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Last week was great! Except I pulled my back doing too much wrestling on Monday, so I suffered all week. x_x I’m impressed I did all the classes and trained so hard. Good job, Roxy. *self accolades*

Saturday was good, too. I did conditioning in the morning, then taught my teenager’s MMA class, then did kickboxing sparring. Two teens came, and one of them was new! Not new to the gym…I’ve seen him in jiu-jitsu. My three regulars didn’t come. If all came, that makes 5! (I can do math) but I’m excited it’s growing. I just want to add one weekday. Dillon said he’d join but then left the building and never came back. -_- I was bummed…I want to recruit him!!

teen class 3

teens class 3 sparring

saturday sparring group march 21 -2

Our sparring group! 🙂 I sparred with this new guy, and was impressed that he hit me firmly but not enough to knock me out. I asked him later, “You must have sparred with girls before?” Hahahaha he admitted that he has…sometimes a 125lb-er went to his former gym. Dude, I get it. It’s not easy to hit a girl if you’re a guy, or know how much power. It takes …practice. lol Thanks, man!

I’ve been watching Key The Metal Idol, this anime I started in high school like 14 years ago but never finished. I found that streams it legally for free, so yay! It’s about this girl who’s a robot and wants to become human. Her grandfather, who built her, told her she needed to make friends with 30,000 people and borrow their power, so she traveled to Tokyo and tried to become a pop star to get fans.

That kind of stuck with me after I went pro, because I love making friends with my fans. Some of my best friends now used to be fans who sent me an fanmail and I replied and we talked and bam. Friends. It’s easy. You, too, can email me and we can be friends. lol

But anyway, yeah! I always thought about this anime when I made friends with my fans….

but my little dream world was horribly shattered into a million pieces as I continued watching the series. What a confusing mind f**k of a series. It drags out and builds mystery after mystery until you are confused, and then in episode 13 (out of 15), two people have a conversation which “explains” all the mysteries all at once. I actually had to pause it because it was way too much information and it confused me more. Dude….maybe the TV ratings were bad and the show was gonna get canceled so the boss said, “We have exactly two episodes to wrap everything up.” It was bad. and STUPID. The answer to the mysteries were NOT COOL. Main characters I liked DIED horrible deaths. omg wtfff X_X;;; I’m super pissed at that anime. I almost wished I had never finished it.

key pic

Late 1990s anime were weird…. Serial Experiments Lain, Excell Saga, FLCL, Evangelion, Key, etc….

/end rant

I think I’ll continue Kenichi, the World’s Mightiest Disciple. I want to be John Wood’s Mightiest Disciple. hah.

After sparring on Saturday, I went to SkinnyFats and enjoyed a super huge delicious meal called the MEGA HEALTH CLUB. omg….

skinnyfats mega health club2

I watched the UFC in the Alehouse in Town Square with Hannah and Serena at night.
at ufc with hannah and serena2

Sunday, I was soooo tired. But I spent half the day moving boxes into our new apartment. x_x My thighs and calves are in good shape from conditioning! My knees are not happy with me, though….

Oh yeah, I’m fighting Vanessa Porto on Invicta 12 April 24th in Kansas City. XD

Here’s an article about me…..that I actually wrote myself in the third person. I wonder if people will notice. I tried to not be unprofessional or anything like that.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I made a video slide show briefly showing all my 30 fights in my MMA career in 5 minutes…. it’s pretty cool!

Great restaurant SkinnyFats! I went and was “happy”

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I stopped by a restaurant called “SkinnyFats” today. My friend Heather Jo Clark (TUF20 contestant and now UFC fighter) first took me to the one on Dean Martin drive last year.
skinnyfats dining area

She loves that place because it has healthy but also naughty food, depending on if you’re watching your diet or not. 🙂 It’s kind of cool how they have the menu laid out: Healthy or “Happy.” hah
happy healthy menue

I like the smiley faces all over the place.
roxy skinnyfats happy face

“Live Healthy” is their motto. That fits with me, right?
front regi pic skinnyfats

Today, I had already packed a healthy lunch for after training of chicken breast, veggies and a Fiber One bar, so I just had a cookie at SkinnyFats. A humongous, delicious….oatmeal raisin cookie. Time to get happy. 😀 They also have tea! and smoothies and juices.
skinnyfats tea

Naturally, I would only eat half. That’s the sensible thing to do. Except that my weight is good and I don’t have a fight in the immediate future…..
cookie skinnyfats
I put the half in my car glove compartment after leaving the restaurant. By the time I got to the post office, that half was half gone.

