This Sunday I was just exhausted from training, so laid around watching Heroes season 2 all morning. I went shopping for cell phones with mom in the afternoon! I did yoga in the evening.

Years ago when the TV series Heroes first came out, I watched the first season and a half, and then stopped. I rewatched Season 2, finishing two days ago, and now I’m on Season 3. Yay. Also watching Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors). It’s an anime I saw when I was a middle school student before I even know what anime was! It was my very first one! 😀 I loved it! Now, I’m rewatching it but for the first time, I’m hearing the Japanese voices. I found it with no English subs, but Chinese subs. Kind of annoying because sometimes I don’t understand, but I get 90% of it. 😀 Man, the style is so 80s! The music, the action scenes. The characters repeat themselves sometimes. It’s …I don’t want to say boring, but the pace isn’t what I’m used to. I found myself texting Serena throughout ep 27. ^^;;
Ronin Warriors
But it’s so nostalgic. 😀

Yesterday at training, we did stuff in jiu-jitsu with Casey that I had been working in my private lesson. Except Casey showed one extra detail that will help even more. 😀

I’ve been applying what I’ve been learning in sparring, which is so satisfying! 😀

I’ve been looking for new music, but for some reason, my iTunes genius (that makes suggestions) only works if I buy a song first. So FINALLY I found a song I wanted to buy, and THEN went on a song-shopping spree because each song lead to another similar song I liked. 😀 Somehow through that, I found Judas Priest’s new album, and I downloaded Dragonaut, March of the Damned, Battlecry, Snakebite, Bring it on (which might become my next entrance theme).

Fire in the skyyyyyyyyy….

From their new album!

Then, found “The Pretty Recklass” Going to Hell, “Feel so Numb” by Rob Zombie, and then a bunch of Powerman 5000 songs. Now this is what it’s like when world’s colliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide! 😀 I remember seeing an AMV (anime music video) of that at Otakon. I’ll always think of mecha robots blowing stuff up when I hear that song…..

Holy crap, I just youtubed “Powerman 5000 amv” to look for it, and I found a different one! Now I love this song! 😀 Thanks, blog! I just found a new song! sweet! and this is also helping me because now I know I’ll never watch “Black Lagoon.” Too bloody. lol but this amv kick s@$$.

Yesterday I covered for another kids jiu-jitsu teacher, and another one couldn’t make it. Super busy evening. soooo tiring. Good thing they are cute.