super de-duper day!

Today kicked butt!

I trained with Alex, Celine and Toda-san at the AACC. We did grappling drills and lots of short, intensive grappling rounds, going round-robin. We were all relatively similar sizes, strengths, and it was the funnest thing ever!! XD SO HAPPYYYY!! Happy happy *does a happy dance*

We used the normal mat-space, and then a special kids wrestling meet started, so we had to go over to the other side of the gym. It was all dark, and Alex said, “Well, THIS is where the secret ninja training happens!” so I took a pic, with that mood in mind. XD

Then I had lunch with Alex. It was supposed to be Sweets Paradise, but the line was an hour and a half. Then at Jonathans, we were gonna do ice cream and then real food, but we got full on ice cream, so it turned into a super unhealthy lunch. *Laugh*

Then I went into work and taught two bonus lessons. I was soooo sugar high that I think my student (a 50-ish year old business man) must have thought I was on crack. XD Or just drank a red-bull or something. Hah

Then I bought groceries in Sanwa and was just on my way home when I spotted some event in Lazona- gold-fish scooping! I failed last time I did it at the Koga Matsuri, like 4 years ago. Then I watched Kadowaki-san and he got like FIVE GOLD FISH. It was amazing. You have to use this paper scoop to scoop them into a cup. Of course when paper gets wet, it breaks. So there’s a trick to it, and while watching him, I learned it! 😀 So I wanted to try!


And….I took them home. ^^;; Actually, I tried to raise two gold fish when I was a kid, but both died….very sad. But I only had a bowl. I’ve been wanting fish for a while now, but never wanted to spend the money and bother…BUT SCREW IT I bought it. XD I spent like one hour getting instructions from the lady who worked in the pet store (I hope my yoghurt and cottage cheese didn’t go bad in that hour…it’s okay, right?)

I was just about to buy my stuff (which totaled 8,000 yen, about a hundred bucks) when this lady came over with a little 5 year old boy in tow. “We got this but we can’t keep it. Won’t you take it?” and she handed me another gold fish! 😀 So now I have three. ^^;; SWEET!

So I just finished putting together my tank of water and stuff….now my
fishies are soaking in their bag. It was hard to put in the water plants…I thought it’d be easy but they keep getting uprooted from the gravel. x_x;; Hahah I can’t wait to see Alex’s expression when she comes home and I’m like, “I got fish!” LOL…