UFC weigh-ins and TuffNuff

I had UFC weigh-ins yesterday. Man, how exciting!

I did it without an issue.

Thanks to my coach John Wood and best friend/training partner Heather Clark for being there for me.
roxy and john and heather weighins
Heather drove me around looking for last minute items, too. And John brought me my new T shirts that his company produced for me! 😀
roxy and heather at weighins

roxy shu john

roxy samurai t shirt
You can buy them here!

roxy vs raquel image1
How cool?!
roxy weigh in 2

I ate and rehydrated and got my hair done!
ufc hairdo

Then I had time to go to TuffNuff with Heather to cheer on our Syndicate Teammates, and Shannon and Marina! It was really nice being there because I was distracted from my own fight by watching other people. I didn’t get a stomachache. Yet.

There was a gruesome possibly career-ending injury that I’m glad I didn’t see the details of. 🙁 It just goes to show….fight every fight like it’s your last.

I met Ronda’s Mom, which was so cool! 😀 She was like, “Roxanne, hi!” 😀 and then picked me up. LOL
roxy and ronda's mom2

then she allowed me to pick her up. katagaruma, baby!

roxy and ronda's mom1

After our Judo-greeting session had ended, we sat down and conversed intelligently. XD She’s awesome. haha

I’m so excited for today’s fight. The word “excited” doesn’t even cover it. I ate a huge breakfast, I’m gonna play a board game with mom, and then isolate myself until it’s time to go to the arena.…