productive day at work and arm hair

Yesterday, I wish I had gone to bed earlier, but oh well… I had a great morning of lessons at the kindergarten. I tried a new game and it worked successfully. The time flew by.

Moving on. My Forestville City is growing. ^^;; (The iPhone game that’s sucking away my time lately)

At work. I’ve been trying to get this certain meeting scheduled for about three months now. It’s been on my mind. Gotta have this meeting, gotta have this meeting…and yesterday WE HAD THE MEETING. Whew. I think it went okay…. :O Evening lessons went okay. I was basically at work from 8 AM until 9:15 PM.

No training for me yesterday. I took the escalator because my legs were cramping from training hard on them. 😡 That’s good, I guess?
I’m being very bad with my New Years resolution about watching MMA. 🙁 Gotta watch some this morning before leaving the house.

So…. maybe 5 years or so ago when I first met Sakura, I asked some dumb question, like “Gee, why don’t you have hair on your arms?” She said, “I shave my arms. o_O duh.” I felt SO STUPID. u_U I just Googled “What percentage of women shave their arms?” but sites said that there aren’t any studies. I think that 90% of Japanese adult women do it, but I’m not 100% sure. Everyone I’ve seen, basically.

Do Americans? :O I never even thought of the idea. My mom never did. I don’t have particularly hairy arms. See? This is my arm.

So that being said, yesterday I was wearing a short-sleeved business shirt when I went to my kindergarten. The little girl on my right side, said, “Oh! Hair! :D” and started stroking my forearm. Read “stroking” like “petting.” I thought, “What am I, a cat?” and laughed and tried to continue with showing the picture flash cards, but then the boy on the other side started ‘petting’ my other arm.

u_U It was a very weird situation. Was I the only female they’ve ever seen with arm hair? The veins kind of pop out on my hand, so I thought they’d be more facinated with my hands, but nope. Arm hair all the way. 😛…