff. In class, we worked on stuff from the guard, like elbows and posture and other super secret ninja stuff that I shan’t reveal. (I didn’t know ‘shan’t has an apostrophe until just now when my spell checker corrected it.) #grammarnazi

Anyway we did tons of technique and drilling from there. Then live sparring stuff. Jamie and I put on elbow pads so we could actually elbow each other. I hope everybody in the gym gets them, too.
jamie in purple
We both fight in Invicta and elbows are very much allowed. I actually cary around extra sets of elbow pads so I can give them to my teammates. I learned my lesson from Sarah Moras on TUF18 smashing me by accident during training.
Also other teammates have fights coming up, too.

Coach Pyle had to leave early and coach Jason took over and taught us the CLAW and use the BOOT…..and I had no idea what that meant until I spoke up and asked. Wrestling terms? I am not shy about seeming dumb when I am confused. lol When I moved from Japan to the US I didn’t know half the MMA terminology in English! I could say it in Japanese, though. hah. Apparently they are wrestling terms. 😀 So I learned a new move and we drilled and did live-goes with them for a while.

SOMEBODY FIX THE DAMN CLOCK. I knew we went overtime because I started feeling weak and STARVING (I eat breakfast at 5 AM and half a banana at 10:30). All I could think about was the BBQ chicken and veggies I brought for lunch….

food food

And my back started aching from all that lifting….just when I thought my body would shut down, we stopped class. ;_; It was like, I want morrrrrrre MMA …but I wanted my chicken and Questbar first.

So much awesomeness, so little time…..

This is like the second time Jason showed a painful spine twisty thingie and I turned it into a choke. I like chokes better. I find them places.
sakura rear naked choke in naruto

SO I ate my lunch like….
anime characters eating

Went home, watched some Dragonheart and took a nap, only to be woken up by Mom coming home.

Then I went back to see if I could help out in the big kids class. So Fredson left, leaving Rick in charge. I love Rick. 🙂 I took the beginner kids aside and taught them side control, escaping it, mount, escaping it, and then had them spar that. Thank goodness he let me do that. I feel bad when everybody has to do the same thing but they’re all on different levels.

OH, a fan drew this for me! Isn’t it amazing!?
guy smally cartoons fan art

Great Fightblok event III

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The Fightblok III was a great event. It was run professionally, although started a bit late. The competitors were exciting to watch and we all got a good dose of high-level jiu-jitsu.
enzo and miesha
Hung out with Miesha and Enzo.

I love watching Damien Nitkin fight. He’s a purple belt from Zenith. Too bad he had to fight my teammate Shawn in the first bout. I didn’t know who to cheer for. :/ I also love watching Wolfie Steel fight. A 17-year old bad-ass who moved to Vegas with his father to further his fighting career.

I sat with lots of other Syndicate members, mainly parents who brought their kids. I liked spending time with the kids. They’re so cute and I love them.
cute syndicate kids
They cracked me up – doodling on signed photos they got, giving each other piggy back rides. I enjoyed sitting next to and chatting with Kaelee. She’s 13 and proficient at both Muay Thai and grappling. I want to turn her into an MMA champion.

It came time for Fredson Paixao to face Romulo Caiado. The applause was thunderous. Not that many kids came to my fight, haha.

They fought.

fredson and romulo

Romulo won by ref decision.

Overall, the event was great.

Powerful training powerfully :D Syndicate, baby!

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It’s been a full week since I’ve posted last!

Training has been pretty busy and hard, but that’s the way it should be! My friend Steve has been killing it in practice! This guy’s on fire! He’s fighting this coming weekend at Shamrock Fighting Championships in Missouri.

I’ve been killing it too, of course, but that goes without saying. haha
Great team practices this week.

It’s so great to see my former training partner in Japan getting better and stronger and ready to fight! Go, Big Brother, go!
roxy and steve at syndicate

Two new fightergirl teammates are starting to come more regularly now. Kalecia and Christine! 😀
roxy christine kalecia

Awesome training with them last week.

btw shorts are awesome.
I’ve been really getting a lot out of mitt sessions with Coach John lately. Well, always, but it always blows my mind how he knows exactly what I need when it comes to training.

