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My post-fight week,Thoughts,Sleep,Sponsor sales,Japan tomorrow!!

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So I’m going to bed earlier and earlier and waking up earlier and earlier, not intentionally. I fell asleep watching Bellator on a couch at a BBQ and I’m pretty sure somebody took a picture of me, which will pop up later. lol That’s okay.

Not training doesn’t help. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 3:30. ;_; Well, tomorrow my flight is at FIVE AM so that means if I wanna eat breakfast and do my yoga routine which takes me two hours total on average, I gotta wake up at 1:15 and hurry….. gah!! I couldn’t bring myself to call a taxi earlier than 3 AM so I’m gonna hurry through the airport.

Anyway, this week I tried to relax and mostly succeeded. Started to catch a cold but thanks to PAPAYA POWER, my immune system is kicking the virus’ butt! I have a stuffy nose, but I skipped the fever stage. thanks .

I lifted weights almost every day near the end of the week, as soon as I stopped feeling my full-body fight soreness, and I didn’t gain weight since my fight despite adding ice cream back into my diet. Whoohoo. ICE CREAM!! I woke up at 133 a few days ago. What??! That’s probably cuz I forgot to have carbs for dinner and was drinking a ton of water, which is like waterloading. lol So I had LOTS OF PIE YESTERDAY. pieeeeee

So I’m gonna be able to put a few pounds on enjoying Japanese food. 😀

I want to go back up AND gain muscle!

It took me a while to mentally process my fight. At first, I felt awesome, like a bad-ass. Then I felt bad, like I was too weak to finish the fight quickly, so I had to elbow her so much. That’s the my Japanese spirit/way of thinking, I think. But I DID finish the fight, and she knew what could happen when she signed up to fight me, and she would have done the same to me. Plus, I think the ref should have stopped the fight sooner. But Mariana is so tough! She never gave up! Maybe my strikes weren’t hurting her enough. We both have stuff we have to improve on as fighters. Her kicks are really strong. I’m excited to see her fight next.

John gave me a pep talk and I feel better about it. Then he taught me some more ways to make GnP more effective and hard. I think I will be more deadly next time and finish it faster. Or sub my opponent. We shall see.

I just got this pic from John’s camera, Tom and John and I all together after my fight!
tom roxy john after fight

I want to know when I’m fighting again! I want to fight four times a year, and I’ve only fought twice this year, so I’m hoping I can get a fight at least once more, realistically. :/

I’m really looking forward to visiting my second home – Japan! I’ve been saving up for it. Kind of an expensive trip, but when I lived in Japan, I always visited the US once a year. Now it’s the reverse. I’m not really going anywhere special, as far as I know. Just visit my old favorite places like Atsugi, Kawasaki Daishi, Yokohama, and meet friends. AND go to the UFC. 😀 I’ll get to train at Groundslam and also Lion Takeshi’s gym with Goto-san. Hopefully Bri-chan at some point!

I’ve been binge watching One Piece. Eps 630 through 663 within a week and a half. The Straw Hat pirates are on Dressrosa facing Doflamingo. Craziness!
and Bartolomeo and his fan-boy-ness cracks me up so much! XD He’s introduced as this bad-ass mean pirate and then sees Luffy and Zoro and goes nuts. XD
fanboy bartolomeo

Oh, two of my sponsors are having sales in honor of my win! Mei-Li shorts are 20% off with the code FINISHHER.
mei li fighting shorts roxy and liz

Also Herbal Papaya! %15 off liquid extracts, both seed and leaf. with the code LoveRoxy. It helps support me when people support my sponsor, so they like me and wanna keep sponsoring me. lol Why not get delicious healthy products at the same time? XD Click below for website
herbal papaya extract pic

My Invicta 14 blog! Mortal Kombat, fight! pics!!

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I had a fantastic time for many reasons.

