Random pics, training!!! XD

Friday was a blur cuz I was so exhausted from training. Which was FANTSTIC. XD My various injuries didn’t really hurt. lol

On Saturday, I worked my usual. I tried this new Onigiri (riceball) for lunch! Sakura ebi (mini shrimp)with a mixed rice grain.

And this tea was really good! I think it has extract of vegetables in it, but it doesn’t taste TOO vegetably. And it had 0 calories still. :O

Then went to Ground Slam. There were a lot of people. I LOVE BJ’s CLASS SO MUCH. We started at 7:15ish, shadow-boxing, and then did drills, like where only one person attacks and one defends striking. We rotated, then added kicks, then added cinching, then added take downs. Then did sparring standing, then did full MMA sparring. 😀 I found myself wearing headgear for the drills, hoping the men would feel more free to hit me, but it didn’t seem to affect that, strangely. -_-. I don’t care about getting hit- I was doing it for THEM- so I’m not sure what I should do next time.

Anyway, I REALLY ENJOYED MMA sparring- the first time since my fight. I really pushed myself…until stuff hurt and I couldn’t move anymore. I don’t think it’s serious, but it felt good to push myself.
Here’s me and random guys I sparred with. They were good—thank you for the training!

XD We even did situational drilling at the end. Like start in the position of having failed a single leg, and then one guy has to try and finish the take down, the other guy has to escape.
I’m the only girl in BJ’s class. But I really like being the only girl, actually. ^^;; As long as people believe I can pull my weight and train with me, but they mostly do. A few guys still won’t really hit me. *shrug*

Oh yeah, and the bottom one is new. XD Yeah, I made it myself…BUT I DESERVE IT, don’t you think? XD

Finally, my co-workers are ALL getting into this game “Draw something.” I LOVE IT, it’s like pictionary. It’s like drawing with your finger on your iphone, and had the hilarity of trying to draw something with stick figures in Microsoft Paint. Here’s my attempt at Bruce Lee. XD

Thank goodness they give you limited letters. 😛
My friend got it before I drew the dragon! XD…