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Cagequest and seminar in Washington State

Posted in fight, fun, training on March 31st, 2014 by roxyfighter

I had a fantastic time this weekend in Washington. I was in Tacoma and Lakewood to be a guest at “Cagequest” and do a seminar. I’m very grateful to Eddie Blackburn, the promoter, for bringing me in. (If you are reading this and would like me to come do a seminar at your school or before your event, contact me at basilisk875(at) and we’ll talk!)

I had my seminar at Evolution MMA – a super nice facility! Thanks for having me. I was nervous, but everybody seemed to really like what I taught. I taught a striking technique combo, a take down (two ways to finish), what to do if sprawled upon (two ways), how to take the back, my style of holding back, two ways to choke. 🙂

Then, we did a bunch of two minute rounds and just rolled. I didn’t get to roll with everybody. :/

Thank you SO much for coming, everybody!
(click to enlarge)
group seminar pic from patricia

I had an amaaaaaazing time! 😀

seminar funny pose
I like Washington people.

We did a funny video. XD

Allen Rygg (striking coach at Northwest Elite gym) was such a good host. Took me out for lunch, drove me everywhere, was my demonstration dummy, kept his eye on me during the events. 🙂
roxy and allen sushi

Cherry blossoms on campus were so pretty!!

cherry blossons and roxy
I felt like I was in Japan again, for a moment.

The Cagequest event was great! I’m planning to write another article on it soon.

I enjoyed going to weigh-ins.
(Allen, me, and Eddie)
allen and eddy

I chatted with some fighters, and made friends with the ones I was sitting next to, like Sam, Robert and Kendra. 😉 Everybody was tough, though. The match-ups were really good.

I was ringside at the fights for a while, but it was actually making me nervous, because although I knew I was just a spectator, my body was getting all tense with the fights came close, because I was RIGHT THERE, with my nose almost in the cage. I felt like I should be defending something, when the guys crashed into the cage in front of me.

(Kendra Bukovac vs Christine Weiner.)
kendra vs christine

So half-way into the event, I just hung out at my T-shirt signing table with the Revolver Clothing guys. 🙂
cagequest and revolver table
“C” is for “Cagequest!”

Everyone was so nice. PRIMAL clothing and RARE BREED clothing guys all gave me freebie T-shirts. 😀

The fights were exciting. There were a lot of finishes. A lot of tough up-and-coming fighters. Lots of friends, teammates and fans came to support their guys. It was awesome.

I came back on Sunday with new friends, some cash from the seminar and book sales, and great memories. I want to go back sometime!

good fightergirl friends :) LOL

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A conversation on Line (iphone ap) with my friend and training partner Brittany M. this week. 🙂

Her text is on the left, mine is on the right.





I am now ready for my seminar in Washington! 😀 I practiced teaching it.

Awesome Sunday :D (job interv, yoga, friends, UFC, HIP show)

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Yesterday was very nice!

Except for waking up at 3 AM and not being able to fall back asleep. That sucked. 🙁

But anyway, I had a job interview at 6 AM! That’s 9 PM in country where my client is. I might be teaching English online part-time. :] I hope I get the job! 😀

Then I did the 9 AM – 10 AM Yoga class. x_x It was so draining, but good.

Ate a slightly early lunch and got a stomachache because my intestines hate me for no reason. ;_;

Well, I watched Bleach and did online chores. My website was up for renewal – domain name and other stuff, so I had to pay $200. 🙁 Then went shopping with Mom! ^_^ We had an outing, which we haven’t had in a while. ^^ I made her buy me a sleep nightshirt! 😀 I had thrown away my old puppy dog oversized T shirt that I had gotten in middle school, and I got it into my head that SHE Needed to be the one to buy it for me. ^_^ So we got one for 9 bucks a Walmart and I’m very happy. Haha. It’s blue and has stars and moons on it. XD

Went home. I wanted to hang out with mi amiga Heather for a while. But my messenger was laggy and I didn’t get the message that she was free. So I messaged, “Where are you?” and she didn’t answer. So I started driving. I finally reached her house 15 mins later (BY MEMORY! ZOMG) and she texted “I’m at the dog park.” Which was PAST my house in the 20 mins in the opposite direction. gaaaaaaaaah!

So I turned around and went and FOUND HER!!! 😀 😀
sailor moon friends
Just kidding, I would never wear pink. more like this!
roxy found healther

Then I hung out with Heather and Jen for a few hours before heading over to Coach John’s to watch UFC and eat BBQ hamburger! 😀 I don’t like hamburger unless it’s his, apparently. 😛 So good. I wanted like ten. But I lost 1.5 lbs last week, so I gotta keep it up. ~_~

john's mom's b day party

The main event was exciting! Shogun vs Hendo. The guys wanted to replay that sucker like 10 times. x_x; lol THEN John turned on HIP Show, and we were all like, “YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” screaming at the TV. Like, JUST as entertaining as the UFC. hahahaha

Guys, if you haven’t heard of HIP show, go youtube it RIGHT NOW! It’s like a free-for-all two vs two in an arena. Crazy Russian show! 😀
HIP show image

Here’s a good promo…..

battling my thoughts – I won!

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I know the power of positive thinking. My nickname is “The Happy Warrior,” right? I’m currently writing a book called “How to be Positive: Mental Training by The Happy Warrior.”

I feel like these past few weeks, I’ve been banged up. This or that gets hurt. I’ve found myself thinking things like, “How much of class can I do today before I get hurt again?” or “I wonder if my XYZ will hurt today.” or “I hope ABC doesn’t hurt today.” Etc.