I flew to Kansas City on the same flight as teammates “Lightning” Liz McCarthy and John Heath, and later Jamie Moyle came. On Thursday, coach John arrived and we had media day. I dressed up like Kitana from Mortal Kombat, and got John to dress up as SubZero. We both rocked our costumes and it was just as cool as I had hoped.
kitana and sub zero characters
Images taken by Scott Hirano and the other photo team members Cynthia Vance and Casey Leydon.
roxy and john as kitana and sub zero profile

I went in for my video interview, and then interviewer said to me, “So you’re fighting a Judo specialist. What do you think?” I was like, “huh?”

So when I was researching her, I could barely find ANYTHING at all on my opponent Mariana Morais. I know she’s from Brazil and doesn’t speak English, but I even shouted out to my Brazilian friends and tried to google in Portuguese but couldn’t find much. I found vidoes of her latest fights and watches those and I think we got a pretty good idea of her fighting style. There was nothing there that indicated Judo. Soo…..okay.

My friend Serena flew in from Philly and Rob, from Washington State!
rob serena jamie and roxy
In the evening, I hit mitts and felt amazing. Nothing hurt. I think it’s the first time in YEARS no body part hurt! Thank you so much to my chiropractor Dr. Jake Steckel and new trainer Luke Rooney for teaching me rehabilitation and strengthening exercises, and treating me. I’ve never felt so good!
last practice with team

The weight cut went alright. I feel like I suffered a little more than usual. I thought it was because I ate a little more for lunch and breakfast the day before, but now I think it’s because I put on more muscle since my last fight. That’s good! I had been trying to bulk up a little more.

Waiting around to do medical checks, Andrea gave me a gift! A Yoda box! I LOVE IT! 😀 😀 So touched she gave it to me and I love Yoda so yeah. I carried it with me on my lap for like an hour. lol
kgb yoda box

The weigh-ins themselves were amazing! 😀 😀 😀

Roxy-Kitana vs JinYuFrey-Chun Li in the back!
chun li vs kitana

I kept dropping my fans in practice because I felt weak from the weight cut, so I was a little worried, but I didn’t! 😀 When they called me, SubZero-John walked out first to set the stage, and then I did.
walk out 1
walk out 2
walk out 3
walk out 4
walk out 5
walk out 6

After weigh-ins I had to run to my room to get something, but I had to be back for the rules meeting, so I blew by everybody trying to talk to me…and promptly collided with someone in a Scorpion costume?!? With big bushy hair that looked suspiciously like Serena’s?! And then somebody in a blue Mortal-Kombat-esque costume I didn’t recognize, and then shirtless Rob with “Johnny” written in marker across his chest…..and then I realized ALL MY FRIENDS ARRIVED AND DRESSED UP LIKE MORTAL COMBAT CHARACTERS.

omg. Love and warmth exploded and flowed over me and through my heart like sweet lava. They not only spent money to fly in just to see me fight from all over the country, but they spend weeks in preparation to MAKE costumes to support me??! WOW!!

When I got back, we all got pictures.friends as mortal kombat 1
(click to enlarge!)

Candy couldn’t make weigh-ins but she prepared a Raiden costume!
candy as raiden
What amazing friends I have.

We hung out at dinner together.
Fight day was fight day. I hung out by myself a bit, with Jamie a bit, met Candy and Luz who flew in that day, went out for food with our cornermen John and Tom. Tried not to get a nervous stomach.

The fight did not go as I had expected. In previous videos, Mariana rushed at her opponent and was very aggressive forward and threw a lot of strikes. And a lot of kicks in a row. So I was planning to stay just out of range of kicks, or step in and then pull back to draw out her kicks. That worked, actually, and 90% of her kicks missed me. One caught me in the head but my hand was there so it didn’t feel too bad, and I ate a couple of leg kicks.
mariana kick roxy
I was waiting for her to rush me but she never did, so I ended up pushing it. When she got me in an upperbody lock, I thought she was doing to do some Judo throw, but I defended it and went for a throw of my own, thinking, there’s no way she’ll let me Judo throw her….oops I did.

