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training at HQ, a lot on my mind

Posted in every day, fight, work on January 31st, 2012 by roxyfighter

The training at HQ went very well. We reviewed what I already knew, plus went over some new stuff, plus discussed stuff that previously had been kind of implied I SHOULD know how to do, but I didn’t really. ^^;; So I feel fully qualified to be the Language Center’s Kid’s Coordinator now. Which is the purpose of the QUALIFICATION training. XD

Someone had to cover my usual Tuesday kindergarten outservice.

My former SY co-worker also went to training. I’m surprised and pleased to see him again. ^^

After training from 10 AM to 3 PM, I walked to Harajuku to stop at the Oshaman’s sports store to get stretchy tape. I passed this store and…it might be meanm but I had to take a picture. ^^;; The clothing store’s name was “Eposide” and apparently it was closing, so there were sales. It was the ‘final episode.’

Here’s a picture of the Shibuya train station. One Piece, the anime/manga is big. Real big. It’s everywhere. I predict that it’s a phenomenon that’ll last as long as Dragon Ball Z has. New DBZ products are STILL coming out, even though that show was made over twenty years ago.

I have a lot on my mind right now. A LOT on my mind.

I’ve been trying to call my Dad all week, damnit, and now he’s at work out OUT. I’m staying up until I get to talk to him. 🙁

intestines (yummy?), photo shoot, etc

Posted in amusing, every day, friends, fun, training on January 30th, 2012 by roxyfighter

Saturday I had a full day at work (7:45AM-5:30PM of back-to-back lessons)and went to the AACC afterward. Sunday was the same early start, but I finished at 4. I met my friend and former student Mariko and we went to our favorite restaurant, Kozo’s “Fukuzushi.” 😀 <3

We braved the frigid temperatures and enjoyed Motsu nabe (cow intestine stew), shiroko (cod fish sperm sacks), komochi ika (tiny squid stuffed with fish eggs), nagaimo to avacado to umeniku (sticky mountain potato with avacado and plum ….meat? flesh?), hanpen yaki (processed fish cakes grilled with onion).

Okay LOL That all sounds SO bad, if you’re not Japanese. I actually think Motsu and Shiroko are REALLY nasty. x_o; But for some really strange reason, anything that Kozo serves me tastes really good. He has some magic powers or something. XD I’ll spare you pictures….no I won’t. XD Here is shiroko! (I found this online)

Mariko, we practically ate only naizo (animal insides) on Sunday. lol @ Kozo’s comment “Maybe it’s good for the skin?” in response to my question of, “Is there any nutritional value to shiroko and motsu?”

Today I had a photo shoot! Caol Uno asked me to help him model his new Spring/summer clothing line. 😀 So Katsumura-san allowed us to use his Ground Slam gym. I’m gonna be in his catalogue! What an honor! They were like, “Look meaner!” DUDE I CAN NOT. @_@; Why does everybody say that? Looking mean is not my thing. Smirking playfully or smiling gleefully, I can do. But they’re like, ‘pretend you’re about to fight!’ and I said, “I smile before fighting, too.” x-X;

I was gonna go swimming after that, but I didn’t feel like taking a train an hour there, an hour back, and then rushing off to the AACC.

I am so excited because tomorrow I’m going to take the official Kids Coordinator training session, so I can be ‘officially’ certified for the jobs I’m already doing. GIVE ME A CERTIFICATE. And praise. Lots of praise. I like praise. 🙂 Outstanding! 😀 *thumbs up* kthnxbai

oh wait, I saw this poster in the station, trying to promote safety. I don’t think I need to translate anything. XD

OH YEAH, and on Saturday Abe-san asked me to sign his poster that other AACC female pros signed! I was so honored and happy! 😀

training, shirtless, Pokemon, kids, die

Posted in amusing, every day, training, work on January 27th, 2012 by roxyfighter

Soooo last night I decided to go to the gym. For some weird reason nobody did striking? I was bummed. x_x Billy, Masa-san, and then Abe-san each showed a submission technique and I worked with Tama-chan. It was fun, but we are both hurt, so we were like two gimpos. x_x; (i.e. we were gimpy…did my Dad invent that word?) I have to be careful of twisting motions. It is getting better every day, though, I think.

Yesterday, I got Ayaka (Hamasaki) to take a picture of me posing in my sports bra. I decided to post it when I got home.
“Haha!” I thought. “I’m gonna post it! And nobody’ll expect me to post a shirtless pic! hahaha won’t they be surprised! I’m gonna post it!” and I got home thought, “Kay, now I’m gonna post it, I’m gonna post it…… I’m not gonna post it.”

And didn’t post it. u_U I’m too embarrassed. Not like anyone wants to see me shirtless. There are way sexier fighter chicks to gaze and drool over. ^^;; Me and my slight love handles I DON’T CARE ABOUT because I’m getting STRONGER mwahaha. I don’t have the body of a supermodel or that’s super sexy and I don’t give a flying fart! 😀 I thought I looked good last year keeping my weight down, but I was weak, so what’s the point?


