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Posted in friends, fun, moving, training on August 30th, 2013 by roxyfighter

These past few days have been super emotional.

On Wednesday, I woke up at 3 AM and went to bed at 11 PM. I threw away furniture, sent home another box, and wired money. It was really hard to throw away good furniture that you’ve been using and love…and want to keep using. I was so happy I found a home for my massage chair, but I had to dispose of my dresser, two portable closets, shelves, chair, the table my host mother gave me, most of my dishes, tons of mugs, carpet, everything! It was hard.

On Thursday, the guys came from the utility companies, measured my usage, and I had to pay in cash.

I hung out with my friend G-san most of the afternoon.
We went to Kawasaki Daishi temple. I was exhausted so at first I didn’t want to go, but I had some ice cream and got energetic, so we went. I’m so glad we did.

We went to my favorite sembei shop! Goto-san told the owner I was a pro who was fighting in the UFC (which isn’t exactly true…I fought in TUF, the results of which are unknown now), and he FREAKED out and said wanted my autograph, and gave me a bunch of free crackers! 😀 haha I love them!

00sembei shop
(click to enlarge)

We met G-san’s wife and had dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant in Cinechitta.

After that, I went back to my apartment, got my suitcases and lugged them to Yokosuka. Omg it was hard. I met Brittany after she got back from training on the last train, at 1 AM. Hah

On Friday, we woke up, relaxed, and then went to give my apartment keys back. Turns out I’m going to get back 92,000 yen out of my 116,000 deposit!! ($920 out of $116,000)! Yay! That’s minus the cleaning fee, and actually I damaged the walls, but I dunno if they noticed… lol

I was so stressed out, though. Thanks, Brittany, for being with me through this process. I really needed a good friend just to be there for me, and she took the day off from work for me. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I love you ;_;

Man, I loved my little pizza-shaped apartment. The last thing I took down were the green curtains that my host mother gave me as a house-warming gift 8 years ago when I first moved to Japan. I knew I had to throw them out and got overwhelmed with everything. Brittany, being a little paparazzi ninja, captured the moment. ;_;


We then went to our favorite maid café “Honey Honey,” were the waitresses dress up and call you master “or mistress.” There are some sketchy ones, but this one was nice, and we got our favorite huge-@$$ parfait! Brittany tried so hard to get me to dress up, but I wouldn’t. I can’t! I’m sorry :{ But we still took funny pictures!
(click to enlarge)

We visited the ISAMI MMA goods store to get GroundandPound gloves. I didn’t want to pay $80 for them, but I wanted them.  So I tried them on and….I kind of convinced myself that I didn’t want them. Sato-san, the staff member and also Groundslam member said, “Oh um all of them are reserved anyway.” Huh? Fine -_- I looked at other ones, but I didn’t like them! I was so bummed out. We left. Blarg

I had my last practice at Groundslam. Katsumura-san showed the ninja choke from a billion different positions. 😀 Then we sparred. I sparred with Brittany, Katsumura-san, Steve, and Goto-san. I nearly cried every time because it would be our last time…for a while! Who knows in life, really? Then Goto-san held mitts for me, but I didn’t spar because I couldn’t find my mouth guard, and my back hurt. :/

After training, we had a goodbye party! They brought out cake!
‘ People came in just to see me and another guy was going away, too.
00Groundslam group final party
(click to enlarge)
Thank you for the presents, everyone!

Kubota-san came just to see me! He had been in a bad car accident and had been in a comma for a month. Then hospitalized for 4 months. I was so worried about him..he was a regular training partner in morning classes.
And Taneichi-san, a chiropractor who sometimes helped me at the gym when I was in pain! 😀 Thank you!

Big brother Steve and I!

So touched. And Katsumura-san gave me the pound gloves that I wanted so badly!

00katsumura san and roxy
I told Katsumura san that because of him, I was able to get my confidence back in myself. ;_;

I cried so much that day.

my last day and night in Kawasaki!!

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I didn’t get to train today! 🙁 I wanted to go to morning class. ~_~ I literally had zero time. From the second I woke up, I was busy scanning forms to reapply for health insurance, and then talked on Skype to my mom about moving stuff and that. Then at 8 AM sharp, I called the “sodaigomi” center and made a reservation for the city to come pick up my discarded furniture. That took a lot of time and effort because the nice lady kept asking me the exact measurements and I wasn’t 100% sure. At one point I said “The coat hanger is maybe two meters high” and she said, “If it’s over 180 cm, then you have to pay 1,000 yen ($10) instead of 500 ($5).” I said, “Um, I see. It’s under 180 then.” She was like, “Ummmmmmmmm” and repeated herself like 5 times. x_x;; aaaaaaaaaaaarg frustrating.

