Monday, I had mitts with John, in which I worked LOTS of feints. 😀 11:30 MMA class was great. Lots of technique. I forget what we did now. lol Take-downs? Then live drilling mostly with Serena. After that, I ran to get Brittany at the airport, and kind of kept her waiting an hour. ^^;; gomen gomen!

So Brittany is one of my best friends from when I lived in Japan! We trained at the same dojo and became besties! 😀 😀 😀 I missed her sooo much after I moved back to the US. She’s here visiting for a week.

We went shopping for cell phones at Walmart. I had no idea one could buy a cheap smart phone with no contract at Walmart?!?

buri walmart

It is ridiculously awesome to see her again! I missed her sooo much ;__; I kept glomping her.

We then went to get food at El Pollo Loco, brought home, then went back to the gym where she helped me teach kids. 😀 We not only did little kids for Alberto, but also big kids with Rick Davis. We learned a triangle escape and way to take the back from guard. 😀

bri vinny rick roxy2
Vinny photobombed us. XD

I took her to my favorite frozen yogurt place that won’t sponsor me but I go anyway, Tops and Bottoms! lol

buri tops and bottoms

okay I gotta say that my teeth look white thanks to Adam Persky, the FIGHT DENTIST!
We chatted and then went to bed at 10.

Tuesday morning we went to the gym and I taught her different stuff that I’ve learned at my time at Syndicate.
buri at syndicate with roxy

Then the 11:30 MMA /kickboxing sparring class stared, and I switched from teacher mode to kill mode.

We then did technique, and John had us practice the one-two-hook, inside low kick, and then one-two middle kick. Brittany and I worked together and sparred a bit, and then Serena and I proceeded to beat the living sh@#$* out of each other until class ended. lol

group pic with buri

We went out to lunch together at El Pollo Loco!
brittany serena roxy el pollo loco

Brittany and I rode the El Loco roller coaster at the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus, visited the Mirage and got thwarted in seeing Tigers, walked around the strip, and found ourselves at a most excellent restaurant called…Gilly’s? Right next to Treasure Island. omg so good! I had pulled pork. I try not to go out to many restaurants unless they’re cheap, so this was a nice treat. 😀
brittany taking pic of food

Buri-chan is doing Japanese style photography- always taking a pic of food before eating. haha I do the same thing at times! tee hee

I’m so sore. I put too much water in my darn ice bath yesterday so it diluted the ice and it wasn’t cold enough. -_- oh well! Today is a light day! >D