Coach John…. #hero
sparklie eyes

I’ve been kind of stressed out about various things, but awesome things are happening, and I’ve been busy. So busy in fact that right now I really just want to lay down for the rest of the day. I was soooo tired yesterday, but and I did try to stay down as long as possible and ice stuff, but like a dumb butt, I have trouble resting when I could be getting stuff done and checking stuff off my to-do list! I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 9:30 PM.

This morning I had a fantastic POWERFUL mitt session with lots of POWER…it was fantastic….! and after that I crashed and nearly passed out during MMA class warmups. 🙁 So I didn’t do MMA class. and they did all sorts of fun looking MMA stuff.

And I feel fat. 🙁 I weighed in at 142 this morning (hydrated) but still. Seven pounds above the weight I start weight cut at isn’t toooo bad compared to others I’ve seen pack on 20 or so post-fight. I need motivation. I need a fight set.

yeah so time to get ready to go run Steve through a cardio circuit. I am exhausted….

Super busy weekend (Steve, UFC, soccer coach)

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This whole week has been super busy and exciting! Makes me look forward to life every day. 🙂

Thursday was New Years Day, and John decided last minute to hold MMA team practice. I thought it was going to be a small group for open sparring. Oooooh no. He worked us HARD.

This is one of my favorite group pictures.
syndicate new years day
I can’t wait to see Bryce Kim Fight (ripped guy to the left in the red shorts) and Enzo (behind guy in red shirt) fight in Tuff-N-Uff this coming Friday. And Rudy Morales (long sleeved shirt with a blue stripe) and Donavan Frelew (tongue out) are fighting in World Series of Fighting in two weeks!
John is giving his “task-master tough-guy” scowl. :}

I sparred a lot with Jessica who tries to hit me as hard as she can. *_*

That …that makes…that makes me wanna…!!!!!!

goku powering up
I’m so happy to have her as a training partner.

That evening, I went with John, Janna and family and friends to see comedian and friend Adam Hunter perform. It was great! He’s hilarious.
adam hunter fighter group
I actually ran into Heather and Bryan Caraway and Uriah Hall and some other people, and ended up sitting next to Heather. Heather doubly enjoyed the show – laughing at the jokes, and then laughing at my expression when some of the dirty jokes flew over my head. XD
roxy heather comedy show

Thanks, Adam!

Before the show, I thought I might passout from exhaustion, but it’s hard to do that when you’re laughing. 😀 It was my first comedy show ever. Very entertaining.

Friday I managed to do a great jiu-jitsu class despite feeling like I was going to fall apart. 🙂 That evening I picked up Steve Brown from the airport!

I used to train together with him in Japan – Reversal gym Yokohama Groundslam. We had even gone together to try out for The Ultimate Fighter Season 18, and unfortunately, he didn’t get chosen but I did. He’s a 135lb-er who will be fighting Shamrock fighting Championships, MO, on Jan 17th. He’s here to finish his camp. It’s so nice to train together again and hang out a lot :D.

Saturday we went in early and I ran him through one of my favorite circuits, and then technique, and then we did team sparring. So many people came!! Look at the size of this class!!
syndicate jan 1 2015 - 2
Can you find me?

I got kicked so hard in the forearm by blocking a shin I thought my arm was broken. 🙁 I iced it, it stopped hurting, so I went back to sparring, got kicked again, thought I was going to puke from pain. It swelled up, but they say it’s not broken. I’m gonna tape a pad to my forearm and try team practice today. ^_^

Saturday evening I went to the UFC with Steve. 😀 Fun fun fun!

steve and i at ufc
I felt sooo conflicted about the Horiguchi vs Gaudinot fight. I wanted Horiguchi to win, but I didn’t want Louis to lose. 🙁 I like him from TUF 14 a lot. *sad* But I thought to myself, they would both want me to enjoy watching them fight, so I tried to enjoy and appreciate the technique.