I am NOT paying an arm and a leg, sorry. –;

Then I hurried to the post office and mailed two more boxes of stuff- my final ones! 😀

Came back, and lugged all my furniture outside and downstairs by myself, sticking the money stamps on them so the city will know to pick them up. -_-

It was like weight training, haha. My arms and legs are nice and sore. ;x I then realized I wouldn’t have time to go to training, but even if I did, I would be so exhausted. Around 10:30 I collapsed, took a nap, woke up, and talked to my TALL BUDDY on the phone/ skype!! 😀 yayy I miss you, tall buddy!!!! <3 <3 <3 Then I went into town and wired money into my American bank account. It's done! It's gone! goooooooone to America! :O Did chores, ate my final meal of sushi, came back, and finished packing. I still had stuff I hadn't figured out how to fit in my suitcases yet....I think I'm still in trouble. One is 2 KG over weight, and my second one, I dunno...probably is overweight. -_- and I can't fit everything in. I'll have to send another box tomorrow. I gave my plant to one of my chiropractors! (not Mihara-san) I said "Feel free to refuse it" but he was like "oh sure, we'll take it!" I hope it's REALLY okay, cuz they accepted it really fast. o_O; Around 7 o'clock I had mostly finished packing and started actually CLEANING. Now it's 10:50 PM and I'm done cleaning everywhere but under my kitchen sink. So tired. Check out my video blog!

freaking insane day

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Sunday was my last full day of work. My last student (ever) was one of my favorites. He’s a businessman, but also a Kyokushin Karate teacher, so we chat about that in the opening of the lesson. 🙂

When the bell rang that signaled the end of my last lesson, I assigned homework. and I felt myself tearing up. No, please, not in front of the student. “So please do page 178…number….1…and…2….and…and….3.”

I wanted him to do 4, but I couldn’t say it. He knew my situation, though. Standing up, he said, “You are a great teacher! Don’t forget Japan!”

I opened my mouth and nothing came out. Tears started leaking out, so I squeaked “thank you. Goodbye”! and ran out of the classroom, nearly bumping into another guy, which embarrassed me because it wasn’t professional. ~_~; Once in the teacher’s room, I started sobbing. Gale was like, “What’s wrong?! Was it the student?” hahaha no. Then someone else said “If it were me, I’d be like “Yay! Finished!”

Not me. I love my job. I’m sad. ;_; I cried so hard through the whole five minute break, and everyone thought I was absolutely nuts. -_-;

I hung out with G-san for a bit over tea, and then visited Buri-chan. Chatting, we lost track of time and I just BARELY caught my last train home.

Today (Monday) was ABSOLUTELY FREAKING INSANITY! ~_~ In a very bad way. I was trying so hard to be positive, and I made it through the day, I suppose.
It started off with my mom and I on Skype, trying to handle the Health Insurance problem. Oh did I mention it? My application for health insurance got denied because of my medical history. Freaking hell! But some of the reasons in the letter WERE NOT ACCURATE, which makes me CRAZY. It’s NOT FAIR. Man I’m so pissed off.

And my mom was stressing ME out, but I need her help because she’s in the health insurance field! DAMNIT.

So I went to Groundslam and chatted with Steve, which was great. Hit bags a bit and then went to the Ward office, where I had to notify them that I’m leaving the country. I tried to do it by phone last week, but they said, “No, you have to come here and sign stuff.” Freaking @#$#!~ Fine. So then I said, “Somebody at my office said something about tax, but I think it’s deducted every month, so…” and she said, “You should be fine, but go upstairs and ask just in case.

SO I went. and the good-looking young guy said, “Yes, you owe tax. 8 months worth.”
Step 1: confusion.
Roxy: Um, what?
Guy: Yes, maybe you’ve paid up to July, so you have to pay 8 months worth.
Roxy: No, I pay every month.
Guy: Yes, but it’s one year delayed, so now you’re paying from 2012. You owe maybe….165,600 yen. ($1,680)
Roxy: Huh?! And what do you mean ‘maybe?’ Don’t you know exactly?
guy: well…

Step 2: Denial
Roxy: No, I don’t! The company deducts it from my salary….
guy: Yes. But it’s from last year.
Roxy: No way!! ….really?
guy: yes….really….
Roxy: freaking hell….