Needless to say, that cookie never made it home….

There’s a SkinnyFats at the intersection of S. Durango and W. Warm springs! Less than 5 minutes from my gym Syndicate. And for those of you just traveling to Vegas and want to try it, there’s another one just off the strip. I just checked…. a 5 minute taxi ride from Mandalay Bay Casino/Hotel, for example. 😀

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Last week was another awesome week. Training was hard! I love it. I struggled more than average because of nagging pains, but that’s often the case. I’m really pleased that I made it through full force! 😀 I’m in such good shape right now. I’m ready to fight next week (if I were 5 lbs lighter and there was actually a fight next week). hah

I made this little illustration to show how I feel: (click to enlarge)
the struggle is real

I’m learning some cool stuff with private pad-work with coach John – the master of making us mean MMA winning machines! XD Sparring with the team, especially the most recent female additions to the team, has been great and fullfilling.

On Wednesday we did live hard padwork with shark tank. So for three 5-minute rounds, John called out directions and had me alternate between hitting his mitts, grappling with Hannah against the case with get-ups and take-downs, and being charged by Marcus with the huge blue shield. Thanks, guys, for helping out. Serena took the pictures.
live mitts shark tank
That’s how we do it at Syndicate! whoop whoop! Come train with us and you’ll get in fight-shape.

Thursday I felt fried mentally from just go-go-going constantly, so I skipped MMA class and did Vinny’s grappling class. Sometimes….man, I just don’t wanna hit people! I can’t do it!
I just wanna be peaceful and do grappling instead!
roxy waterfall at mesquite tuffnuff
I dislike violence. 😛

Vinny Magalhaes taught on Thursday…I’m so happy to take his class. I seem to have a hard time learning new stuff, but he’s so patient and explains things over and over for me, and then when I get it, it’s like….WHOHOOOOOO! I pulled off THREE of his moves in sparring on Friday. when I drilled the moves,I couldn’t get them well, even when my partner was NOT resisting. I drilled and drilled and drilled and grrrrrr could not…do…it. grr. Then in sparring, BAM! Did it! SO excited. Thanks, Vinny! haha after I did it, I scampered over to him like a little kid while he was teaching, still in my MMA sparring gear, and was like “Vinny Vinny I did itttttt!”
roxy thrilled with vinny
I look tiny next to him!

Friday we went full force…….on many levels. Sparring with the fightergirls, and then class, and then Serena, Hannah and I , along with the help of teammate Shawn Dodaro as cameraman and the “Voice,” made a Mortal Kombat parody! Princess Leia vs Goku, with a surprising ending. XD

and a still pic from the above video….
mortal kombat small pic
Somebody on Facebook called Shawn “a bearded Krillin” and it cracked me the hell up. hahahah XD I think Krillin DOES pose that way, though Shawn did a really good job.

My Teens class went great this past Saturday! Nick came for the first time, one of my students from the older kid’s class. He did really well mixing up striking and takedowns. He and Michael split before I could get a group picture, but I snagged Daunte and Ethan before they left. XD
They’re such good sports to pose for pics with me….. lol
roxy teens class 3

I’m trying a new Herbal Papaya Product!
herbal papaya seed powder
Seed powder! It’s really tasty and you put it on your food, like where you might put seasoning on like pepper. Eggs, salad, anything. Or in drinks like shakes. It’s good for the digestive track and detoxing the body.

link to store website and more info Check it out if you have a chance 😀

On Saturday I went to Mesquite with my team to cheer on Marc, Caleb and Jordan! They all did great! Jordan arm-barred his guy….I thought the arm was going to break. good call, ref, for stopping it. x_x Marc’s was a battle I wanna watch again. omg the jiu-jitsu!
sparklie eyes fangirl
Marc went for an omoplata and hooked the leg so the guy couldn’t roll, but he tried to roll anyway and the momentum put them in a weird, upsidedown sideways position. Scramble. Marc threw on the armbar, guy pulled up, marc switched to triangle, guy stacked, Marc switched to armbar….I was jumping up and down screaming! “Armbar! triangle! armbar! triangle! oh oh ooooh! get it getitgetit!” CRAZY. I wanna see that again. He won, I forget how now. Caleb did really well…I was impressed with his movement but lost a split decision. -_-;
at mesquite syndicate after pic tuffnuff

serena and roxy selling t shirts
Serena and I sold my walk-out T shirt, my book (none sold! 🙁 ) and MVRK shirts.
I really love the red one.
You can get them online. Mine:
Red shirt:

