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UFC weigh-ins and TuffNuff

Posted in fight on November 30th, 2013 by roxyfighter

I had UFC weigh-ins yesterday. Man, how exciting!

I did it without an issue.

Thanks to my coach John Wood and best friend/training partner Heather Clark for being there for me.
roxy and john and heather weighins
Heather drove me around looking for last minute items, too. And John brought me my new T shirts that his company produced for me! 😀
roxy and heather at weighins

roxy shu john

roxy samurai t shirt
You can buy them here!

roxy vs raquel image1
How cool?!
roxy weigh in 2

I ate and rehydrated and got my hair done!
ufc hairdo

Then I had time to go to TuffNuff with Heather to cheer on our Syndicate Teammates, and Shannon and Marina! It was really nice being there because I was distracted from my own fight by watching other people. I didn’t get a stomachache. Yet.

There was a gruesome possibly career-ending injury that I’m glad I didn’t see the details of. 🙁 It just goes to show….fight every fight like it’s your last.

I met Ronda’s Mom, which was so cool! 😀 She was like, “Roxanne, hi!” 😀 and then picked me up. LOL
roxy and ronda's mom2

then she allowed me to pick her up. katagaruma, baby!

roxy and ronda's mom1

After our Judo-greeting session had ended, we sat down and conversed intelligently. XD She’s awesome. haha

I’m so excited for today’s fight. The word “excited” doesn’t even cover it. I ate a huge breakfast, I’m gonna play a board game with mom, and then isolate myself until it’s time to go to the arena.

I’m fighting in the UFC!

Posted in fight on November 26th, 2013 by roxyfighter

I’m fighting in the UFC this Saturday!

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just said those words.

It’s my dream. Literally my dream! Born ten years ago, I decided I wanted to be in the UFC! I knew I had to get a job to make ends meet, so for 10 years I’ve been working and training full time. My career started suffering for it. Then The Ultimate Fighter happened. Man, I’m so excited!! 😀 Win or lose, this is a major life’s goal!

But I’m going to win. I’m going to perform well. Some people say I fight awkwardly and I don’t deserve to be in the UFC. The first part is right. I have to prove the second part. Believe me, I know. I don’t want to embarrass female fighters. If I suck, I shouldn’t be in the UFC, right?

See, after the TUF show ended in July, I was so impressed with the training I got, and detailed instruction in English (as opposed to Japanese). I had lost my fight to Jessica, and didn’t know whether or not I’d be offered a fight in the finale.

But what if? I had saved enough money to be alright without a job for bit. I’m 31 years old, with 10 years of fighting under my belt. If ever was was a time for me to give this my all, it’s now. It wasn’t before, where the support just wasn’t there. NOW females are in the UFC.

So I gambled on the CHANCE I’d be offered a fight, I quit my wonderful job in August (which I miss very much!) and moved back to America September 1st. My mom offered to come live with me, so we can split the rent! :] Oh how wonderful! Former coach Bryan Caraway suggested Las Vegas. Okay. I visited some gyms chose Syndicate MMA as my gym.

team syndicate
(click to enlarge)
Actually, my exact words to head coach John Wood were, “Would you be my coach?” I love Japan and my gym, but I needed an individual coach to take me under his wing. I ask a crap load of detailed questions and need somebody to tolerate me and my learning style. lol

john and roxy ready for battle2

I love my chiropractor Jake Steckel ( @JacobSteckelDC ) who keeps me on the matts.

jake roxy revgear

I love my training partners/ friends who will come in early or stay late to help me train.
heather roxy circuit2
Heather Clark

I’m so happy. I found out for sure that I’d get a fight in October, and found out my opponent more recently. It cracks me up when people ask who I’m fighting.

The first rule of The Ultimate Fighter is that you don’t talk about the Ultimate Fighter! 😛

training, and my mini vacation at CIRCUS CIRCUS! :D

Posted in every day, friends, fun, training on November 25th, 2013 by roxyfighter

Saturday, I trained with Heather in a grappling class lead by Vinny, just a fun day. I didn’t do kickboxing sparring. 🙂 Then in the evening, we watched a kickboxing exhibition between our gym and Xtreme Couture! It was fun. One step behind amateur. Everyone just geared up and sparred as hard as they could.

Most of these are my teammates…..
group at kickboxing ex

haha our boxing coach Jason is as tall as Bellator fighter Maurice….on his knees! XD

jason and maurice

We hung out at Lucky’s a bit after that, but I got home early. 🙂 Finished watching Monsters University on my laptop! I like the Redbox rental system! 😀 It’s new for me! (having lived in Japan for years)

On Sunday, I met and trained with Victoria, and then went back to her place where she fed me delicious protein-shake-ice-smoothie while watching ep 2 of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Once I’m caught up in Naruto, I think I’ll watch that next! 😀

Then I met Heather and enjoyed free passes for Circus Circus that an awesome fan gave me! 😀 Thank you, Tony!