Step 3: calm down and think of solutions
Roxy: Okay, so how do I pay?
guy: They keep deducting it from your salary…
Roxy: I quit. I’m leaving the country in 5 days. Can I pay cash?
Guy: No.
Roxy: Can I do a bank transfer?
guy: No. You can’t pay all at once.
Roxy: I can’t NOT pay all at once! I’m leaving the country in 5 days!
guy: hmmmm
Roxy: DO I REALLY owe that money?! That doesn’t seem right!

I ended up calling my company’s HQ and confirming with them that YES, I DO OWE THAT MUCH MONEY. @#$@#$ why the F didn’t they tell me this sooner?!?! I mean, it’s kind of important? Luckily, I have that much money because I save my @$$ off, but if I was the kind of person who lived pay-check to paycheck, I wouldn’t have been able to leave Japan! Or what if I just leave without paying? Would they come after me? o_O;; So anyway, I’m going to leave enough cash in my bank account, so they can withdraw it once a month. can’t freaking believe it.

Extremely distraught and in tears, I met my friend Kozo and we had tea. He helped calm me down. <3 I'm seriously going to miss him a ton. He tried to help me with my next problem...getting rid of my massage chair. Some people expressed interest, but nobody can come get it. 🙁 Finally, I went back to my place. I mailed another box and it cost $40 dollars. -_-; I got into the elevator with this lady who I see around sometimes. Then I got an idea. Roxy: Hi. Lady: Hi. Roxy: you want a massage chair? 😮 Lady: What?! Really?! O_O Roxy: Yes, really! :> I’m moving and I have to get rid of it.
Lady: Really?????
Roxy: really! :} Look, here’s my floor. Wanna come in?
Lady: YES!!
Roxy: 😀 😀 😀 😀

So she came in and was like “I WANT IT!!!” OMG SO HAPPY!! I couldn’t bare to just throw it away, and two thrift shops that Kozo called wouldn’t take them! So we got a wheely cart from the store room and we both lugged it to the 7th floor where she lives! She was so happy! 😀 As was I!! and she kept saying, ‘Oh man this feels so great! I’m so thrilled!”

and then she gave me a little cash! I said, “No no you can have it for free!” but she insisted. How nice! It basically made up for the money I spent to mail my box.

Lesson with Katsumura-san, last Saturday, Kunioku-san

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On Friday, I went to morning training and it was just Katsumura-san and I. I got kind of a private lesson! He brushed up my striking technique, that he’d taught me in the past.

It was great. He held mitts for me and I did the technique a billion times.
Katsumura-san with towel1

I’m so grateful for his kindness. I really look up to Katsumura-san. He played a big role in me getting my confidence back in myself and continuing fighting. And I’m so proud of his English. I’ve been teaching him English for the past year and a half, and he’s really come a long way. He has done ALL of his homework and studied A LOT at home. As a result, now he can converse pretty well with foreign gym members, and explain moves in English!

So we both gave each other a skill. Beautiful trade.

I worked in the afternoon, and decided not to go to evening training because my back hurt. Instead, I went to the chiropractor, and Hamazaki san pressed on my back harder than I ever had in my life. I was like shouting in pain, and I tapped, and he was like “Oh sorry, I didn’t see you tap!” LIAR!!!! ;_; I thought I was going to pass out, but when I left, I felt great.

I’m so confused by that- Mihara-san said that you’re not supposed to do stuff until it hurts, but in the States, I got treatment like that, and then this guy did the same thing. 🙁 I don’t get it…. and then he pushed on the painful knot in my foot SO HARD, I was like ‘I GIVE UP!” and he said, “HUH? What? I can’t hear you? HAHAHAHA” ‘__’ Like he enjoys causing pain. haha I felt golden when I left there, though.

Saturday was my last Saturday at work! :O I almost cried with my 11 year old student gave me a little present and a thank you note. ;_;
miyu present

After work, I met my former trainer/coach Kiuma Kunioku. We trained together every day for 2 years, a few years ago before I entered Groundslam. He took me out to the Japanese Sizzler in Sakuragi-cho! I had noticed there was a Sizzler, but I’d never gone there before today! It was FANTASTIC!

