Team Syndicate MMA welcomes Female Fighters

Syndicate welcomes female MMA fighters

We’re trying to build our group of women here at Syndicate, so I’m writing this blog entry to tell a little about the training environment. I moved from Japan and choose Syndicate for good reason. I love the MMA team practices, lead by Coach John Wood and assistant coaches John Gunderson and Mike Pyle. Chaz Mulkey runs a fantastic Muay Thai class, as does Master Nope and Shawn Yarborough. Vinny Magalhaes (former UFC vet) heads the jiu-jitsu program. We have a strength and conditioning program, too.

We have classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening, for those who need to juggle work or school. (Team MMA practices are from 11:30- 1 every day, though. You have to have basics down to join the team MMA practices)

The pro girls at the gym are myself, Liz McCarthy, who just started training with us recently.
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revgear at syndicate

Sofia Bagherdai has been coming regularly.
sofia and roxy2

Jamie Moyle is a tough-as-nails amateur who’s fighting in June to win the Invicta pro contract.
meili shorts
Michelle (next to me in house pic) is preparing for her first amateur bout sometime soon, and Brittany (below, red shirt) is our resident Tae Kwon Do/ Hapkido black belt transitioning into MMA. Fanny (next to Brittany) is our Muay Thai girl transitioning into MMA.

syndicate women

Different weights, different points in our careers, all getting along choking each other and punching each other on a daily basis. Come join the fun. 😉 There’s no special class for women – we train right along side the guys, who are very cool and supportive.

team practice 4.14.14
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Syndicate has a two fighter houses where people can rent a room monthly. Some people come from out of town to do a camp, or possibly stay longer. Spaces are limited, so you can contact Syndicate to check availability.

crew over johns for ufc 3.15.14 -2
(watching the UFC at coach John’s house)

Or contact me! Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a pro or ammy or whoever. 🙂…