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my feelings about MMA

Posted in fight, training, work on July 31st, 2011 by roxyfighter

I wouldn’t say ‘depressed,’ but I always feel kind of down when a big card is going down. Especially if there are other women fighting.

First of all, it’s not me. I wish it were me.
Guess what. I haven’t even watched Marloes vs Liz Carmouche. I haven’t watched Marloes vs Tate. I haven’t watched Sarah vs Liz.

And I basically am personally acquainted with most of the top-ranked women fighters. I’ll feel sad for whoever loses, and it’s bitter-sweet for the person who wins.

If you win, what do you get? You get fame and a little money. Yes, a little (unless you’re Gina Carano). It’s not like you get a monthly salary. You train your butt off praying that you win so you can pay your rent (or not, if you’re not Strikeforce or Bellator) and support yourself for who knows how long until your next fight. If you win, you’ll get another fight! That’s the best part!! If you lose, sucks for you…your value goes down and there are no guarantees.

If you’re female champion, so what? Does the belt automatically attract money like a magnet? Can you open your own gym and have students flock in? Will you have action figures made of you and royalties paid to you? Tara LaRosa beat up SO many people, and do you see her getting the fights in the big leagues she deserves? *I* beat both Tara and Marloes at one point, and now I’m on a three fight losing streak. Where am I?

The best part’s gotta be personal satisfaction, making fans, and making friends. The best part is knowing you’re making a difference somehow. When fans send me e-mails telling me that they are inspired by how I moved to Japan and am always positive…I’m so happy. Part of me feels like my existence is validated and actually making a positive impact in the world. Thank you. m._.m

back to my rant. (lol)

So I’m on a three fight losing streak; Wanna tell me to move the US and train? So if I move and then lose my next fight, what difference will it have made? Will it have improved my life-style at all? Will I be happier?

When my student, a little girl was crying and I came in and started playing a card game with her to cheer her up, and she smiled at me…oh my god. …her smile was like beautiful angel. The sun came out from behind the clouds and she glowed. I wasn’t even on company time. That is happiness.

I’ve had people asking me, “So how’s your camp going for your next fight?” Camp? What’s a camp? I always smile when I hear that. I don’t even know what a camp is. I’ve always been on my own. Even when I was part of Keishukai, if I had a fight coming up, Moryiama-san yell out, “Okay, whoever has a fight coming up, you get to be one of the five people to stay in the middle for the next 30 minutes and everyone else rotates in and out.” That was our fight prep.

Plus if you can grab someone to help you drill. In the AACC, the ladies offer to help me spar…..if I can wait around until 10 PM when everyone warms up and gets their gear on. Um, I’ve been there since 8, I wanna go home…

My personal trainer is sometimes too busy. But we do study tapes and develop a strategy.

I am a fighter so I have to suck it up and take care of my self. I do what I can, run stairs for cardio on my lunch break at work, head to the gym before and after work on the same day. Work 40 hours a week, head to the gym after work when I’d normally go home…and HOLY SH*T I wake up SICK with a FEVER because I over did it. Big surprise. But all I was trying to do was step up my training like a good pro fighter!

Camp. Hah. Every day is a fight camp.

Two weeks ago, I started going to Wednesday night’s AACC sparring and Abe-san was yelling advice to me while I was sparring. WHILE I was sparring. I was like, “holy sh*t this is fsking great!!” The ZST guys did that for me, and that’s why I love ZST on Saturdays.

Where am I going with this?
This is why I don’t watch MMA anymore. That’s why I’m not moving to the US. That’s why I am not a ‘full-time’ MMA fighter. Is this entry influenced by the fact that I’m on a losing streak? Maybe…

What am I going to do?
Smile and carry on. 🙂

The Kids Coordinator is catching a cold

Posted in work on July 29th, 2011 by roxyfighter

Soooo it turns out that my exhaustion and achiness isn’t just from training, and the stomach ache wasn’t because I had a fried crepe the other day (oil tends to upset my stomach). I think I’m catching a cold.



I tried to take it easy yesterday. But failed. lol I did a lot of work… I printed out paper money and laminated it, for props to use in kid’s classes.

I am the new Kids Coordinator at my office! 😀 Well, almost. I need to compete official training, but as ACTING Kids Coordinator, I’m planning kids-teaching training for other teachers. I did that with my boss, and then lay down for a few hours until my last lessons.

I’m really getting into the iphone Ap “words with friends.” It’s basically Scrable. I was playing with a co-worker and then decided to connect to my Facebook account, and now lots of people are requesting to play! ^^; woo? But too many games….. I don’t want to “not accept” any games… 🙁

Anyway, today is a long day of work and then the PARTY~!!! 😀 With students and teachers. I’m really really looking forward to it.

I slept from 10:30 to 5 Am, and then went BACK TO SLEEP (unusual) until 6! O_O; Yeah, I’m sick. I don’t feel worse than yesterday, so hopefully my body kicks it. I don’t have contagious symptoms like coughing or sneezing, though.

