I’m fighting Hashi

I’m fighting Takayo Hashi in Jewels 18, on March 3rd, in Shin Kiba.

She’s fighting out of the Keishukai gym Akza. I did not know that a new gym opened. I found Koizumi’s Facebook page and pictures and looks like him, her, Sugi Rock (Sugiyama), Nishumura, and a bunch of other guys train there.

Yeah, I know them. Koizumi is her trainer. They were my family for the first four years I lived in Japan. If there was anyone who loved Keishukai, it was me. I miss them. I used to train with Hashi every day I went to the gym, like 5 days a week. We always went back and forth in sparring. She can submit me, I can out-Ground-and-pound her, my reach is longer but when she makes contact, it feels like a ton of bricks. This fight will be a war. I know I’ll have to win decisively because there’s no way I’m going to win a decision in Japan. That’s going to be a problem since we’re so well matched. But I’ll try. Wait no, do or do not- there IS NO TRYYYYYYYYYY!

I want this fight. I just wish I had more time to train for it. Everything is decided at the last minute in Japan. I’m so glad it’s at 58 kilos. That’s 127 pounds. I can do this.

It’s so weird…I keep reminiscing about Keishukai. I guess it’s natural. I’m freelance now, and a fight is a fight. I have the support of people at the AACC and Ground Slam.

This was from when we both got our eye medical check up in California before we both fought in Fatal Femmes 4, in 2008. We had to wear those dumb glasses because our eyes were dialated- weren’t we cool? Now we’re going to beat the living sh*t out of each other. I admit I’m nervous because this means so much to me. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see what would happen if we fought for real.