Serena and I stayed overnight in the Casablanca and then I drove us home. long ride. I exercised too much, swimming, calisthenics, and yoga, and now it’s Monday and I’m sore and tired. fml x_x

The Great Tohoku Earthquake, 3/11/2011 – Never forget

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March 11th is the anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake in Japan in 2011. At a 9.0 magnitute quake hit the northern Tohoku region and a tsunami washed away entire cities, erasing thousands of lives. Then it hit the power plant, causing it to melt down, spreading harmful radiation everywhere and marking one of the worst nuclear disasters in the history of man.

I was in Kawasaki at the time. The distance was kind of like Boston to Delaware. It was far but not really that far. I was on my way to work and stopped at the supermarket to get a snack, when all of a sudden a weird silence fell. Stuff started shaking and rattling. Items fell of shelves. People fainted. Customers dropped their stuff and RAN for the doors.

Once outside, I waited with my co-workers and students for the shaking to stop. It was only like a 5 where I was.
co workers berlitz earthquake
Here’s our “Yay we’re alive” picture.

The after-quakes kept coming, so all the trains stopped for the rest of the day and night. I slept in the school on the sofa near two other co-workers. At one point, I watched the news on Bill’s laptop….I watched footage of the tsunami – Hellish, brackish, muddy water of death. It’s not like a surfing wave like I had imagined. It’s like a flood. The water rises and rises…but there’s power. It picks up cars and slams them into houses. It picks up houses and slams them into trees. If you are on a house roof and you fall off, you will get sandwiched between a tree and a boat and be drowned and bones shattered. It’s a nightmare. Children. Old people. Fit people. Dogs.

At first it was numbing. Then I felt tears run down my face. I cried and cried and cried.

We went home the next day and went shopping…and stuff ran out in the supermarkets. No more milk. No more meat. No more yogurt. No bread.
no more bread
NO WATER. No shipments. Even in Tokyo. People freaked out. People started stock-piling. In Tokyo our electricity and water worked. Imagine in Tohoku where it didn’t?? March…it was still cold! People needed to be rescued!

Then the power plant news…. people feared the radiation might come down to Tokyo. People were evacuating in Fukushima. People told ME to come home. Foreigners left the country in hordes. People just went to Narita and stayed there until they could get on a plane.

I didn’t want to leave. Japan was my home! My dojo was there! My job!
My buddy said to me, “Let’s go to my friend’s place in Nagoya!” (which was like 5 hours west, further away from the power plant). Remember thinking, “If the house burned down, I would grab this first?” That was me. I packed my most essential items. So along with him and a few others, we crashed at his place.
many shoes

the gang

We all did sight-seeing stuff to pass the time and try to keep our stress levels down. My boss had actually told me I COULD NOT go, and I had to work, but I was basically like, “Screw you, I’m going.”
roxy nagoya castle2
Nagoya castle. So beautiful. Cherry blossoms represent the fragility and temporal nature of life.

I actually visited the famous “Alive gym” in Nagoya, home to famous Japanese fighter and UFC Vet Hatsu Hioki.
at alive1

About 7 days after we arrived, we watched the news and they said it wasn’t going to explode any time soon (I’m sure they were just guessing and lying to keep a lid on the panic, but thankfully they were right.) So I went back to Kawasaki.

Now, 2015, there are still a lot of troubles in that area. People are still living in temporary houses – hastily constructed things, like super cheap mobile homes. I’m sure they’re out of work. Fields are contaminated, never to be used again. We have to be careful not to eat the fruit they try to sell us in Tokyo, like peaches, because they come from that area. Great mountains of debris and broken buildings still remain because nobody has the time to clean it up. They’re trying to survive.

I visited that area a year later with my MMA gym Ground Slam to do volunteer work. We built a park by pulling up grass with our bare hands, and distributed rice and drinks.
kamaishi - bridge1kamaishi - bridge roxykamaishi - park grass2

kamaishi -park almost finishedkamaishi - handing out food roxy2
We forget these things are going on nowadays. We forget because we have to, in order to continue with our daily lives. But there are some things that would be good to remember from time to time.

