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Yesterday I decided to take a walk to walk off all the junk food I ate. A very painfully bad idea. u_U Although I’m probably in better shape than Miesha Tate’s arm right now. 🙁
I had found this awesome T shirt in Uniqlo, so I felt like watching One Piece. I watched about 3 episodes, got sleepy, so went to bed at 9:40.

Woke up, glanced at the clock which said 6:30, and thought, “Woohoo, I slept a lot! 😀 Time for breakfast!” I was surfing the web and half way through breakfast when I noticed my computer clock said 12:45.

….. WTF. I glanced behind me at the wall and realized that in my near-sightedness, in the dark, I had misread the time. u_U So I was done breakfast at 1 AM. High on carbs, I was not sleepy at all, so ;_; I chatted online with Tony and played TWISTED METAL: HEAD ON, which I’ve always been meaning to play, but never have the time.

Here’s a picture of some loot I got the other day- DBZ towel and Claymore plastic folder. Love that anime. Wish I had more time to read the comics.

I want to go do something fun today, like to go an aquarium, but it hurts to walk, so I guess I’ll go get my knee MRI-ed. -_-; I managed to take a two-hour long nap from about 3 to 5, ate again, and now off I go.

My day is already all messed up. *sigh*

Anyway, regarding my fight, I’m so so bummed that my dream fight sucked so much for me. On the other hand, I’m really proud of myself for what I accomplished- the mental and technical breakthroughs, even if other parts of my technique were hell. These are the kinds of breakthroughs you’re supposed to have as an amateur and then enter the professional ring more prepared. :/ Well, I can only do the best I can.

All my friends and fans are so nice to me, sending me little nice notes. Thank you, guys. ^_^b…