awesome Thursday! ( pics galore,training, Mei-Li shorts, Sofia, kids class)

Thursday WAS AWESOME. I woke up SO READY to TRAIN! INSANE! (Insaiyan)
This was the blurry pic we had to redo, but it’s actually way better. Look, my teeth look like they’re gonna bite somebody, and I look like I’m actually going Super Saiyan. lol
blurry roxy powerup

And the redo. lol
clear power up roxy
My friend Brittany M. gave it to me. The best shirt ever. XD

Not only did I do mitts with John (no more Fainting Goat technique), but I decided to push it and do kickboxing sparring. That should be fine! 😀 And much to my surprise, Sofia Bagherdai joined practice! I love practicing with her! 😀
sofia and roxy1
I have ten pounds on her, but she’s really skilled and tough and nice and a good training partner. We just went with each other the whole time without switching out. That was just fine, since neither of us are familiar with each other’s style, so it was a great chance to try stuff. 🙂

So I figured kickboxing only would not hurt my recovering injury, but before I knew it, I was doing take downs and grappling and ground and pound. lol ;_; But I seemed fine. (despite doing an ice bath, I woke up at 1 AM in pain and couldn’t get back to sleep. But it was my whole body, not the injury, haha.)

Sofia! 😀 Catch me!! 😀 Let’s be friends and we’ll hang out and punch each other in the face and choke each other :}sofia and roxy2

This is my chiropractor the best chiropractor in Vegas Jake Steckel watching sparring, and I guess John’s dog decided he was a comfy perch. lol
jake watching with lainey

So yeah. Before that, I wanted to show off the new shorts I got from Mei-li Fighting. The owner Julie sent them to me, asking me to try them. I said, “Yeah sure okay.” *put on* oh my gosh! These are freaking awesome. They fit really well. They’re women’s shorts. Check them out, ladies!

So I’m trying to show them off, (cool Japanese tsunami) and Josh Clark (TUF 19 team Penn) was walking by. I’m like a super paparazzi. This is like the third picture I’ve taken with him in the exact same place and pose. Hahaha
roxy josh clark again

Then I asked Casey to take a pic of me, and I’m trying to show both sides, so I do this goofy pose and Casey CUT OFF MY HEAD, so it looks SUPER weird. But it cracks me up, so I’m gonna post it. XD
mei lei shorts only

I went home and after my ice bath, weighed myself. I’m 135 lbs! 😀 After training, but I ate lunch and drank a ton. I’m glad. I’m cutting to 125, so I don’t have much more to lose before I’ll do the rest water-weight.
roxy toes
Some dude on twitter made a comment about my toes, or more specifically, my toe nails. 🙁 Poor babies. The nails’ layers are split, and I even have like one layer growing over another on one of them. It’s so sad! Don’t be mean to my toes. I’ll have you know, that my feet are my favorite part of my body (in case you couldn’t guess by all the oodles of sock pics I post). I love my feet and it breaks my heart my nails are all decrepit. I can’t wear open toe-shoes. (I almost never dress up anyway) Show me an MMA fighter who has nice toe-nails and they’re not training hard enough.

Well, that’s not true. I’ve been fighting pro for ten years. So there.
So anyway, I taught two kids classes and took a group picture afterwards. It’s actually a small-midsized group, as far as our classes go. 4:45 to 5:30 Monday through Friday! 🙂
(click to enlarge)
may 1 kids class
silly kids group

Then Jake fixed me up. 😀…