I don’t want a boring adventure!

I was watching One Piece just now. Episode 400. Ussop was just about to ask Silvers Rayleigh about if One Piece exists or not, and Luffy hollered at him.

“I don’t want to hear where the treasure is. I don’t want to hear if there is even treasure or not! I don’t know anything about it, but everyone puts their lives on the line and sets out to see to find out for themselves. If grandpa were to tell us anything, then I’ll quit on becoming the Pirate King! If we’re gonna have a boring adventure, then I won’t do it!”

That is awesome. That is so true. I immediately thought about my fight career, how I’m struggling with everything- nutrition, my health, training, kinds of training, instructors, finding time, sleeping, everything.

But without it…life is so….SO boring! I was sitting home injured last month thinking, “Gosh I’m so bored, I might as well go into work so I can do something useful. This sucks.”

It’s so exciting! Learning new techniques, feeling myself getting stronger. The joy I felt grappling the other day was unparalleled to anything else. I was crying walking on the street in the crows of Yokohama just because I was so happy and fulfilled. I’m always meeting new people, learning new things, traveling places, having a wonderful adventure.

When I beat Jennifer How so many years ago, and the announcer called me the champion of the world, I remember thinking, “How sad would it be if I were always on top with no one to challenge me? What a boring thing that would be. I hope other fighters spring up to challenge me.” Hah well I got my wish. Now I’m not even in the top ten.

Rayleigh then asked Luffy, “Can you conquer the seas? There are strong enemies.”
Luffy replied, “I don’t wanna conquer anything! It’s that the Pirate King is the one with the most freedom on the entire ocean!”