I got a reply from an agent asking me to physically mail her 35 pages of my work, my bio, and a one page synopsis.

It was Friday, and I had my weekend marathon of work and training, so I planned to send the stuff out on Monday.

Only, I don’t have a synopsis, so I was gonna send my query letter plus the chapter summaries I’d prepared for my book proposal. Then I thought, wait a second, she didn’t ASK for 8 pages of summaries, she asked for a ONE PAGE SYNOPSIS. Agents hate when their directions aren’t followed, and she might even just chuck my whole manuscript right then and there for not following directions.

So I decided to sit down and write it, but I got caught up in training, and going to the seikotsuin, so now it’s one week later! X_X;;; Gah! I’ve FINALLY finished this morning, and I hope I don’t have any typos or errors. I’m gonna print it out at work, and cough up the dough to send it rush.

Let’s see, Wednesday I spent the morning at the seikotsuin (chiropractor/physical therapist), and then the afternoon at work. I really love my relationships at work. My boss consults with me about things, my co-workers are pretty open minded and cool….

I kind of felt like I was catching a cold, but not quite.

Yesterday was Thursday, and I went to the AACC morning class. I’m still not feeling quite ‘right,’ but I haven’t for a while, so who knows… We did mostly hitting mits, which I hate, but it’s good for me to do, so it was good practice. Then I went to the Kudo seikotsuin (again) because my neck and back feel like freaking METAL CORDS and crack every time I roll my neck ~_~;; and had to wait until 3, when it opened for the afternoon shift. It felt somewhat better after Mihara-san worked on me. I got home at 4:30 and wrote my synopsis and bio, but couldn’t finish in time to send it before the post office closed. u_U

I went to the AACC night class. I could barely move, my legs were so sore from stairs and hard-leg presses I did on Wednesday, and my neck and shoulders from everything….but I got through class. There are a few new members- guys from Sweeden and Cali. It was cool working with them. I wasn’t planning on sparring unless it was Hitomi, because I know she’s starting to prepare for her fight. So I brought my MMA stuff. Sure enough, Megumi asked me (why didn’t Hitomi just ask? Japanese thing, I guess), so I geared up and we did three really hard 3:30 minute rounds.

I wanted to die after that. I think the only reason I could get up this morning was because I put a double huge scoup of Glutamine into my after-training protein drink. ^^; I love that stuff so much.

But I woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck, and I have a bad sore throat now. I also work from 9:15AM to 9:15 PM.

Dear universe, can I have a break please?

I’ve been playing HolidayTown Cityville obsessively. I have 56 elves now, and I’m starting to name them after my co-workers and internet friends cuz I’m running out of creative name ideas. lol