I recently watched part of this video called “The Secret” and it talks about the “power of attraction.” It says that we attract whatever we are thinking about. That our thoughts send out energy into the Universe. There are no “positives” and “negatives” in this – it just is. So I could be thinking, “I hope I don’t get hurt!” but I’m still thinking about “hurt” one way or another, so I’m still ‘attracting it.’

I felt pretty crappy yesterday. I caught myself thinking those thoughts. So I tried a method that I used before my UFC fight. Don’t think about anything but technique. Fill my mind with technique. I’m going to jab cross duck step return strike. Jab fake cross shuffle hook. etc etc I just repeated the combos I wanted to do over and over in my mind. Then, just before we started sparring, I noticed Jake (my chiropractor) standing on the side. I went up to him and said, “Hi. Today I’m going to…” and I listed off all my goals for the day. I finished with, “It’s going to be awesome!”

He smiled and nodded. He knew what I was doing.

I went and I sparred.

I HAD A FANTASTIC SESSION. I did NOT get hurt. I did THE MOVE that John had showed me, and I doubted I’d be able to do. Just this Monday, I had said, “John, I think I’m too slow to do this.” He replied, “You used to be too slow for a lot of things, but now you can do them. We’re just putting tools in the tool box so they can come out later.”
After my round ended, I scampered over to him and reported it immediately. 😀 😀 😀 LOL “John John John guess what! I did the thing!”

It was awesome. And I took down a guy on the wall bigger than me, and he wasn’t letting me. And I did the butt escape thing. We did kickboxing rounds, and then MMA rounds with grappling and position changing. Lots of good all-around practice. We really work everything at Syndicate’s classes. I love them.

So yesterday, basically, I fought my mind and I won. 😀

By the way, my sponsor Intimidation Clothing is having a sale. If you buy anything from their website and put in the coupon code “roxy135,” you can get 10% off, and I get a percentage. 🙂 So you’re supporting me! 😀 They have cool stuff! I’m modeling a hoodie with jiu-jitsu champion Syndicate kid Rhyanna! 😀
(click to enlarge) roxy and rhyanna intimidation clothing

My weekend, Dragon Ball Z style

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This weekend wasn’t easy.

Friday practice was great, but hard. Loved the technique. Pushed through some pain with every ounce of my willpower.

Like this:

Got to train with Casey as class-mate-class-mate rather than student-jiujitsuteacher for the first time. (see previous entry for pic).

Saturday, I did Hot Yoga in the morning. I decided not to do grappling….. My foot is swollen (from Thursday). Poor baby! 🙁
swollen foot
And other stuff.

I felt like this:

The room was crowded so I had to get a spot near the humidifier and heater. omggggggg I wanted to pass out. I felt dizzy like 3 times. x_x A lady next to me said she felt nauseous.

Like this:

I usually try to pick out a regular and watch them and base my performance on them. On the other hand, if nobody else around me can balance, I don’t feel so bad if I can’t. My thighs were so sore from Fridays’s training that I was having trouble doing the squatting poses. *feels wimpy* 🙁

ANYWAY then I went to sparring, determined to just avoid kicking with my left foot. IN MY FIRST MATCH my right foot slammed into someone’s ….something and omfg it hurt like hell. I’m trying to pay attention to distance. It was a sloppy kick and I’m so mad at myself.

I felt like this:

I fought three more rounds trying to ignore it, but finally I couldn’t walk anymore, so I sat out with an ice pack.


I sat there watching everyone sparring, thinking about that night. Raquel Pennington fighting Jessica Andrade. It could have been me. If I had won my fight, I would still be in the UFC. :{

I sat there dwelling and dwelling. I had goals for sparring. I hadn’t accomplished them yet.
You’re not training to be the best in the world, you’re training to be the best in the world on your worst day. ~Ronda.
So your foot hurts…you’re going to stop training because of your dumb foot?

F- you body!
Like this:

So set a new goal – keep sparring! I went back and sparred TWO MORE ROUNDS! 😀 And thus felt not like a wuss and very accomplished. I did okay not kicking with either of my legs.

Then, I decided to do a spinning backfist on my partner. He decided to step into it and my forearm hit…some bone. His arm or shoulder?

AAAAA! I thought my arm was fractured, it hurt so much. Holy sh*t I couldn’t move it.
gohan hurt

I’m proud of myself that I finished the round by jabbing and stalling rather than just give up.

But that was the end of that. About an hour later, I could start using my hand again. It still hurts, but it’s not broken. x_x thank goodness!!

I relate a lot to Vegeta. Not personality wise, but life- wise. He struggles so hard and can never catch up to Goku. He’s always second best. And it infuriates him. Just like me. But he’s strong as nails. I seem to reach the top, and then blow my big chance. (Strikeforce title fight, UFC fight). But he never gives up. And neither will I.

I just had super bad luck this week in regards to getting banged up. ~_~;; Like, geez. THANK GOODNESS it’s nothing super major that requires surgery! :} There’s usually something minor going on, but this week has been like four things at the same time. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, I’m doing it to myself. It states that we attract what fills our minds. so what should I do, try not to think about injuries?!

I really enjoyed going over my coach’s house and watching the UFC with them. Nothing like a team to cheer you up when you’re bummed out.
crew over johns for ufc 3.15.14 -2

Except I miss Heather. We don’t train at the same gym anymore, and I miss her. I think about her every day. damnit all. ~_~;; mi amiga!

On Sunday, I couldn’t do anything physical, so I just rested! 😀 I watched Pacific Rim, an AWESOME MOVIE! I wish there were more. And TUF Brazil ep 1. 🙂 I love Chael Sonnen.

One thing I’m having an inner debate about…on Saturday….. I wanted to push myself to spar. I couldn’t live with myself just sitting there, not pushing myself. But I got hurt more. Was I dumb or tough? Both, right? hahahahahahahaa! *insert insane laughter here*