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Today I went to the pro sparring class at 9 AM, and sparred about three times with the pros.

I got there early beforehand and asked for Katsumura-san’s counsel. I got a lot off my chest. It was about how I hate striking and I want to give up on it, that I’ll ever get good. But I don’t want to quit MMA. And it seems like I used to win, but I’ve been surpassed and am only losing now. He thought, and then answered with technical technique issues I have, and told me that I can do very well if I fix these.

I don’t think I can fix them. I’ve been training for so long and I can’t fix them.
But on the other hand, everybody has their own way of teaching, and maybe the other things I’ve done just haven’t worked for me. I have to trust in Katsumura-san and BJ-san. That’s why I joined Ground Slam, in addition to not being able to make training times at the AACC. ;_; I miss them, but I adore Ground Slam. I have to trust that I’m where I belong now. He seemed to have all the answers! He told me what I needed to do and then said, “Go do it,” and “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to do all that.”

\(;o;)/ *heart eyes*

I tried to apply some stuff in sparring. Some worked, some didn’t. But he said I was on the right track. Then, Brittany, Hidaka-san, Murui-san and another guy showed up to the 10:30 class (I’m trying hard to remember their names). Katsumura-san taught us this take-down I really like and I’m looking forward to practicing it more! 😀

I realized something: boobs get in the way. YES. Like, when you’re trying to escape from side control, you’re supposed to slide your arm down your chest and in a swimming motion, get under the arm of the person on top…WELL BOTH OF OUR BOOBS got in the way. Right Brittany? -_- What a pain. We have to turn to our side more to make more space. Damnit! lol Well at least we don’t have to wear cups.

After training at noon, Katsumura-san, Omigawa-san, Brittany and I went out for lunch to this shabu shabu place in Yokohama. I shared a tsukiyaki nabe with Katsumura-san (well, we both ordered it so it’s custom to use the same pot). It was really tasty! XD I really enjoyed hanging out with them….

Anyway. I certainly enjoyed that. <3 Katsumura-san treated us ladies! He's too nice...I want to pay him back, so I'll do it by teaching him good English! >😀

Then I ate ice cream, went to work and did a kids demo. It was really fun! I think the kids had fun (they told their mom’s “Tanoshikatta!”) and the moms said they wanted to start in the fall, in September! 😀 Yay!

I had a snack/dinner, and went home. Watched lots of One Piece. I could make morning training tomorrow, but my body needs a day off.

^_^ shinjiru shika nai. I have no choice but to believe.

I just found this song and band…cool, huh! (you can skip the intro. Music starts at 1:40 mins in)