Well…..if you think about it, I started Tae Kwon Do when I was 13 and I’m almost 33 now. That means I’ve been doing martial arts for 20 years. My opponent is 20. So that means I’ve been doing martial arts for as long as she’s been ALIVE. But you never know! I beat Jennifer Howe when I was 3-0 and 21 years old, and she was I think early thirties and 11-0. This girl coulda clobbered me.

Julie said as she commentated, “It looks like Roxanne is muscling Mariana around! We’re not used to seeing her be stronger than an opponent!” HAHAHAHA That could almost be a diss except it’s totally true. That cracked me and John up.

Two of Mariana’s hooks made me see stars, but I circled and recovered.
I got mount and all sorts of top positions and tried to finish the fight with punches and elbows, but it seemed like every time I was getting a good flurry going, she’d tie up a hand and pause the action and Big John McCarthy wouldn’t stop it. I was punching as hard as I could, but I couldn’t finish the fight! ~_~

My right elbow is swollen from smashing it into her skull. I was thinking, “How much do I have to hit this poor girl before the fight is stopped?” I was hitting her just not “hard” enough to make it seem dangerous? wtf *sigh* I tried to cut her with a slicing elbow. She was deflecting a lot.

(edit: I think now it’s because she kept fighting back and never for a second gave up. She never turned away and stopped defending, so that’s why the ref let it go. She’s so tough! I respect that.)

So I hate that….I’ve always disliked elbows. I’d rather get a submission. I don’t want to do things that cause pain to my opponent if I don’t have to . I want to make them give up. That’s just my belief, personality, and style as a martial artist. But in my last fight against Porto, her punches made my face swell up SO much that I didn’t want my mom to see my busted up face. I live with my mom and I knew she would feel pain looking at me. It made me angry to look in the mirror. Angry that my mom had to be hurt because she loves me and I couldn’t do enough in the fight. So I made a decision….something hardened inside my chest that I was going to elbow the sh*t out of my next opponent.

Well, I had that opportunity. When she turned over and gave me her back, old Roxy might have worked for a submission, but I just kept hitting her.
And I thought maybe if *i* started yelling, the ref would stop the fight. Yelling makes you stronger, though! In most anime, anyway…
gnp roxy on mariana

Finally in round 3 he stopped it and gave me the TKO victory.
roxy hand raised mariana
I’ve never won that was before and it was nice, but I wished I didn’t have to do that for so long. 🙁 I want a clean KO! or sub. But I’m glad that I was able to show that I can be a dominant fighter. I worked elbows A LOT in practice, also from guard. So I’m really happy that I got to try what I practiced. Also in moving to avoid kicks, and guard work…..I did a lot of what I practiced. That’s why I fight! I’m very pleased with my victory. No mercy. In the fight business, we step on other people’s dreams to reach our own.

wood hug

Thanks to Coach John Wood and team Syndicate supporting me and nurturing me, I’ve turned my career around.
two coaches and roxy

My after party was FIFTEEN people! Friends came from all over the US to support me! I love you guys so much!!
dinner 1

dinner 2

dinner 3

dinner 4

dinner 5
I’m sad my teammates Jamie and Liz lost decisions, but they fought wars and will only get stronger! I can’t wait to train together again soon!
Jamie got fight of the night!
jamie and sharon smaller

last week of training, UFC fighters visit Syndicate, TV, dream

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I felt kind of burned out this past week. Mentally, I was like “Okay! I’ve totally prepared for this fight! I’m ready! let’s go!” but I was still two weeks out. *_* I still trained hard and treated myself to a gi jiujitsu class! As Brittany pointed out, I’m always stressed about my cardio, my weight, and getting hurt at the last minute. But all of them are fine…at the moment! For the most part. The weight is always a micro-managing task. I don’t want to be too light or too heavy.

