Good monday-training, etc

Yesterday (Monday) was pretty good. After I made that last post, I went to Ground Slam and sparred. I got some good rounds in, and learned a few techniques!γ€€γ€€Thank you Katsumura. πŸ™‚ He said, “Don’t worry, we’ll support you!” I love him. u_U

Katsumura’s blog
There weren’t SO many people because various people’s fights were over and they stopped coming to take a break.

After training, I stopped at Don Quixote to see if I could find a Halloween custume, but decided to check the 100 yen shop first….BUT I Found some new shorts PERFECT for grappling. And they’re so cool!

They were on sale for 300 yen(4 dollars), which is ridiculous. That’s the best deal I’ve ever gotten considering the usefulness. I have SUCH a hard time finding shorts… I think last time I paid like 30.

Then I went home and rocked the Japanese punk band “Peelander-z” while cleaning. It was the CD Tony got me for my birthday- Super DX hits. LOVE IT!! Then I decided I needed a nap, but that didn’t happen with Peelander-z running through my brain. I got SO much done…I had like 10 things on my To-Do list, and crossed off like 7.

I watched a few episodes of One Piece. They’re FINALLY out of Enis Loby, yay. u_U Filler eps! Save the Yagara…etc.

Then I went weight-lifting. My mind is at ease now that I’m back to taking steps to improve myself. I have to get stronger!

Speaking of strength, I’m going to TEACH at that kindergarten outservice today, and I’m actually really excited about it. Last week I just observed.

Wish me luck!!…