normalish bloggy

This morning I woke up, ate, unpacked a tad (one of my big boxes came!), did internet stuff, and talked to Goto-san for an hour. I’m glad we talk sometimes…I miss him and Brittany the most. Plus I can keep up my Japanese when I talk to him. I should write more blogs in Japanese, actually. :/ But I can’t seem to catch Brittany on Skype! 🙁 I’m so sad!

Then I ate a bit of my power food (ice cream) and went to Syndicate at 10 AM. My stitches are out, but I still can’t train for another week, or it’ll open up. 🙁 I jumped rope for two rounds, did some back exercises until my back hurt too much, and did like 4 rounds on a bag with a Brazilian guy Ranan? He’s cool.

I did my homework, coach! 🙂 Damnit I’m going to get it right, for sure!!

I tried not to watch everyone sparring and training hard across the room. 🙁

I got chiropractic treatment by Steckel and I no longer feel like I’m gonna break in half when I stand up. 🙂

After grabbing a quick bit of Frozen Yogurt at my favorite place “Tops N Bottoms,” I drove to Victoria and Brandon’s place. How Brandon managed to help carry the couch on CRUTCHES is totally beyond me. You crazy loonie otaku you. 🙂 But I love you both. And because they managed to fit their entire couch in the back of their minivan illustrates that they’ve mastered some kind of shrinkability powers.

Man, I’m lucky to have such awesome magical friends. 😀 AND NOW I HAVE A COUCH. WOO.

Then I got a phone call from my temporary apartment I’d left, saying THREE more boxes arrived. OH YAY! MY CLOTHES! Belts! Playstation! Mugs! Toys! Stuffed animals old friends! 😀 So I went and got those! I can’t wait to unpack, but I have a sinking feeling I won’t have places to put them. I’m starting to worry that this apartment will hold both me AND my mother.

I helped out with teaching the kids’ class at Syndicate with Chris! 😀 That was fun! 🙂 Except some boy with a “NINJAS RULE” T shirt kept running away from his opponents during sparring, wouldn’t engage, and then got mad? It kind of confused me…
One kid was like “HEY I SAW YOU ON TV!!” and tried to ask me questions, and I was like, “Okay keep drilling now!” 🙂

I ate two packs of yummy smoked turkey breast (TURKEY!!!), swam a bit (I have a POOL!) went in the hot tub (I HAVE A FREAKING HOT TUB!!) and now I’m leeching off the free wifi at the pool, cuz I still don’t have it in my apartment yet.

I did this interview.