I had a few bad experiences where my stamina gave out in my legs during a fight in the past, so I always freak out about that. But John assured me I was fine, after watching me train, and then I powered through a burpie set I did weeks ago with no problem, whereas before I was dying. And I flew up the stairs. I’m good.

It’s weirding me out that Mariana Morais is getting no publicity for this fight, but whatever, as long as the fight is on. She is in Brazil and stuff…. Some guy on my Facebook popped in to trash talk coach John…. wtf? -_- I wonder if he’s really Mariana’s friend or some fake account. I guess it’s too hard to trash talk me so he had to go after my coach. -_- Whatever, I’m only slightly irritated.

See below T-shirt 😀 John always makes me the most awesome T-shirts! We have them and he’s getting them up in the store soon!

The “FINISH HER!” is from Mortal Kombat, just before one guy wins. And the back is done in the Mortal Kombat font. 😀
raiden finishing sonya
mortal kombat t shirt
(click to enlarge)

Thursday I was looking forward to my last day of MMA sparring, but because Cowboy cerrone and his posse showed up, the coaches switched it to kickboxing sparring, which I did not want to do. -_- Oh well. Thank goodness I keep my gear in a locker at the gym so I had my gloves, and I borrwed hand-wraps from Jamie. Thanks, my friend! Saved my butt! And Steven sparred with me MMA because HE only brought his small gloves, and his style is very similar to my opponent, so it worked out very well. 🙂

Jamie asked me to take a picture and went to gather all our coaches together…..making me realize that this was a great opportunity since they were all there at the same time. NICE ONE, Jamie! I took one of her and then jumped in. 😀 And then we both went and asked Donald Cerrone for a pic. It’s so much easier to be a fangirl when someone else is with you. ^^ I wasn’t going to do it by myself, and then she said she kind of wanted one, I suddenly felt courageous.

coaches and jamie pic
John Wood (MMA), Chaz Mulkey (Muay Thai), Mike Pyle (UFC), Vinny Magalhaes (jiu-jitsu WSOF/UFC), Filthy Tom Lawlor (wrestling/mma, UFC)
I love this picturrrrrrrrrrrrrre!

cowboy cerrone and jamie

Then Joanna Jedrzejczyk walked in in the evening hoping to grapple but I was there getting chiropractic treatment and there was only the beginner’s class. I wanna train with her, but I stop training a week out from my fight! 🙁

I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time season 3! I love it! SO many crazy twists and turns. Kind of deus ex machina, but oh well… I love the characters.
I’ve started really liking Hook, and Charming and Snow white are starting to REALLY annoy me with arguing with each other all the time and then smooching long and romantic and making up. ewww -_- Just reaffirms my belief that relationships are a pain in the neck.

I used to have this icon for the longest time….”Love dodger!” 😀

The teaching staff for kids jiu-jitsu class is being changed and I think I’m getting shuffled back in! I’m so happy! I was prevented from teaching due to circumstances beyond my choosing, but I’m back. I love teaching in general, and also since I don’t have my own kids, it is a fulfilling part of my life to help take care of other people’s kids. And part-time job money is good….

So…..keeping in mind everything about love and kids that I’ve written so far, plus the fact that my coaches and friends are having babies, it’s not surprising that I had the following weird dream:

In the dream, I was standing on the alter, with our friends and family and team watching, about to marry….my good friend Hannah! LOL Why? Just because we both wanted to have a nice wedding and say we were married. And since we’re good friends, it made sense to help each other out. (that makes NO SENSE, THOUGH!) The priest said our vows and I was supposed to say “I do” then I had this sinking feeling and I whispered to Hannah, “Wait! We shouldn’t be here!! I can’t marry you, I’m straight! And you’re straight, too! We can’t get married!!!”


shock sakura

(For the record, I have no problem with gay or lesbian couples getting married.)

Anyway, life is good. I can’t wait for this fight next week.
I think a bunch of UFC fighters are visiting our gym today and I’m sad because I don’t really want to train hard…I just want to drill and go lightly, so I’ll miss out a bit, but oh well.