We reminisced about training and him cornering me all over the world, talked about the future- both of our futures in fighting, etc etc. I wish him the best of luck in his own career!

As we were parting ways, he put his hand on my shoulder and said good luck…..I literally had to hurry away because I started crying. ;_; It might not be the last time we’ll meet, but it seems like it….

(Strikeforce, 2010, by Esther Lin)
roxy kunioku san in London
2011, Cage Warriors, London

King of the Cage, Okinawa, Jan. 2010

moving prep, the beach! training

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On Wednesday, I taught at Groundslam. It was fun- about 5 people besides me came. I tried to show them how to keep the side control position if someone underhooks and tries to shrimp or get guard back. One guy got it and everyone else struggled. Then I realized that they didn’t know HOW to escape the side. oops ^^;; So back-tracked, taught that, then how to escape, then how to take the back and choke someone out. One kid didn’t do my move and did his own move, which screwed up his partner. -_-;

I was pretty tired all day, so after that, I went to the chiropractic clinic near my home, and then just did packing and moving related stuff. I can’t remember now…

Thursday, I put five heavy boxes in my two huge suitcases and lugged them to Yokosuka, where Buri-chan helped me mail them. CHEAP. omfg $63 dollars! I think it would have cost me $250 from a Japanese post office. THANK YOU! It was like physical training maneuvering those things…I was sweating profusely and today my legs are sore, hah. I took this pic just as I realized that I was about to get on a 7 AM train, rush hour, which was LATE for some reason, with two freaking huge road blocks, and I was going to get stampeded and murdered by the commuters. It’s my “omfg I’m gonna die in a sec” face.
omfg look

Then we met Groundslam pros and affiliated friends for a BBQ at Zushi beach!zushi beach group pic

It was a lot of fun! 😀
I love Brittany!! <3 <3 One of my bestest best friends! zushi- brittany and Roxy

I didn’t wear a bathing suit…I’m too shy…. ._.; But I wore these really cute fight shorts with a skirt over top by my sponsor, Tussle! 😀 and a burn-out white T, with a red The Ultimate Fighter sports bra underneath.
zushi- grill master
Me and Mamoru Yamaguchi! He’s an awesome cook! I said, “You are the GRILL MASTER!” and the name stuck for the rest of the day, hahaha. In case you don’t know Mamoru: Sherdog Page

Slade, you’re not selling the skirts anymore? I’m trying to link to your page…
link to Angel burnout shot sleeve T
zushi-yakisoba at the beach
Brittany and I and our wonderful coach, Katsumura-san! And Yaki soba!

zushi- watergun battle
(click to enlarge)
Omigawa-san I had a water gun fight…which I totally lost. haha But this is a really cool pose, if do say so myself.

I was so tired after that, but considered doing some weights. Then thought, “Wait a second, I got physical training this morning. I’d probably get to the gym and then want to die, so might as well get extra sleep instead of doing shoulders for like 10 mintues and then leaving.” So I did some body weight and core stuff in my apartment, and watched some Ronin Warriors. (Yoroiden Samurai troopers. I’ve rediscovered it!) and went to bed at 10! Brittany went to training, and I can’t BELIEVE how much energy she had! It’s amazing. Well, I used to do stuff like that five years ago. Now I’m destroyed if I don’t get enough rest….

This morning, I woke up at 5! That means I slept for SEVEN HOURS!! WOW! Fantastic! 😀

I went to morning training, and Kei Arai-san was there! He didn’t actually train, because he hurt his neck, but I’m glad I got to see him one last time. I think this might be my last Friday? I’m sad. Well, only him and Katsumura-san came, so I got personal training from Katsumura-san! 😀 So happy! He refreshed my memory on some striking techniques that he’d taught me previously, and something else I can’t wait to try. Man! He has so much to offer as a teacher. :/ I wish I had had the time and money to take lots of private lessons with him.

I have such mixed feelings about everything. So sad, so excited, so scared. And cutting ties in Japan is such a pain in the neck. I gotta go to the city hall to notify them I’m leaving the country, the tax office, etc etc. I HATE citi bank…having trouble with them. And man, I was supposed to research cars today but I didn’t. I did mail 3 boxes and pack two more.