maybe my mom’s an X-men mutant

Yeah. I’m wondering if my mom is a mutant, like in the X-men universe. Her power is hyper sensitivity. For example, she suddenly says, “Can you hear that?” I’m like, “No, what?” She said, “It’s the guy in the apartment underneath us. He’s sneezing.”

I stop what I’m doing, strain my ears, and then I hear a very faint rumble from underneath. “That!” she said.

She says she could hear a constant humming when she lived in Massachusetts, and said it was vibrations from the wind turbines on the hills. But they weren’t nearby! 🙁 And now she says that the water heaters outside our building bother her.


She’s also super sensitive to tastes. If something is too spicy or sweet or something, she can’t handle it. But she can identify minute traces of stuff. And she ‘mmmms’ and ‘ummmms’ over various foods, making me think, “Is it really THAT good?”

“I sprinkled the spice tumeric in the brownies. Can you taste it?” she asked me. Um, no…..I can’t. lol

Temperature. I go out with a light jacket, but she needs a winter jacket with a hood and scarf. And vice versa.

Sight. If the sun is too bright, like when we’re taking our morning stroll, she complains and we have to go try and find shade.

It actually is really hard. She has a hard time sleeping at night because of apartment complex noises that I don’t even notice. She complains about kids playing outside, but I barely notice them.

Now if only she could harness that and fight crime…………