Bizarre days with the Corona Virus lurking around

This is a very bizarre and difficult time for everyone. First, the corona virus was some sickness in China, and not a huge deal. Then it became a very big deal very suddenly, but only in some places. Everybody has a different perspective based on their job, their location, and their level of health. At first, I really enjoyed funny memes about the virus, and people getting fat from not training, making fun of people having parties in large groups, etc. Now it’s like….omg. This is insane.

I’m living in Las Vegas. About four weeks ago, the governor shut down schools early, and Vegas started canceling large events. They suggested people avoid public gatherings. Some MMA and jiujitsu gyms planned to take one or two weeks off. Then, three weeks ago, the governor ordered a mandatory shut down of all non-essential businesses. Now, gyms, including my gym Syndicate MMA had no choice but to close! Okay it started effecting my life big-time. We had one team practice and then that became prohibited as well. I trained in the park with teammates, and a few garages.

four weeks ago with Helena and Serena
training with Lorenzo – now we wear masks

Avery’s garage 4 weeks ago
Muay Thai with AJ

Things became more serious in places like New York, Washington State, Cali, NJ, etc, and people all over started worrying about their elderly relatives, or those with preexisting conditions. People in Vegas were getting sick. One of my best friends Candy is a nurse and is involved in all this, and I hear a lot things from her. Lorenzo is in the medical business and I hear things from him.

Then started the realization….. like, whoa, cut back all this garage training. People are friends with or married to so and so who came into contact with somebody, and who knows where they’ve been? That means I could become be a carrier if we all come into contact with each other.

I miss Helena and Serena, who I used to train with every day. -_-; I miss Coach John, JoJo, Jeslen, everybody at team Syndicate. I miss my kids class and students! I miss Dunham jiujitsu friends!

I was supposed to do an MMA seminar in Nashville at KSA. Canceled it. Was supposed to fight in Submission Underground. Withdrew. I thought it was supposed to be a good month!

Well, good things did happen last month.

I can’t write about or post about anything related to walking out my front door without getting flamed, lectures, and negative comments from fans, AND friends AND teammates. And I’m actually trying to be careful and follow all the rules! Please go to the parks and tells the kids and teenagers to stop congregating. Also, could you please tell the parents that it’s not okay if your kids wrestle each other while you stand six feet apart, because it’s the same thing?

I witnessed this.

So first, I cleaned my apartment and organized stuff. Then I thought, what are things I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time for? The answer is….! Writing my third book! I wanted to write another memoirs book but I hadn’t really figured out how to organize it. Once I get in the mood to start writing, I can keep going. That’s what I’ve been doing. Usually, I don’t have enough energy in my every day life. I come home from training and teaching utterly exhausted. Now, I’m doing some physical activity in the morning and I have all afternoon and evening to write. I’m banging out at least five pages a day. I’ve gotten some friends to help me edit. It would be cool if I had completely finish product by the time the quarantine was over.

I’ve been watching lots of Cells at Work, How to Train your Dragon : Race to the Edge.

I also want to develop my cooking skills more, but now it’s so hard to find stuff in the grocery store, it’s kind of dampening my enthusiasm. I managed to make stuffed peppers, and chicken cutlets well before I kinda got bummed out. I’m gonna start baking a bit now. I couldn’t find baking powder or flour for a few weeks but finally located some.

I’ve been thinking a lot about different things in my life. Let’s just say I’m going to be better in many ways after this quarantine is over. I’ve made some friends along the way, strengthened some relationships, and am trying so hard to keep in contact with people I can’t see right now. I’m doing the most I can to the best of my ability to improve my life, and I’m waking up every day with a positive, if not stressed, attitude.

I don’t really want to join everybody in parroting “Stay home! Stay home!” Rather, I encourage people to take advantage of this time where we have no choice but to do different things in our lives. 🙂 Time is is the most valuable thing we have, and we don’t possess it, just borrow it. Some people don’t have a tomorrow or a tonight even. I try to be happy every day I get to wake up and eat breakfast. I feel nothing but gratitude to our health care workers for their amazing work ALWAYS. I’ve always felt this way! Nurses, doctors, they are our saviors! I’m glad they’re getting love and recognition nowadays as our front line fighters against this pandemic! Also, thanks to the grocery store workers who are ALSO putting their health at stake by coming into contact with everybody who wants food every day. Also anybody else who has to work with people nowadays. Thank you.

I really truly believe if you think hard enough, you can find one little positive thing anywhere.

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