Just before I went into the Adventure Dome, a guy on the street said, “Hey, are you an Ultimate Fighter?” (maybe he saw my Team Tate hoodie? Or recognized me? But he got the terminology wrong…) I replied, “Um, yeah….” “REALLY!? No way, show me pictures!”

……LOL WHO SAYS THAT?!? “really, show me pictures?” I laughed so hard and then showed him a group pic on my phone of me, John, Miesha and Bryan. He squinted at it and was like “Huh….” I have no clue if he knew what he was looking at, so I excused myself and ran off. lol Ain’t nobody got time for that! XD *sing*
link to hilarious music vid

My first game of Laser Tag ever.
laser tag2
roller coaster1
Just before the roller coaster! Man, I love this one! 😀 omg weeeee! Hold on for your life….hold on to your little…… *cough* and strife!! XD *sing* Who knows what I mean?! XD

bumper cars1
Watch out, suckas! I’m comin’ ta get ya!! XD
bumper heather roxy

And I had a little frozen yoghurt. Okay, seriously, no more. X_X gotta resist. It’s Thanksgiving week! Time to be thankful! Time to diet, because you know what happens. Thanksgiving. Eating a lot. And stuff like that. 😛 😛 😛

Hopefully my new T shirt will come out soon!
I can’t believe it’s the last week of November.

pics of Roxy: the crazy, the happy, the fighting!!

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So yesterday I dragged my friends Bootsy and Brittany M. to El Pollo Loco after training. I LOVE that place!!
friends at el polllo loco

I got a little overly excited, I just had to….!!
el pollo loco dance

We went outside and saw this truck…… MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIKU!!!
yummy truck

Today I had a great mitt session with my coach John Wood!

We worked my new super samurai techniques!! This is me just about to strike!! Heather took them!
mitts about to strike

What, you think I’m going to post an actual cool one? It’ll give away the surprise! 😀

Then there’s this one…..

I have no idea what I’m doing.

roxy spear1

Maybe this?
roxy spear2

Or maybe…something like this????
roxy spear3


john and roxy ready for battle2
Thank you!

XD Then I was so tired and wanted to take a nap, but Heather had me doing a conditioning circuit. Just me, Heather, her timer, and the blue heavy bag. Oh, blue heavy bag! How I loathe you, but I need you! Paradox!
heather roxy circuit2

Teaching kids at syndicate with Chris later that day!

overdoing it, awesome training, interview vid, pics, UFC

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I think I overdid it on Friday.

I try and do stairs twice a week, but this week it was this or that reason, and suddenly it was Friday and I hadn’t done any. So early in the morning, I went to the Orleans Casino Resort Hotel, and freaking did them. (Half my routine so I wouldn’t totally burn my legs out). I was thrilled with my increase in speed and stamina. I reached the top of the hotel before my short song was over, barely even out of breath!

Then I went to Syndicate and did a private lesson with Coach John. That was super awesome, as usual. I think that if more people knew what a good coach he was, our gym would be overrun and I’d never get any lesson time. lol and I’m not just saying that to kiss up because I know he’ll read this. Yeah, he’s alright I suppose…………

Then the 11:30 class started, and about 15 minutes in, I just wanted to go to sleep. My body was like, “No, I’m not going to listen to you anymore.”

grrrrr. ~_~ We did freaking awesome technique, and I tried so hard to concentrate and do it. For the most part, I got most of it, and did some of it in live sparring. I’m pleased with that result, considering I could barely focus, and my inner ears continually hearing my body tell me that it hates me.

Then Jake Steckel did his super-man chiropractic magic on me, and I felt somewhat better physically after that…………………….. but on the way home I binged on junk food. Binge, meaning a mini DQ blizzard and apple fritter. ._. I guess it’s not that bad…. Yes. Ice Cream helps. Then rented World War Z and watched zombies overrun the earth’s major cities.

Saturday, tried to drill technique with my training buddies but ended up just frustrating myself incredibly. Then Miesha came with the ladies she brought in to help her train, Cindy Dandois from Belgium, and Leslie Smith. 😀 We all sparred together. Did kickboxing with Leslie, but not MMA. Next time! ;_;

(click to enlarge)
miesha tachi and everyone
(Miesha, Bryan, Leslie, Cindy, John, Heather, me)

super ladies training

AND Reporter Roxy does a mini interview for her vlog! 😀 😀 😀

Last night, I went to the Miller Ale House in Town Square mall, which was super crowded, to watch the UFC fights! Heather, Maurice, Bootsy, and other happy people 😀 <3 Fun times! I ate too much and now I have a stomach ache. 🙁 It's time to be strict now... And for the record, I feel very strongly that Hendricks won. :/