Did I mention how much I love my new school? 😀

I like this song…

no training ;o; DENTIST

Posted in every day on July 28th, 2011 by roxyfighter

I wanted to train so badly today, but I felt like hell. I’d sparred MMA Wednesday night, and got home at 11:30. I hadn’t recovered the next morning, so I decided to skip morning training.

I wanted to see Harry Potter, but I was so exhausted I was falling asleep literally every time I sat down. No way I’m paying 25 bucks to see a movie I’m gonna sleep through.

Therefore, I hung out with my friend from work and we had a French crepe at my favorite restaurant in K. I was gonna go to night-time training, but my body said NO. I went to the DENTIST instead.

Such a stupid system….they clean the front teeth, and then you have to go back a second time to get the rear teeth cleaned. They do that so they can charge you and your insurance more money. -_-; So irritating but I’ve stopped resisting the system.

I was gonna go shopping at the 100 yen shop in Sakuragi cho, but I felt horrible just walking around, so I went home and watched anime. I’ve decided to continue One Piece! 😀 I haven’t watched it in literally a year, and I’m in the mood for it, finally~! 😀 I’m on ep 266, when Luffy and the gang are trying to break into Enis Lobby.

my fight got posted

Posted in training, work on July 27th, 2011 by roxyfighter

Yesterday I woke up finding that Sky Perfect had aired my fight with Akano (on the cable TV) but they’d edited the 10 minutes down to 4:33 minutes. I felt that the fight was basically even and that the judges said she won because she threw me and attacked with leg locks. However, they pretty much just showed the parts where she dominated, making it look like she wiped the floor with my @$$. That really bummed me out…. I hope the whole fight comes out sometime, because I want to watch it and see how I did, too. 🙁 Tama-chan and Ayaka said that they cut entire fights, and some fights only had two minutes aired, so I guess I’m “lucky” that 4:33 minutes were aired. I was like “yeah I’m so disappointed…” and then they said, “Well, some didn’t get shown at all….”


I watched half of “The Surrogates” with Bruce Willis and I like it so far. Willis is my favorite actor. I really wanna see “Harry Potter” but there’s a really high chance I’ll fall asleep in the theater. 🙁

Then I hung out with my friend, and then worked from 4 to 9:15. Then, I rushed to the AACC and joined in the middle of MMA sparring.

Last time, I put vasaline around my eyes like I always do, but I got cut above my lips with MMA gloves. The whole week, I had to put make up on my cut/scab when at work, which hurt at first and was really annoying.

This time I covered my face. lol After sparring, we did take-down drills, and I chatted with Tama-chan and Ayaka, who’d just finished BJJ class.

I got home at 11:30 PM exhausted, but pleased.

I’m so exhausted lately… I wanna do the evening technique class tonight. I don’t really like working out during the day, but I feel like I’m waiting around all day just for class if I skip the morning class….and I eat too much. But I don’t really wanna hit mits with Billy all morning. Hmmm. I think I’m getting sick…that won’t do.

This is the song Max put on after work. Honey Claws. lol Dude get DOWN with that beat! XD

Happy day :D

Posted in every day, friends, fun, work on July 26th, 2011 by roxyfighter

I had a wonderful day! 😀

Started work in a sister school and I met a few nice people there.

Then went to my base school and taught a nice business guy. Chatted with Michele, my new friend from work, and other colleagues. 😀

Taught a doctor who asked me to help her describe stuff, and I was all happy to comply, since health stuff is right up my ally.

I cleaned the teacher’s room more and found some Elmo/Tingo books tucked away under the sofa! :O I got rid of those cuz we are using different materials now, and made room for other stuff. 😀 I rearranged various things, so now we have more space to put our books. My co-workers looked extremely shocked and also incredibly pleased. XD

I was so tired all day.

For lunch, I had my veggies, chicken, rice ball, but also decided to break my diet and try MOS Burger’s Taco Nan. Yes, taco stuff on the Indian Nan bread. I was hoping for something resembling Taco Bell, and I got….cheap-flavored beef on….Nan. LOL Not even close to a soft Taco. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t order it again. Yo Quiero Taco Bell! >O

DO NOT even ask me about the hotdog Nan…

I was so genki today. XD

I had sushi dinner with Michele! 😀

But I’m working a lot and I’m exhausted…my boss must be a mind reader because he gave me a short day tomorrow. I’ve decided to hang out with my friend Kozo who owns the restaurant! 😀 Then spar MMA again after work! XD YAY omg I’m super happy and satisfied. Life is golden except for my MMA career. lol I need to win my next fight.

After work today after the students went home and we were gathering our stuff, Max put on some music by “Honey Claws” that he said was really popular in the clubs ‘back home.’ It was so cool to let the music boom through the empty school, even if it was only for five minutes before we had to lock up. XD Club B, baby!

I just realized something. Out of 16 teachers, maybe 9ish? are Americans. I kind of feel it. In my first school there were some Americans, but in my most recent school, I think there was only one other American, recently one more came. But it’s a familiar feel. Yeah, now I put my finger on it….! 🙂 Nothing against other nationalities at all, but you can just sense when someone is from the same area as you.

Anyway, I’m so so sooooooo happy. 😀 Life is good!