“It’s cold out. I’ll turn on my heater. I really appreciate the fact that I have a heater, because somewhere there are people who DON’T have heaters.”

“This peach is delicious. I appreciate this peach because in some places, we can’t eat the peaches because they’re contaminated with radiation.”

“I’m going to go home from work now, by train. I’m grateful that the train will run and take me home. There were some people who had to sleep at the office because disaster stopped the public transportation.”

Just think about your life now and then and appreciate it.

I’ll never forget March 11th.

Watch this if you dare. It’s not that long.

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This past week was pretty awesome.

Training was awesome…. we learned some neat escapes that people had been doing on me and I wasn’t sure how, and now I get it and I can do it. Yes!

Physically it sucked because I pulled my lower back and strained a shoulder, but was still able to push really hard in all practices. I even ran stairs a few times this week cardio. My legs feel really good and strong. Man, I POWERED up those stairs and wasn’t even dying at the top! After Tuesday’s noon sparring practice, though, I literally went home and lay down for the rest of the day. ;_;

goku hurt

My dear chiropractor Jake was out sick and was sorely missed.

Sorely. Haha!! get it? Sore? #pun

ahem Anyway, I scheduled a massage with my back-up lady on Thursday and she went a little too hard, and I went from feeling like my arms were going to fall off, to my seams got ripped and glued back together.
vegeta hurt arm

But I achieved ALL my goals this week!! I did a few combinations that I’ve been working on mitts in live sparring! I did all the escapes I drilled in class. My stamina never gave out. I FEEL GREAT! Ready !!!!

AND Serena DeJesus, my fighterfriend from Philly came back to Vegas, sponsored by Real Water and Real MMA! I’m gonna publish an article about that soon. It’s like The Ultimate Fighter-dealie where fighters live together in a house and train for a few months and fight at the end. XD

4 training partners
(click to enlarge)
Kalecia, Roxy, Hannah, and Serena

I’m really pleased with my training this week. It’s so awesome to work with these tough ladies. My body is sooo beat up.

Thursdays, though. We used to do boxing gloves sparring with takedowns, but now do all small MMA gloves. People are supposed to go light, but sometimes people get excited and hit harder than they intend. I wear headgear but I keep getting scratched in the eyes and nose. I feel like I’m too old to get hit in the face with MMA gloves hard unless I’m getting money for it. I’ve been there and done that. -_-;;; I’ve had enough brain damage. These past Thursdays my nose has bled every time. But that’s probably because my previous injury is healing. Although to be honest, I’m blocking most of the shots. So the few that got in, got me. Meh. -_- I gotta figure something out. I don’t want to really complain…. if I don’t want to get hit, I should block, right? hmm

I like how small gloves let us be able to continue on the ground, but not enough people go for take-downs. I try and go for take-downs. Some people just want to stand and trade. With small gloves. 🙁 If you’re not going to wrestle, then just put on the big gloves. I hope my partners only hit me 50% power with smaller gloves, but I hate to ask or I feel like a wuss…. I want to practice sprawling, too! Donny shoots on me a lot. Thanks. 🙂 But I wonder how many people will really try and take me down in my fight, since I’m known for being a ground person….

But at least people are hitting me! In Japan, men would NOT hit me to save my life. I had to be like “COME ON, TRY TO HIT ME IN THE FACE!”” So annoying. Not Groundslam, though, those pros were great.

haha fighter problems. Syndicate is still the best gym I’ve ever been in.

This Thursday, going with this one guy really made me think outside the box. His hands move SO fast I have no clue where they are coming from. I got punched in the left eye during that round, so I had it closed. How would I win?

“Well, if I punch at his hands,” I thought, “that should at least deflect his own punches to my face for an instant so he can’t hit me and I can get in and take down!” So I tried to punch at his hands, but my left shoulder went out….it WOULD have worked if my arms weren’t worn out and I could bring my hands back to block properly. ~_~;; I almost pushed him into the cage, but he was 40 pounds bigger than me with solid muscle and just side step and tripped me and I feel down. hahahaha I survived the round, anyway. Although before that I got swept, mounted and triangled in 15 seconds. haha he said we were going light! 🙂 Well he didn’t hurt me, so I guess that’s light!


Last Saturday I had my first MMA class for teens and it went well. Three boys came. This Saturday I think another girl promised to come! I gotta write stuff down because I forgot to do a few things in training.

teens class 1-2