Today was Friday, and I got up early to work early in a sister school that’s right above the Tokyo Pokemon Center. XD YES, OF COURSE I went in! 😀 I bought a zipper clip thingie! Zapados! He was my strongest Pokemon in the old Game Boy (red) version. 😀

There were SO many Pokemon I’d never seen before. I felt kind of sad, but I have NO idea why, because OBVIOUSLY TWELVE years have passed since I watched Pokemon, so of course they’d make new ones. ^^; It’s just I took such trouble to memorize the 150… They didn’t have Eevee. 🙁

In the afternoon, taught my Friday Rugrats. We were talking about winter sports, and I devised this coloring activity to make it fun and keep them occupied because they get restless easily, and T-kun won’t shut up. MAN they were just TESTING ME back and forth the whole time- turning the lights on and off, opening and closing the CD player, throwing stuff, not cooperating. I caught myself almost yelling at them, but I managed to swallow it. But it’s easy to get back on my good side- just speak English.

I had them design and color their own ice-skater garbed in various gear. I bribed them with stickers and it totally worked. O_o; The bribery. Except everyone’s speed was different. We couldn’t even finish them. x_x That irritated me a lot.

Then I went to ANOTHER sister school and saw……A PLUSH DIE!!!!!!!
Only the very one I’ve been searching for for like THREE YEARS!!!!! GFAHHHHHH I wants it! I wants it!!!!! XO It was right there, but they don’t sell them anymore in the stores!! I can’t finds it!!!

At least I have Zapados. My preciousssssssssssss.. Where shall I hang it?

my new souper spoon :D

Posted in amusing, friends on January 26th, 2012 by roxyfighter

Today I had a meeting in Tokyo. Very interesting. I had to skip training, but I still am not feeling so genki anyway. I went with my former co-worker/friend Grace. After that, Grace gave me a belated Christmas present. It’s soup and this spoon- a ‘Souper Hero’ Spoon.

It’s so cute, I mean JUST LOOK AT THIS SPOON!! ZOMG!!!! XD

Any spoon that can STAND ON IT’S OWN on the ground, is the freaking shiznit. XD

LOOK, IT HAS BUTT CHEEKS. XD XD LMAO!!! And yummy pumpkin soup!!!! 😀 omg I’m beside myself. I have to bring it into work and show EVERYBODY!! XD~

I think I’ll go train lightly tonight after all….

I can be strong again

Posted in amusing, every day, training on January 24th, 2012 by roxyfighter

So I still have a cold, but I feel really energetic. It’s weird, so I gotta be careful not to overdo it.

Yesterday was Tuesday. At my kindergarten outservice, a little 5 year old girl asked (in Japanese), “Oooh pretty ring! Are you married?”
I answered, “No,” in English.
She went on, “Oh, so you’re not married?”
I said, “No.”
She said, “Did you buy it yourself?”
I said, “Yes! 😀 I bought it! It’s my school ring! School ring!”
She said, “Oooh! 😀 You’re rich, aren’t you?”

LMAO >:D So cute. She couldn’t understand me, really. (I am definately NOT rich. Not poor, courtesy of job. Saving is important, kiddies.)

Yesterday between my morning and evening shifts, I watched some MMA I bought in to work, and my co-workers who wandered into the teacher’s room one by one also sat down to watch. Before you knew it, it was me plus four of my co-workers watching together. It was SO COOL. A lot of my co-workers are MMA fans. XD It’s kind of boring watching all alone….

Yeah that was sweet. So today, I decided to let myself watch a movie instead of more MMA, so I’m watching Ironman now. ^_^ I wanna see Haywire sooooooo badly. ;_; It’s not fairrrrrrrr that I can’t see it in Japaaaan. *whine whine*

This morning I lifted weights and tested my max number of pull-ups and was THRILLED to find out that they INCREASED by NINE! NIIIIIINE! I’m so excited. I started my weight training program at the end of October, so 3 and a half months, I don’t know if that’s good or not. All I know is that there is progression and I can do NINE whole extra pull ups that I couldn’t do before. My other numbers are increasing. My max number of push ups has also gone up. I forget if I posted that before. Omar is a personal trainer from who’s been making me videos to follow, Tony’s been giving me the biomolecular and muscle information behind it, also keeping me on task (thanks!) and Take-san has also been giving me exercises. And the videos I’ve been watching.

I also weighed myself. I’m 133-135ish. That’s good, so I just gotta kick the cold and I’ll be ready for another test cut. *sigh* I’m still not sure how to do it. I wanted to try a hot bath method Megumi said she and Akano do, but I don’t have the bathtub for it. -_-;

I want to train hard again. I was before my knee/cold/eye. I know I have to make myself hold out in the 125 lb division. Akano out-weighs me and can out-muscle me in the gym, and Sarah McMann outmuscled Akano, so how can I hope to out-muscle SARAH? -_-; I know styles make matches….anyway, I KNOW I can make it in the 125 division! I need to fight again and prove that I can be strong! Somebody offer me a fight! I promise to put on an exciting action-packed fight for the fans. I’m making a new super-attack!! But you’ll never know if you don’t hire me. 😉