Momma said there’d be days like this

So recently, my back has been hurting, so I decided that I’d go to the Kudo Sekkotsuin (Japanese Chiropractor) and have the master Mihara-san work on me. I only trust him- I’ve had too many bad experiences where I leave in MORE pain than when I went. -_-; My back is not something that can be fixed…only maintained. Ever since high school.

Anyway, if I left my place at 8:30 AM, I’d work out at Gold’s Gym from 9 to 10:30, then get to the clinic at 11:30, in time before it closed for lunch at 1. Then, I’d go to work by 4 PM. I was to have my little rambunctious kids class, and then a meeting, then lessons.

So I went, lifted weights, had a snack, hurried to the sekkotsuin place. Had to change trains a few time….a pain in the neck and expensive. X_x but worth it. I signed in and changed my clothes. Then one of the staff members who knew me came over and said, “Were you aware that Mihara-san quit? He’s working somewhere in Shibuya now. We don’t know where exactly. It’s a private clinic and people’s insurance cards don’t work….”

……. @#$*#@$. I was speechless. They know I only request him. I said, “Well, it’s okay, please help me today.” He said okay, but when he walked away, I thought, “Like hell I’m having anybody else touch my back.” So I changed and left.

Really pissed. -_-; Mad, but not mad AT them. And it’s not like he could shoot me an email to tell me he changed jobs, so it was unavoidable something like this would happen. Well, I bet you he’s making more money, as he should, since he’s so good. But I can’t afford to NOT have insurance pay. It costs me about ten dollars co-pay. 🙁 RARRrrrr ~_~;

Ate lunch, got a hair cut, did other chores, and went to work. The kids behaved! Maybe because I directly told their parents last time that they were bad before.
Then the meeting went well. Then I taught my last two lessons, but it was kind of an awkward lesson. u_U I don’t think either of them were interested in talking about traffic conditions, but that’s they topic we were on, and they couldn’t say the sentences correctly. I tried not to linger too long on the points….

I went into the office to check someone else’s monitoring feedback, and noticed a feedback form with MY NAME on it. u_U Was it for that one, or the next one? By the time you know you’re being randomly evaluated it’s already TOO LATE. u_U I wish I hadn’t seen. I think they gave me good feedback, though.

I’m really tense and anxious about tomorrow. I’m going to train hard on my knee and see if it can take it. I need my knee to be golden …. I really do.…