I was really annoyed by what happened in the Jones Cormier fight. 🙁 That’s all I’m going to say publicly.

I was sooo tired I fell asleep during some fights, but Steve couldn’t catch it on film before I nodded awake. >< dang it! So maddening. It's not like I'm bored! Sunday, I got a massage at a salon and feel in much less pain now. XD Then had lunch with my soccer coach from middle school! HOW AWESOME that was...yet weird.. Because last time I talked to him, I was like 12 and he was in his thirties. Now I'm an adult and he's as old as my parents. 😀 Haha He said, "I always knew you'd grow up to do something interesting." I was quite the oddball when I was younger. 😛 😛 As you can see from the adult I grew up into. roxy jim leader
He then helped me fix my headlights because cars are his thing….it just so happened mine had burned out the day before and I didn’t know what to do. Thanks, Mr L…I mean Jim! *_*

Then I had tea with Tynan, my traveling writer friend. 😀 He took me to this tea lounge which I would never think go to by myself, but it was cool to experience! 😀 Get a load of the size of this tea pot!
roxy tea pot tynan

Then I hung out with Steve.

I’m so lucky to have great friends. 😀 😀 <3 <3 <3 Soooo different than middle school. I was so lonely because I got teased because I was such an oddball. I fully appreciate and am grateful for all the nice people around me. XD Finally, read some "SAGA" comic and fell asleep at 9:30 PM. Woke up at 4:30 AM. @_@ I'm still tired.....

Roxy’s Christmas and New Years Holiday!

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I went to Boston to visit my Dad and step-family. I spent a lot of nice quality time with them! Unlike previous years, I didn’t visit my aunt, uncle and cousins, which I’m sad about. I want to make another trip soon and maybe train and teach seminars in the new England Area.

Anyway, yeah. Over the week, I got three good weight-training sessions in with my brother, Chris. 🙂 He gave me this shirt!
roxy and chris 2014

I got some lovely presents. Thank you, family! I think it was Peter who got me the Jedi Handbook, also the Sith and Bounty Hunter. Omg I love it. I’m learning so much…except I’m trying to use the Force and it’s not really working and I’m bummed out. -_- lol uh yeah so

roxy jedi path
On Friday, I hung out with my dear friend Q from our college days at Umass! We went to Salem, MA (I’ve always wanted to go) and explored. 😀 This is like a sculpture thingie that shows how the coastline around Salem has changed over a hundred years. 😀

roxy and q coast line
roxy and q rejoicing

We had a sushi lunch and then went to the Peabody Essex museum, which is one of the oldest in the country, I think.
We saw this cool nature exhibit where artists and people did interesting things with wood and leaves. Here are boxes made out of dried leaves. Ever pick up a dried leaf? yeah, they crumble sooo easily.
People have recorded electrical pulses by trees and made music. It’s amazing.

boxes of leaves

Such a nice time!
I made a video blog.

I was going through some boxes of my stuff in the basement and found a mystery puzzle that I had given up on when I was in middle school because it was hard and I got frustrated. There’s no image to go on. Once I put it together, I solve the mystery by finding out what the scene is. It’s sooo hard to do when you don’t know the final picture! 🙁 I got it out and challenged myself to compete it in 5 days. I couldn’t! 🙁 So I took it apart in chunks and brought it back with me to Las Vegas. I did get a lot done, though.
Here’s when I first started last week…

puzzle at the start
And just before I packed it up…

puzzle at the end
Haha if you follow me on Instagram or twitter, you’ll remember me ranting about it. 🙁 I’ll try and finish it this year. So far I see the head of armor, a sorran, a door and a broom. I think there’s a broken bottle? and the initials JS, but I already know that…. man! ~_~ I want to look and see the answer, but if I know there answer, I will have zero motivation to finish the puzzle and will chuck it out the window, and then it will haunt me for the rest of my life that I didn’t finish it. >< grr. any of my local friends like puzzles? for New Years, Jason and Amanda invited me over their lovely house, where we ate BBQ and watched the fireworks over Las Vegas from their roof. 🙂 sargus and dude at nye
firepit roof