relaxing morning, hilarious Japanese video arcade game

I was kind of a wreck all day. Thankfully, I started work at about 4:30, so I was able to lay around all morning. I was pretty productive- I’m doing some translation stuff which I’ll post about later, so that was interesting. I also watched One Piece and I hosted a chat in my chat room :D.

I think it was because of some stuff I ate the day before, but I got stomach distress that lasted ALL day, so instead of eating only a little, I ate a lot. ~_~ So frustrating. Weight control and eating control is so difficult…

Anyway, work went very well. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

I RAN INTO Celine and Joachim Hansen on the STREET on my way home from work. *laugh* How funny is that? 🙂

So before work, I was taking a walk and I went into one of my favorite arcades, and I saw this new game…on the screen these guys were sitting down on toilet seats~ And shouting something, like “Haaaaa!” and then getting up again. o-O; I was like, “what kind of game is THIS?” so I watched the sample games on the screen more. It was like a weird variety-type game! HILARIOUS!!! I laughed out loud at some of them. I wanted to take a pic of the toilet guys, but my camera on my iphone wouldn’t load fast enough! SO MAD! I wanted to wait until it showed again, but it wouldn’t, so I just played the game. lol It’s called “Bishi Bashi.”

Here are some examples:
You have to press the buttons to eat shaved ice as fast as you can.

This is the Japanese vision test- you have to say which way the hole is opening up to: left (hidari), right (migi), up (ue), bottom (shita). lol quickly. They stream by like DDR.

food and pieces of shishkabob go flying by, and you have to push the button to time the skewer at the best angle to get the most pieces- straight up, diagonally left or diagonally right. 😀

I beat my first stage but lost the last two because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. There’s an explanation but I didn’t understand the Japanese ^^;; I played different games than the above because obviously I couldn’t take a pic when I was playing.…