My post-fight week,Thoughts,Sleep,Sponsor sales,Japan tomorrow!!

So I’m going to bed earlier and earlier and waking up earlier and earlier, not intentionally. I fell asleep watching Bellator on a couch at a BBQ and I’m pretty sure somebody took a picture of me, which will pop up later. lol That’s okay.

Not training doesn’t help. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 3:30. ;_; Well, tomorrow my flight is at FIVE AM so that means if I wanna eat breakfast and do my yoga routine which takes me two hours total on average, I gotta wake up at 1:15 and hurry….. gah!! I couldn’t bring myself to call a taxi earlier than 3 AM so I’m gonna hurry through the airport.

Anyway, this week I tried to relax and mostly succeeded. Started to catch a cold but thanks to PAPAYA POWER, my immune system is kicking the virus’ butt! I have a stuffy nose, but I skipped the fever stage. thanks .

I lifted weights almost every day near the end of the week, as soon as I stopped feeling my full-body fight soreness, and I didn’t gain weight since my fight despite adding ice cream back into my diet. Whoohoo. ICE CREAM!! I woke up at 133 a few days ago. What??! That’s probably cuz I forgot to have carbs for dinner and was drinking a ton of water, which is like waterloading. lol So I had LOTS OF PIE YESTERDAY. pieeeeee

So I’m gonna be able to put a few pounds on enjoying Japanese food. 😀

I want to go back up AND gain muscle!

It took me a while to mentally process my fight. At first, I felt awesome, like a bad-ass. Then I felt bad, like I was too weak to finish the fight quickly, so I had to elbow her so much. That’s the my Japanese spirit/way of thinking, I think. But I DID finish the fight, and she knew what could happen when she signed up to fight me, and she would have done the same to me. Plus, I think the ref should have stopped the fight sooner. But Mariana is so tough! She never gave up! Maybe my strikes weren’t hurting her enough. We both have stuff we have to improve on as fighters. Her kicks are really strong. I’m excited to see her fight next.

John gave me a pep talk and I feel better about it. Then he taught me some more ways to make GnP more effective and hard. I think I will be more deadly next time and finish it faster. Or sub my opponent. We shall see.

I just got this pic from John’s camera, Tom and John and I all together after my fight!
tom roxy john after fight

I want to know when I’m fighting again! I want to fight four times a year, and I’ve only fought twice this year, so I’m hoping I can get a fight at least once more, realistically. :/

I’m really looking forward to visiting my second home – Japan! I’ve been saving up for it. Kind of an expensive trip, but when I lived in Japan, I always visited the US once a year. Now it’s the reverse. I’m not really going anywhere special, as far as I know. Just visit my old favorite places like Atsugi, Kawasaki Daishi, Yokohama, and meet friends. AND go to the UFC. 😀 I’ll get to train at Groundslam and also Lion Takeshi’s gym with Goto-san. Hopefully Bri-chan at some point!

I’ve been binge watching One Piece. Eps 630 through 663 within a week and a half. The Straw Hat pirates are on Dressrosa facing Doflamingo. Craziness!
and Bartolomeo and his fan-boy-ness cracks me up so much! XD He’s introduced as this bad-ass mean pirate and then sees Luffy and Zoro and goes nuts. XD
fanboy bartolomeo

Oh, two of my sponsors are having sales in honor of my win! Mei-Li shorts are 20% off with the code FINISHHER.
mei li fighting shorts roxy and liz

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